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Is there a good trendy restaurant? [Buenos Aires]

I am having trouble deciding on a restaurant. This is in part from looking at so many ChoHound form reviews! We will be in BA five nights and I have decided we will probably try to dine at La Brigada, La Cabrera, Thymus, And Defensa al Sur. On the night I have left I want to go to a trendier place, but I have read good and bad reviews about most of them. I am considering Cluny, Bar Uriarte, Sucre, Gran Bar Danzon, Chila, Bobo. Which one should I choose? Should I go to La Brigada for lunch?

My Buenos Aires Restaurant Trip

I just googled Camarico and what I found said it was closed

Any opinion appreciated

Has anyone been to Cardenas Chinois? Cardenas Charcoal Grill? Robles Grill?
These looked like pretty interesting, somewhat casual california/Japanese fusion/wine bar type places. I will be in Tokyo in Oct and I was searching for good fusion restaurants near Hiroo for my non japanese meal. I don't want to go anyplace formal. Any help would be appreciated

Sep 10, 2007
thornyrose in Japan