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Tamales to go in PVD

Well, I called El Rancho Grande. I lucked out, and I got the owner on the phone and she said she would totally make the tamales for me. I picked them up tonight and just had one (to sample, of course) and they are amazing.

Tamales to go in PVD

Does anyone know of any mexican markets or restaurants that will sell tamales to go? I'm having a party on Saturday, and I was planning on making my own but got too lazy.

Does the place on Academy and Atwells sell tamales?


Any recommendations for Tempe, Arizona?

Oh man. I live in RI now, but every time I'm back in AZ visiting, I have to get a Cheba Hut Griefo. Brilliant.

Apr 10, 2008
modysoul in Southwest

Stanley's is open in Providence?

Stanleys is still not open yet, at least not as of the last time I was at Jakes about 2 weeks ago. It doesn't even look close to being ready to open any time soon. We'll see....

baby shower RI?

We had our friend's wedding shower at a local Chelos (the seekonk location). While not very Chowhound-y, the food was decent and the service was great.

Good luck!

Chinese Delivery in Providence?

Shanghai on Thayer has *decent*, but not phenomenal Chinese - but they definitely deliver.

Whatever you do, don't get Moon Star! It will be the greasiest meal you ever had... We used to say "If you can't see through the greasy paper bag, it's not Moon Star!" However, they will deliver in practically a blizzard, so depending on how desperate you are....

Providence dinner - Latin American food

Oh good lord, do I love Chilangos. Is it ever open??

Thayer Street in Providence

Paragon does have a pretty good brunch buffet style thing. Not super fancy, but if you're nursing a hangover, you'd do well to go there. The "Champagne" in the champagne brunch can be substituted for a great bloody mary...

As for the one place I'd eat on Thayer?
Byblos aka "the falafel joint" (much better than East Side Pockets!)

Nice Slice comes in at a close second, but I could eat pizza for every meal of the day and be pleased.

Where is Everyone Watching the Sox Tonight (in PVD)?

There's actually something going on at Nickanees tonight anyway:

dinner in providence, RI [moved from Boston board]

For low key and great atmosphere, I always like to recommend Cuban Revolution at it's location on Aborn. It's good food, good prices, and I always feel really relaxed whenever I go in there. The wraps are great, but I stay away from the pressed sandwiches (they're not too exciting). And the Ropa Vieja stew is delicious!

Mongolian BBQ in RI or Boston area?

Ever since my mom mentioned going to one of my favorite lunch places in Arizona (YC's Mongolian BBQ, if you're ever out that way), I have been craving Mongolian BBQ like crazy. I did a search for RI and all that seemed to come up was Fire + Ice (No thanks, I'll pass on that...)

Have any newer places opened up anywhere between Providence and Boston? I am in Boston every weekend, so I'd be willing to traverse the distance in order to satisfy this craving!

Birthday Cakes in Providence, RI?

Wayland Square Bakery is good and decently priced. And if you get it from there, you can tell everyone that you got your cake from the same bakery that made the Kennedy's wedding cake!

(Their angel food is amazing...)

Oct 23, 2007
modysoul in Southern New England

RI's Hidden Jem: The Terrace Thai Restaurant

I'm glad to see this review, as The Terrace is right near my workplace. I'd love to try it for lunch sometime. Thank you!

Sunday Brunch in/near Providence RI

Julian's wait time will probably be slightly shorter than Nicks, but sometimes not much....

Brickway is pretty typical breakfast fare. Nothing too exciting, but I love the grilled blueberry muffins!

Blue Elephant on Wickenden in Providence

I'm back to defend this lovely new addition to Providence eating out. My roommate and I went there for breakfast this morning, and it was probably the nicest brunch experience I've had in Providence. You know how Julians and Brickway can become giant echo chambers? You can't hear the conversation going on at your table and it's hard (for me at least) to enjoy a good meal when all I can hear are other people's conversations. The Blue Elephant has solved this problem by having two smaller dining areas. The atmosphere is so calming, and just what I want to sooth my nerves after a late night out.

As far as food goes, I think Breakfast will really be this restaurant's forte. My roommate had a dish which was essentially homefries, covered with poached eggs and their Mexicali Holly (Hollandaise sauce with salsa), with three "add ins". She got salmon, avocado, and mushrooms. I tried a bite, and it was delicious. I'm a big fan of the Mexicali Holly now

I got the "Munch" omelette, which had sausage, spinach, potatoes, and sour cream inside. It was delicious, and exactly what I was in the mood for. The eggs were cooked perfectly (I've had a few breakfast experiences around town which included eggs that were not fully cooked), and the ingredients blended together very nicely.

