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Help locating 5 lb fresh New England lobster (restaurant or on-line)

1) Does anybody know where we can go for a fresh East Coast 5 lb lobster meal? My wife & I enjoy eating the entire lobster. However, since she has RA, we find it easier to have 1 bigger lobster than 2 smaller lobsters (2 much shell & not enuf meat).

2) Also, as I am an excellent cook (I cook better than some restaurants, incl live lobsters), does anybody know a reliable on-line site for ordering tasty 5 pounders?

I should add that we r very picky on the quality of food we eat.

(I live in Thousand Oaks, CA - 35 mi NE of downtown LA - but will travel up 40 miles)

Aug 30, 2011
HDR in Los Angeles Area