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Dress Codes in Higher-end Sydney Restaurants

Yes at night it gets very messy - not good

Though the area can have some nice cafes during the day

Seems to get a few good reviews - will heck it out when heading back for a Sydney Sojourn

Jul 20, 2013
Blacken in Australia/New Zealand

Finger Limes

Saw lots of them In Sydney Fish Market fruit and vegetable store - the one at the end of the hall


Feb 05, 2012
Blacken in Australia/New Zealand

Finger Limes

David Jones used to have them.....

They not around for long, so grab them when you can...

I used to like them on Icecream... The texture and taste used to go well


Jan 15, 2012
Blacken in Australia/New Zealand

Tapas Molecular Bar in Mandarin Oriental Hotel

went there earlier in the year

was pretty good if you like that sort of food

The did have an amazing way of serving one of the courses - hadn't heard or read of it before so will leave it for you to find out

Only one downside was cigars smoke while we were waiting to be seated

They have a dedicated cigar area on the floor and got stuck seated near a smoker. Wasn't that close but the airconditiong didn't drag it away enough and we were nearly sick - not what you want before a nice meal


Oct 02, 2011
Blacken in Japan

Two Weeks For Food in Vancouver Region - Hows this list?

This looks like alot of fun... Got any feedback on it?

Araxi outdoor table.


Araxi Restaurant + Bar
4222 Village Square, Whistler, BC V0N 1B4, CA

Aug 09, 2011
Blacken in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Top Japanese restaurants in Tokyo

Hmmm personally I'd just skip all the rest and go to Aronia De Takazawa.... (nice list though)

I'm still hold Aronia up on pedastal like lunch at Momofuku Ko


Aug 01, 2011
Blacken in Japan

Two Weeks For Food in Vancouver Region - Hows this list?

Staying close to Robson Square

Seems to be a few of the above places nearby I think. Robson Street and Gastown seems a shortish stroll away.

Happy to take taxi's anywhere. But I'll presume there not as easy to get as HK

Hmm one thing I always end up forgetting to look up is Laundromats locations :) Any suggestions?

Am starting to discount some of the big mainstream restaurant sites a bit. I try to place more emphasis on forums where there back and forwards comments on places.... Or on the quality food blogs

The problem is sifting through all information.... but ended up doing it well for a recent trip to Tokyo, and another a couple years ago for USA


Aug 01, 2011
Blacken in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Two Weeks For Food in Vancouver Region - Hows this list?

Hello !

Heading to Vancouver in Late Aug / Early Sep for two weeks. Have done a bit of research as to what I might like to see

I have been living in Hong Kong for the last year, so so see a fair few Asian places here.

Will also make some small side trips to Victoria Island, and Whistler

Let me know of any other suggestions. Happy to try anything- food type or price - but particularly looking for éxperiences'or great vibes etc..... hard to describe, but there comes a point where food can only get so good, and its the other parts that take it higher....

It a fairly long list atm - I need to cull it down :)



First Choices...


Blue Water Cafe

Guu With Garlic






Octopus Garden


Observatory Grouse Mountain






La Quercia

La Abbatior

Le Crocidile



Bin 941

Red Blue Fish


Thomas Haas


Argo Cafe

Cafe Artigiano

Bump n Grind

Re Entry


49th Paralell

The Templeton

Sweet Obsession

BREAKFAST (I need many more :) )

Twisted Fork





Kaboom Box


La Brasierre

Romaing Dragon


Sooke Harbour House


Grancille Island Market

Richmond Night Market

Bosa Foods


Les Ami Du Fromage



Gourmet warehouse

Vij's Restaurant
1480 11th Ave W, Vancouver, BC V6H1L1, CA

838 Thurlow St, Vancouver, BC V6E1W2, CA

871 Denman St, Vancouver, BC V6G2L9, CA

La Quercia
3689 West 4th Avenue, Vancouver, BC V6R1P2, CA

Bosa Foods
1465 Kootenay St, Vancouver, BC V5K, CA

Twisted Fork
1147 Granville St, Vancouver, BC V6Z1M1, CA

Jul 31, 2011
Blacken in B.C. (inc. Vancouver)

Top Japanese restaurants in Tokyo

If you havent already planned it, make a visit to the fish Market.....

Jun 24, 2011
Blacken in Japan

Top Japanese restaurants in Tokyo

Highly reccomend Aronia ...

Quite an experience, Fantastic food, and actually really nice people as well ! :)

Highlight of my trip to Tokyo, and will go straight back (well try to get a booking anyway) next time I visit the country


Jun 24, 2011
Blacken in Japan

Cocktails in Tokyo

Spent some time in Star Bar in my trip to Tokyo

Liked it very much/ The owner was there as was very friendly, and even the other staff who didn't speak much English went out of their way to be helpful

Really is a professional bar that's quite impressive. Small but well done

They did wonder how I had found the place (I'm a westerner), as the place seems more local biased - but its a simple search on the web... :)

They do have two other spots down the other end of Ginza, which are apparently more westerner/tourist orientated

I was mightily impressed by Star bar though..