If you've tried this place and were disappointed, I think it deserves a second chance. They've only been open a week, and I think they're still trying to work some kinks out, but I am totally sold on this place. I think it will be our brunch destination from now on.

Blue Elephant on Wickenden in Providence

They are open for dinner now, but I believe they have a rotating dinner menu that's not set. If you go to their website, you can sign up to get notices when it changes, I believe.

Blue Elephant on Wickenden in Providence

I'd say anywhere from 5-15 dollars for a meal. Keep in mind, it seems to be mostly breakfast foods and sandwiches at this point.

Blue Elephant on Wickenden in Providence

I'm killing for not writing this up earlier, but I wanted to give some advanced praise for the newest restaurant on Wickenden Street, The Blue Elephant. The restaurant doesn't open officially until Monday, but my friends were lucky enough to have this restaurant do a little "trial run" for their rehearsal dinner on Friday night.

They made a special menu for us, so I don't know how much of this is going to make it onto the actual menu, but here is a short description of what we had:

Appetizer: a crab cake with a sort of sweet salsa with capers, along with 3 mushrooms stuffed with white beans and shrimp. The crab cake was good and not too greasy, and the mushrooms were to die for. I could have stopped there and been totally happy with the meal.

Soup: it was a thick, sweet carrot/apple/ginger soup with a tiny bit of cilantro and diced jalapeno on top. The spicy jalapeno was such a perfect mix with the sweeter soup, and kept it from maybe being too bland.

Salad: spring mix with a wonderful balsamic dressing, sweet walnuts, and little goat cheese balls with herbs.

Dinner: We had a choice of scallops on top of a sweet potato cake, or citrus chicken over wild rice. I had the chicken, but I tried some of the scallops and the sweet potato cake, and I wish I had ordered that instead! In my opinion, the chicken was just a little bland. Not bad, but just not anything too exciting. The scallops were cooked perfectly, and the sweet potato "cake" was delicious.

Dessert: Amazing. It was a sort of tart or pancake baked with thinly sliced apples on top and then covered with blackberries, blueberries, powdered sugar, and drizzled with a brown sugar cinnamon sauce. It was the perfect ending to the night, because it was light and sweet and not too heavy at all. I only got one picture of the evening, and of course it was my dessert: <a href=">

I looked over their menu, and it looks to be a lot of breakfast and lunch food. If it's served up with the same presentation and taste as everything we had at dinner, I'm sure they will do well.

Providence RI

I agree, the LJ's brunch is amazing! And it seems like no one knows about it, because it's always empty when we go there for brunch! I guess people would rather wait an hour for Julians Brunch.........

scrumptious under $10 -- in/around Providence

I second your Venda's, Chilangos, and Not Just Snacks, and I'll raise you:

-Nice Slice on Thayer. The least greasy pizza you can get on Thayer St, plus a whole wheat crust. Check out the cranberry topped slices.... my roommates love them. I stick to my Margherita slices.
-Thai Star! Best Beef Yum I've ever had...

Oct 03, 2007
modysoul in Southern New England

scrumptious under $10 -- in/around Providence

As much as I like ESP, I like the falafel place across the street better. (Near Ben and Jerrys, I think?) I feel like ESP's falafel are just like... chickpea donuts and you almost have to get everything on the wrap just to make the falafel taste good. Not that I'm complaining, I love hot sauce on everything, but I think that falafel should be able to stand alone...

Oct 03, 2007
modysoul in Southern New England

scrumptious under $10 -- in/around Providence

I just went there (La Arepa) 2 weeks ago, and it was alive and kicking. It may just be the day you drive by, they are closed at least one day of the week, I know.

Oct 03, 2007
modysoul in Southern New England

Venezuelan Food in Providence/Boston?

Sportster, what a great recommendation! La Arepa was wonderful. We both had an arepa stuffed with carne desmechada (kind of like pulled beef, or machaca) and avocados and cheese. We were in heaven! We also shared a plate of cachapas, which were great, but I definitely didn't need to eat anything else after that stuffed arepa. Thanks again!

Venezuelan Food in Providence/Boston?

Is this La Arepa? Looks delicious! We may have to take a tour of all the places where we can get authentic arepas!

Venezuelan Food in Providence/Boston?

Has anyone been to or heard of any restaurants around here that serve Venezuelan food? My mother grew up in Venezuela and is visiting next week, and I would love to take her out for some arepas or empanadas. Providence would be best, but I have a feeling that we'd be more likely to find something in Boston. There was a listing online for a place called Orinoco in Boston, but I haven't tried it yet. Very curious, though!