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Chicago Dinner Fete a la NYC

Thanks so much for the suggestions!

Aug 31, 2011
aj10002 in Chicago Area

Chicago Dinner Fete a la NYC

My partner and I (newly engaged) are flying in to Chicago from NYC to meet 3 girlfriends from Milwaukee this Sunday to celebrate our leap of faith. We have 10 pm tickets at Second City and are looking for a great place in the neighborhood, or thereabouts, to toast to our future nuptials. We're interested in finding an ideal backdrop for our special night serving great food, inventive drinks and a festive atmosphere. Since I've heard that Chicagoans are the nicest, most helpful, most well informed foodies around I thought I'd endeavor to enlist your assistance.

Thanks in advance for your suggestions!

p.s. I've made reservations for Boka, but will have eaten at Avenues on Friday and am concerned that the contemporary American cuisine may be a bit redundant.

1729 North Halsted, Chicago, IL 60614

Aug 30, 2011
aj10002 in Chicago Area