Apr 19, 2011
Blacken in Japan

2 or 3 star Michelin restaurants near our hotel Tokyo?

Tokyo Train system is extremely good. Very easy to use once you get over the first view of the map ;P

Spent two weeks there recently, initially catching cabs, but then trains, and wondered why I hadnt done it earlier

ALhtough I did use the Ipad map a fair amount when I got out of the train station


Feb 12, 2011
Blacken in Japan

Tokyo Fine Dining & Kyoto Kaiseki on 2 month culinary tour of Japan

Well if your going to see markets, Tsujiki is a just see.

I was overwhelmed by the action down there and disappointed in hindsight that we only went once in our trip

Didn't manage to see the tuna auction, but did wander around the inner market after their busiest session. Overwhelming in a good way. I'd expect there's a few kilometers of lane ways in there chockablock with amazing seafood

Oh and btw, the busiest intersection in Tokyo is not in shibuya - it's in the fish market! Good luck tring to cross the road ;)



Jan 20, 2011
Blacken in Japan

Japanese Chef at Michelin-rated French Restaurant in Tokyo -- Which one to choose?

Not strictly French as you may be looking for, but would highly reccomend Aronia De Takazawa, if you can get in at short notice.

Had a Tokyo foodie trip there recently, and they were the highlight of the trip. I have to write something up on it shortly - Ive been a tad slack

That said I'm heading back there when I can.... really was a great experience, and very nice people also :)


Jan 18, 2011
Blacken in Japan

Looking for Foodie Wisdom ! - Tokyo 19 Dec - 2 Jan


Flying out in a couple of hours ! :)

And here is what we have actually ended up booking

Taps Molecular Bar
Aronia De Takazawa
Creations Narisawa

Will also aim to head to Ippudo - I really do have a fascination with their pork buns... Thanks Charles for that guide, and I will definitely try to get a knife.

Reading through my list unfortunately I havent set anything up for some Authentic Ramen, but I will do that shortly when there.

And of course it looks like I'll be doing an early morning trip or two to the fish market, and a trip to Kappibashi. Expect also Henri Charpentier for a snack or two ;P

Cheers and thanks for you advice - will post some feedback later


Dec 17, 2010
Blacken in Japan

Looking for Foodie Wisdom ! - Tokyo 19 Dec - 2 Jan

Hmm I have Birdland locked in. Wasn't aware of raw chicken :) Will be a new experience I guess - Cheers

Dec 05, 2010
Blacken in Japan

Looking for Foodie Wisdom ! - Tokyo 19 Dec - 2 Jan

Have also booked Birdland, Kondo, and Les Creations Narisawa....

Might do a day trip out to Kamakura. If so - anything particularly nice out there?


Nov 18, 2010
Blacken in Japan

Looking for Foodie Wisdom ! - Tokyo 19 Dec - 2 Jan

To date have booked at Tapas Molecular Bar, and Ryugin. I will have to get my act in gear to get a few more places.

I think will do the Ten Ichi as I have seen it mentioned alot on the boards here.

Have tried booking Aronia via their Web site, but as its in Japanese not sure if I fille dit out correclty. I might ask concierge to see if they are able to arrange. They did it for Ryugin

Will also do Ippudo. I ran across it in New York and was blown away at the time on their Pork Bun's.... I thought they were a one offf instance in the Big Apple... Little did I know they had a series of shops here.


Nov 10, 2010
Blacken in Japan

Looking for Foodie Wisdom ! - Tokyo 19 Dec - 2 Jan


Looking for a bit of wisdom from the readers of this board....

Bit of a late plan to head to Tokyo for a Epicurus adventure from 19 Dec to 2 Jan

Normally I love doing the deep research of where to go, but I've left this trip somewhat late to plan properly

Hence I would greatly appreciate you assistance .... and I will post my thoughts after of the places you reccomend if you like :)

To give you some more info to thin down the never ending choices ..

-Will be staying somewhere around Ginza
-Want to see the Tsujiki Fish Market (useful to get a guide?)
-Happy to pay up for food that is worth it, but also keen to try the small local 'wonders' that aren't usually on most peoples travels
-Preference for experiencing more Japanese food rather than Western in Japan
-Will also be my 40 th in this trip, so aiming to have one ultimate' or perhaps a few', splurges in a place I wouldn't normally get in other countries
-Fairly open to all trying more exotic local delicaicies

For a bit of background, I have been on a trip to Kytoo and Osaka a few years ago. Found the best foodie bit was actually just wandering around our suburban hotel neighbourhood, and wandering into a local Yakitori place - proceeding with a fantastic series of grills and skewers that we cooked over our own coals..... Was an eye opener having them change the grills and wander through the people :) Also had an amazing 'salaryman'? breakfast under the a place in the maze of tunnels under one of the Osaka train Stations

Please let me know of all your suggestions


Oct 31, 2010
Blacken in Japan

Hong Kong Food Blogs?

