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Thirteen in St Thomas

Haven't been back on Island since spring. Trying to get there in November and Fresh Bistro is definitely on my list to try.

Thirteen in St Thomas

2014- Still my favorite restaurant in St Thomas.

Thirteen in St Thomas

planocindy- thanks for the Fresh Bistro suggestion. Always looking for something new and great. When did it open?

Does anyone remember Lichee Garden? Replacement?

Almost dropped the keyboard when I saw this post! When I was a kid my folks used to take us to Toronto to visit family that we have there. We NEVER missed going to Lichee Garden! Even took a few friends during college.

Miss that place! Thanks for the memories!

taillevent or le grand vefour

I was just at both last week. Le Grand Vefour for lunch, and Taillevent for dinner.

LGV is a much more "authentic" classic French experience. The setting is quite incredible (it's been there for a few hundred years), and the food was really quite good.

Taillevent was good, but not great. It's a much more modern setting (which isn't bad in itself). I didn't love my duck entree, but the chocolate soufle was pretty amazing.

Let me throw in one more option you should certainly consider- L'Epicure in the Bristol Hotel. The room is stunning, the service damn near perfect, and the food was good.

All 3 are priced pretty close to each other. They are all absurdly expensive for what you are getting (in my opinion).

Wherever you go, enjoy!

Sep 25, 2013
divesafe in France

where to eat on our honeymoon

While in Rome, please check out La Pergola in the Waldorf. It's at the top of the hill overlooking Rome-a spectacular view. On top of that, the food is truly outstanding. I can still taste the amazing pasta, and that was a year ago! I will warn you of two things- the price is very high. IMO, well worth it. And, if you do go- when you sit down, they will bring out a large cart with many bottles of champagne, wines, and other wonderful offerings. It will look and feel like it's included as part of your meal- it is NOT. And each glass will run you about $60. We didn't partake, but the host of the table next to us went berserk when he got the bill! Lastly, if you are going to Positano, there is a wonderful little place in an old house called Cafe Max. I also highly recommend this. And not as pricey as La Pergola. Have a great trip!

Mar 17, 2013
divesafe in Italy

Thirteen in St Thomas

In my opinion- in 2013 the best restaurant on the island. "Wow" just doesn't cut it. A complete pain in the butt to find, but worth every "where the heck am I" moment.

The food is really unique- not "weird" by any means. Just amazing flavors from unique combinations.

And right before you finish-order a pizza to carry out for the next day-one of the better pizza's I've eaten, anywhere.

Phone 340-774-6800 Address is 13A Estate Dorothea (Rt. 33).

Finding it is not for the faint of heart. And once you do, parking is nearly impossible because of where it's located. If you're not comfortable driving on a mountainside on the other side of the road at night while getting lost (you will), don't drive-take a taxi. And taxi drivers may give you crap about finding a return taxi, but that is no issue- the restaurant calls them all the time for guests and it's not issue.

An adventure for sure. But one that will bring you back again.

New restaurant in St Thomas

Follow-up- Went back to Sunset Grille a few weeks ago. The view and service were excellent, but the food seemed to lose something since my last visit. Not bad by any means, but not fantastic either.

I have since found out the the owners are not the Havana Blue people, but the St Thomas Restaurant Group, which I believe owns Pesce in Red Hook and a few other places also. Sorry for the previous misinformation.

NYE 2012- casual and reasonable

Thanks, but the wait for a table of 12 on NYE might take us into 2013! I am looking for a place that takes a reservation.

As an aside, we are considering doing a carry out at Joes that night ..

NYE 2012- casual and reasonable

Spending the holiday in S Beach. On NYE I am looking for a nice place to eat that doesn't try to gouge because of the fact that it's NYE. Looking for casual atmosphere and great food. There will be 12 of us. I so despise paying $300pp for a $75-100 meal just because it's NYE .

Flexible on food type and reasonable driving distance.

Any thoughts?

Havana Blue in St Thomas

Up until the time we tried 13 (last week), Havana Blue was our favorite restaurant on the island. Incredible view, great drinks, and a Cuban inspired menu that was not only interesting, but really, really good. It's quite pricey, but well worth it in our opinion. Make sure to try the Cuban Sliders, the Hangar Steak, the Cioppino and the Havana Banana!

Any Reviews of Coco Blue on St Thomas

We've been to CocoBlue a number of times. The snapper is wonderful as is the black coconut rice that it sits on, The sushi (as told to me by my sushi loving family) is very good.. Drinks are made well. The coffee, not so much. Usually the cappucino machine is broken anyway!

