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ISO: Sweetango Apples in the GTA

Great, thank you both. I am currently enjoying one I found at Longo's Maple Leaf Square. Delicious!

ISO: Sweetango Apples in the GTA

Have been hoping to try these apples soon. Has anyone seen them in store yet?

Vietnamese Lamb Chops

So easy to make and really delicious too! Had it one night with rice, and another night over Israeli couscous. The sauce really is a nice addition over the rice, as well as on top of some greens (I had it with bok choy).

Oct 03, 2013
souperT in Recipes

Where can I find champagne vinegar?

A little late, but just an FYI I've seen it at Home Sense/Winners.

Kale and Mushroom Stroganoff

Feeling kinda "meh" on this one. Seasoning is definitely key for this recipe (more so, I feel, for this over other recipes), as it is easy to come away with a bland outcome. I followed some of the suggestions by other reviewers: added some chopped bacon, used red wine instead of white... if I tried this again, I would up the ante in the spice department and perhaps try adding dijon as others have recommended. Easy enough instructions to put this dish together!

Mar 24, 2013
souperT in Recipes

Easy Fish Tacos

So good and so easy to make. Good enough for a weeknight or weekend dinner, heck, even for a lunch! Do not hesitate to be a little more liberal with your seasonings than what is recommended in the recipe. For the fish, I tried it with cod, but look forward to experimenting with other varieties. I also made this with self-made tortillas (also stupendously simple and incredible tasting), and boy, was the result ever worth it. Glad I found this just in time for the summer!

Apr 04, 2012
souperT in Recipes