Oct 23, 2010
Blacken in Food Media & News

Key limes

You Americans should try out finger limes

They are are very amazing native Australian fruit that are fairly unique

Oblong in shape - you squeeze out these caviar-like little balls of tarty lime/grapefruit goodness.

Extremely good on Icecream - really really good counter agent to the sweetness of . Apparently works well with Champagne

Check it out - I'm suprised the gastronomy types dont use it more


Jul 06, 2010
Blacken in Manhattan

tourist in NY


I'm an ex Sydney - (now in Hong Kong), and did a similar foodie trip to New York in Oct 08.... Absolutely loved it.

Its going to be tough to isolate things down to top 20 as there are soooo many choices over there...

What I do recommend doing is doing alot of research for the types of things YOU like. I found it was so much fun finding out and making a list of places that suited my interests

Here is a fantastic site, but I also looked around egullet, eater, nymag, and even google maps for the foodie maps that you can see that some people make (they cross link a bit :) )

Keep in mind that some reviews are old, and things change, but after reading ehre a bit leading to your trip you will get some good insight to what the places will be like.

A few of the places I particularly liked were: (in no particular order


Shake Shack - best casual food - all over town
Degustation - spanish tapas style food - well worth it
Momofuku Ko - Very hard to get into. But jsut check the web site and you may get lucky. I nearly wet myself after seeing a free spot one morning on my little Iphone (those card details are hard to key in quickly on the little screen :P) Got a lunch setting and it was the highlight of our three weeks there.
Sushi Yasuda - if you like sashimi/sushi - head on down....
Keens Steakhouse - didnt go that trip but have been there before. As a spectacle for a tourist its very interesting - you wont see anything like it in Sydney... please check it out
Joe the Art of Coffee (Yes it is possible to get Sydney quality coffe in NY :)
Ippudo - get there early , then get the abolutley fantastic pork buns. I could have had three servings and still dream of them. Ramen is good too :)

If it assists below is what I posted in this forum orginally - theres alot of advice given there too

And on the off chance that you do happen to head to DC - make sure you go to Komi..... that place was amazing, food - atmosphere, and an amazing night out of high quality and fun - without pretentiousness. Really Really loved it.....Oh and go the goat... One of the best dishes I have ever had - and I I wouldn't normally eat goat, but its was amazing

I should have posted about what we went to...... so please do for your trip.... :


Finally, I recommend planning ahead what you want to do in each area if you want to see alot of things, and organise a bit. There is alot to do, and you will get tired :)


Shake Shack
Madison Ave and E 23rd St, New York, NY 10010

Sushi Yasuda
204 E 43rd St, New York, NY 10017

Momofuku Ko
163 1st Ave, New York, NY 10003

65 4th Ave, New York, NY 10003

Jun 27, 2010
Blacken in Manhattan

Komi Degustazione

Yes had the goat there on my Oct trip to the US... that remins me I haveto write something up....

Really impressed by Komi....

1509 17th St NW Ste 1, Washington, DC 20036

Culinary Capital of Aus - Syndey or Melbourne?

Ssimilar to PhilD - Sydney has better show ponies - however Melbourne generally has better quality of food overall. In Melbourne you have alot more choices for good places without having to search far..

Oct 29, 2009
Blacken in Australia/New Zealand

Memorable Meal Suggestion for Mom's 60th (Coming from the U.S.)

If looking for seafood - Flying Fish possibly?

Can catch a water taxi there for a little bit of a harbour experience if you like

The step from the boat to the pier can be a little tricky - but usually a person comes out from the resturant to assist rather nicely :


Alternatively Aqua near Luna Park has a great view from the other side of the Harbour looking back towards the City and Bridge. And you can also watch the swimmers in the pool do their laps :)

If you go to Aqua - would prefer to be outside on the balcony


Sep 21, 2009
Blacken in Australia/New Zealand

Need help for one memorable dinner in Sydney.

For something definately memorable, see if Berowra Waters Inn suits your needs

Fly in and out via Seaplane, starting from Sydney Harbour....

Get some nive views, and some pretty good food


Sep 21, 2009
Blacken in Australia/New Zealand

Sydney pubs

Check out the Glenmore or the Australian

Both down the rocks - a couple of streets up from George Street

Glenmore has a rooftop with great views, and both of them get nice afternoon sunshine on the outdoor tables on a good day


Sep 11, 2009
Blacken in Australia/New Zealand

NY for two weeks - help me cull my choices pls...

Hmm nice a picnic sounds lke a great Idea.

The GF will love it

TY WindyCIty !


Sep 02, 2009
Blacken in Manhattan

Need help culling choices for a foodies week in DC

I'm currently living in Sydney, but have also lived in Melbounre

Is catching a Cab to VOlt Practical?

We can drive although given that we will be having wine and not used to driving on the RHS of the road - would prefer not to have to (plus the chance of getting lost :P )

Currently thiking of trying to get reservations for Minibar (yes sounds like it will be a struggle) and Komi, alhtough got to wait for a month out for Minibar and Komi is apprarently closed for another week or so.


Help needed to cull choice for a foodies week in San Fran....!

Thanks for the Ominvore Books heads up