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Caplansky's- the emperor has NO clothes

You couldn't have said it better. Hit up Caplansky's last night. Both my table and the table next to us were saying the same thing - "This makes us wish we were at CSD." Personally, I think CSD does deli better, and any U.S. BBQ chain does better brisket and smoking. Wish I had been able to try a Monarch version.

(***edit) - Just so that there is some substance to my gripe, here were the problems. First off, everything tasted like the meat - The knish, the "gravy", the sandwich, my lemonade (jk), tasted like the meat. I realize that the smoked meat is a constituent of all the aforementioned articles, but the problem arises from the fact that the intensity of the meat's flavour and SMOKE is so high that it overpowers everything else.

And it was salty - I found myself grasping for empty drink and water glasses to quench my thirst as our server, who was a little cutie with a cheerful attitude, left us hanging for the majority of the dinner; the restaurant wasn't that busy. Unless you are giving free samples away, I expect a certain level of service when I am exchanging cash for goods and services. However, I would add that I didn't think the prices were that unreasonable, especially in respect to Caplansky's location.

Back to the food. The Knish, which I actually kind of liked (love the pastry) came surrounded by "gravy". The gravy was actually something more akin to coney sauce in texture, and was almost completely comprised of SM scraps & trims. This consistency and flavour did nothing to contrast or compliment the knish, but rather just added to the assault of the meat's flavour.

And finally, the meat. While I didn't hate the pieces that were good, too much of the sandwich was inedible pieces of rubber-fat. I should have returned the sandwich but I didn't.

Overall, although I enjoyed some aspects of the fare, the experience just wasn't that enjoyable, especially in relation to how some CH'ers rave about it. I stand by initial statement - CSD does deli better than Caplansky's (granted, at a somewhat inflated cost), and BBQ joints in the states do smoking much better. It's a unique product he peddles, and it's interesting dining experience, but it wouldn't be worth going back for at anytime. If I was a tongue eater perhaps...

On a side note, someone mentioned to me that Caplansky's reminded them of deli they had in Philly.

The sad state of falafel in Toronto

I'm in town for another week so I will give them a try again and see how it goes.

Best Caribbean in Toronto?

Always wanted to go to RAPS in late 80's/early 90's because the were advertised continuously on a reggae show that use to air every Sunday night. Never got there though. Was it good? Still Good?


A little late (five years), but agreed that Kori's in Oakville WAS the very best by far. Since one of the sons or SOL took over operations a couple of years ago the quality dropped somewhat, but is still excellent roti.

Rolands used to be hot 30 years ago, and while they have remained genrally consistent, the city has grown up and quality of other places has caught up to them. The guyanese lo mein n' tings is the reason to go, not the roti. While passable, it is far from spectacular.

Find a Trini roti shop - Trini roti is the best. If you can't find Trini then settle for Guyanese, but don't accept Jamaican roti; to far away from de real ting.

The sad state of falafel in Toronto

Agreed. Use to eat @ El Basha's all the time in the '90's. Always took my friends and spent many a night hanging out in the area (lived just around the corner) and having dinner there. Knew Tony and the Sons - loved the people and the food. When the food wasn't great it was still damn good, and when it was rockin, wow. Crispy delicious falafel with fluffy centres, good bread, super crisp turnips and veggies, and amazing hot sauce. Stopped going there a little while after the boys opened Cedar's on the opposite side of Bloor across the street. I miss El Basha and haven't been able to replace it.

As far as Sababa's goes, started eating there in the early '00's, and it used to be a must have every single time I came to Toronto. I would go nuts and eat much more than I should have - and loved it. However, over the last couple of years I have found the quality of the food sliding somewhat, along with the service. Maybe I'm just getting the wrong waitstaff, and maybe the law of diminishing returns is playing a part, but Sababa's just doesn't seem to be what it used to; Really Damn Good.

390 Steeles W, Thornhill, ON L4J6X6, CA