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Catering recommendations?

We've used the same wonderful caterer twice for our small architecture office holiday dinner, so I didn't consider looking around for anyone else. Suddenly they're not in the catering business anymore, and the season is upon us. Looking therefore at the last minute for recommendations for a caterer--the only requirements are delicious and dependable--for a sit-down dinner for 18-20 in the month of December. Barkeep and waiters needed as well.

Ideas for fresh and wonderful ricotta?

Hi ~

I picked up a container of fresh ricotta at our farmers' market, and don't know what to do with it. I've used ricotta in lasagna before, but this is really good stuff and I need a dish that features it.


Sep 18, 2007
basilandeggs in Home Cooking

Can restaurants survive on locally sourced ingredients? [Moved from Boston Board]

I think I'm beginning to understand. It would be threatening to feel that your patrons were demanding that your restaurant follow the 100-mile diet 12 months a year. But I don't believe that's what people want.

As a trendy restaurant patron who supports a local farmers' market, is a shareholder in a CSA, and is trying to reduce our family's carbon footprint and all the other activities under the "sustainable" umbrella, I just want to know that our local restaurant is on our side, that by eating a meal there, we're continuing the effort, rather than counteracting it. We're easy to please, we suburban farmers' market PTA moms. Just note on the menu when something is local, and we'll order that.

Sep 10, 2007
basilandeggs in Not About Food

Can restaurants survive on locally sourced ingredients? [Moved from Boston Board]

Looking for understanding here... I was at a dinner party in the Boston area over the weekend and conversing with another guest, a chef/restaurant business consultant. While discussing the chance for success for a new, upscale restaurant in our community, I suggested that people in our town would be more likely to patronize the restaurant if they knew that the chef/owner were sourcing his produce as much as possible from our local farmers' market and CSA, or at least from our region. The response from the expert was astonishing, to say the least. He was furious and expounded on my "naivete" in expecting restaurants to survive financially if they were limited to buying produce from local sources.

Is the Buy Local movement, unbeknownst to me, a political hot button in the restaurant business? Now that the movement is hitting the mainstream, does it indeed threaten in any serious way how business has been done?

Please no flames! I'm still scorched.


Sep 10, 2007
basilandeggs in Not About Food