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Need opinions on 4-day BBQ-plus plan

i am with chef davis regarding blacks, its terrible. they cook their brisket too hot and it shows, dry and chewy. its never a pleasant experience to have meat expand in your mouth as it rehydrates...

kreuz and smittys are definitely better options, though they tend to be inconsistent in my experience. one trip will provide you with a phenomenal experience, moist tender brisket with the perfect balance of smoke and pepper. the next trip you'll get an untrimmed packer brisket that tastes and chews like it has spent two decades in the pit. i've found that the earlier you get to either the quality is generally improved...

i wanted to like live oak but it was a major disappointment as well. between the steamy room and the over smoked brisket that was texturally akin to chewing on a rubber duck i felt like i was child in the bathtub. ribs were terribly undercooked and hadnt had the membrane removed from the back. sausage was acceptable however.

go to franklin and enjoy everything you get there. its damn tasty.

in lieu of blacks or even lockhart head to taylor and get brisket and beef ribs at louie mueller, you wont be disappointed. or maybe head down to south first street and enjoy john mueller bbq, if its open by the time you arrive!

Sep 02, 2011
zephyrus446 in Austin