I am really glad that CocoBlue replace Lotus, as that place had really gone downhill fast over the last year of it's existence. You will enjoy CB. I only wish that they had changed the decor a bit from when it was Lotus.

New restaurant in St Thomas

Sunset Grille just opened about 3 weeks ago in Secret Harbor, on St Thomas's East End near Red Hook. By the owners of Havana Blue and Coco Blue.

Beautiful setting overlooking the beach an ocean. Open air seating with lots of overhead fans. Nice breeze and no bugs.

Menu is very diverse. Lots of fish, seafood, and steaks. My better half had the seared tuna app and branzino. She said both were excellent, altough she asked for the fish without the plated sauce and it came anyway'. Chalked it up to new waitstaff, which was otherwise very good.

I had the foie gras app-very nice, and the Lamb "pops". Lamb chops on a single bone that you could pick up. The rub is outstanding and it was quite a meal.

We shared the chocolate decandence dessert-a chocolate lava cake which was, as a chocolate lover, very nice.

Full bar and wine list. Prices are high as expected in St Thomas.

Looking forward to going back very soon.

St Thomas / St Maarten lunch with Kids

+1 for Glady"s. Food is great and so is the staff. Reasonable prices and stuff on the menu kids will love.

A note of thanks-again!

This board and it's members are really something special. You folks really came thru with suggestions when I went to San Diego in the fall. And now, we just got back a couple of weeks ago from Miami and tried a couple of your suggestions. Wow. Yardbird Southern Table & Bar. There's no chance in hell that you'll be able to get a table when the word gets out on this place. It's aint fancy, but the food is wonderful. I've never had chicken taste like that-friend or roasted. And the Mac N Cheese, and the Fried Green Tomato BLT. Nothing like I've ever had before. Mama's Chicken and Bisquits-holy smokes. I forgot to mention that we first went on Wednesday night. Our friends came into town late on Wednesday nite and we took them back there on Thursday! Skipped Joe's Stone Crab and didn't look back. The only thing we didn't love were the ribs. They're sweet-tea brined. Just wasn't for us. But everything else including the sides were awesome.

Also went to Michy's. Excellent food. Fantastic, friendly service. The place isnt much to look at, but I wasn't eating the wallpaper! Wife had a Yellowtail Snapper with a Malaysian curry sauce. What you don't know about us is that we are not into curry at all. But this was truly outstanding, as was the short ribs that I ordered. I wouldn't hesitate to return.

Many thanks again, and keep reviewing!!

A thank you to the contributors of the San Diego board

I would like to thank those that have posted the many reviews on this board. My wife and I had never been to San Diego before, and the information obtained on this board was so greatly appreciated. We had some AMAZING meals. Here is the rundown of what I pulled from your many posts:

Brunch on Sunday at Cavaillon- The food and service was ouststanding. The kitchen had some serious issues that day getting food out on time, but I wouldn't hesitate to go back. And the drive there from Carlsbad was gorgeous.

Lou & Mickey's The food was very good, and we had a fantastic server that made the evening a lot of fun.

Georges Modern- my favorite of the whole trip. Beautiful place, GREAT food, and wonderful wait staff. The warm donuts for dessert were pretty amazing!

Tried to go to Elizabethan Desserts, but I assumed (incorrectly!) that it was a restaurant and not a bakery. So, it was closed in the evening after dinner when we tried to go. It's on the list for next time.

And now to add my own findings:

A.R. Valetien at the Lodge at Torrey Pines- we went for lunch on Saturday and enjoyed it so much we went back for dinner on Wednesday nite. The setting is beautiful and the food very good.

And, we drove up to LA on Tuesday and went to Mastro's. The steaks and sides were good, but not the best I've eaten by far. BUT, they make a butter cake for dessert that knocked our socks off!! Wow! So good that I have tried to find the receipe to have someone try to duplicate it. It was the best part of the meal for sure and I'm still thinking about it.

Vigilucci's in La Jolla- Fair at best. Not impressed.

So, thanks again for your reviews and suggestions- I hope to be able to pay it back someday!

Elizabethan Desserts
155 Quail Gardens Dr, Encinitas, CA

Cavaillon Restaurant
14701 Via Bettona, Suite 200, San Diego, CA 92127

Lou & Mickey's
224 Fifth Avenue, San Diego, CA 92101

Sep 23, 2011
divesafe in San Diego

How to Talk to a Sommelier

I put sommelier's on the same level as a roving marriuchi band. Unwanted and annoying, looking for tips.

Sep 02, 2011
divesafe in Features