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Egg rolls with peanut butter

The Pekin House on Devon and Western in West
Rogers Park if it is still there.

Pekin House Restaurant
2311 W Devon Ave, Chicago, IL 60659

Sep 04, 2011
howiekaplan131 in Chicago Area

Sally's Barbecue

Sally never mixed anything in her office! Her office was this tiny little space with papers all over. We used to mix the sauce out in the kitchen. Never seemed like a big secret to me. I used to help Seymour do that and the slaw mixing. Never paid much attention to exactly what was going in as we made them.

I worked as a jerk for more than 3 years and then into the kitchen part time as I went through college at U of I, Chicago. I started at Sally's in 1962 and worked on and off though about 1970.

Seymour who ran the kitchen when I was there was not her brother. I don't recall her brother being involved at all. Maybe that was later.


Sep 02, 2011
howiekaplan131 in Chicago Area

Sally's Barbecue

I worked at Sally's from when I was 15 (1962) for $1.25/hr. at the location North of Devon next to Nortown Olds used car lot. My uncle got me the job and was good friends with Benny and Sally Riteman (I believe Wrightman is wrong.) I worked as a Soda Jerk then moved to the Kitchen working under the head cook at that time Seymour. I helped move the place to the location just South of Devon across from the Nortown Theater. Was fun to have a brand spanking new place and the place was always a mob scene especially on shopping nights and after the movie let out. I remember Benny, Sally, Irene, Marilyn (hostess) and Seymour well. I remenmber when Benny had his stroke and when he passed away. He was a nice man. Sally and Irene were also something else. And the waitresses! What a trip for a young shy teenage boy to be thrust into that insanity.

I worked on and off all the way through College filling in for no shows. Was always fun to be behind that Soda Fountain. Oh yes, I worked with Larry Riteman, the nephew of Benny. He was a trip. We always had a blast with the waitresses. I remember the sisters Margie and ???; Lizzy and Eva. Many more that escape me now.

And the sauce was great, but I also remember the Slaw. I used make barrels of that stuff!


P.S. - The best ribs I have ever had is here in Scottsdale at Bandera. Better than Don and Charlie's and Sally's.

Sep 01, 2011
howiekaplan131 in Chicago Area