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juice/smoothies??? lower westchester

The Meli-Melo juices are great.

Also, the Equinox gym in Mamaroneck has a Green & Tonic juice bar right at the front entrance. I'm pretty sure you don't have to be a member to shop. I've never actually tried any of the juices though, so I cannot share any opinions.

The new Whole Foods in Port Chester also has a juice bar. I've had a smoothie there and was very happy with it.

Outdoor dining in lower Westchester

Hello all! Now that the weather has finally gotten a bit nicer, I would love to eat outside. What are your favorite restaurants in lower Westchester (we're in Mamaroneck) with outdoor seating? Bartaco in Port Chester and Bar Harbor in Mamaroneck come to mind, but I think Bartacos tacos are just ok, and my husband will never go back to Bar Harbor (it was that good). Thanks!

Lower Westchester bars/restaurants with quality cocktails

I remember having a fun champagne cocktail at Barlees in Mamaroneck. They seem to have a decent whiskey selection, and the owner and bartender were very accommodating. Might be worth a try since it's close. They often have live music.

mamaroneck ny restaurant

I think it's open now as Andrea's 25 North (http://www.andreas25north.com/). Has anyone been?

dubrovnik [New Rochelle]

I think maybe I was unclear. The most expensive entree on the menu was maybe $33 (I don't remember the low end of the range though). The lamb special was higher than the rest.

dubrovnik [New Rochelle]

The lamb special was $38, which I think was the most expensive entree by maybe $5.

We waited at the nice fully-stocked bar. The 2 bartenders were very good, actually--less European with their service. One was making some special mojitos that I regretted not ordering, especially after getting my odd Croatian wine (Babic?). My fiance's Croatian wine (Lirica, I think?) was good though.

And I forgot to mention they gave us some Croatian grappa-ish drink at the end of the meal. I could not finish mine.

dubrovnik [New Rochelle]

My fiancé and I went to Dubrovnik Friday night, inspired by this post and an article in Westchester Mag (http://www.westchestermagazine.com/Bl...). Without boring you all with the details, I called at 6 for a table outside, they said come at 8:45, and when we arrived at 8:45, we waited at least a half hour for a table. There was an open table but they saved that for someone else. Annoying. Then we waited longer for a menu and water.

We both had the lamb special that had been done in the wood burning oven with roasted potatoes and green beans. It was fantastic. I also enjoyed the ciabatta-ish bread, but at that point I was starving, so it's not really a fair assessment. Then, it took forever to get the check. Basically, the service is authentically European. The food was enjoyable though, so if you're not in any hurry, go. I think we were there for over 2 hours, and we just had a main course (which was plenty of food for me).

Also, they have free valet parking, which was nice.

Lisbon - Ramiro question

I was there last month. If I recall correctly, there was a steak sandwich, and of course, ham, but it's really predominately seafood.

Jun 09, 2013
cbn456 in Spain/Portugal

Dessert Destination in Westchester / Fairfield County

I cannot vouch for any of these (hopefully other chowhounders will weigh in), but what about one of the wine bars in Larchmont or Mamaroneck? They're usually open a little later than the restaurants in the area.

http://crushwinebars.com/Crush%20Menu... (has a Groupon right now

Or in New Rochelle: http://www.thegnarlyvine.com/menu.html?

I just re-read your original request, and see that you were interested in coffee with your dessert rather than drinks...so these may not exactly work (maybe they also have coffee?), but I thought I would through them out there anyway.

Meyer Lemons in New Rochelle?

I bought some at Trader Joe's in Larchmont on Sunday

New in Mamaroneck

I'm glad we tried it, so no need to apologize (it's literally across the street from my house, so I'd been meaning to pop in for a while). We had a fun dinner regardless. I would agree with your assessment that the staff behavior borders on stupidity. I did see coffee pots, so I would assume they had coffee, but I didn't ask specifically. I also agree about the bar with food rather than restaurant with drinks summary.

New in Mamaroneck

We went to Bar Harbor last night after reading this post. My boyfriend said "Well, we don't need to go back there" when we got home. I'm always a little more forgiving than he is. I thought the chowder was good--really creamy, almost in a way that made me wonder what was in it. I got the fish and chips. Fine, but the chips were much better than the fish. He had the chicken sandwich, which I guess wasn't too enjoyable. The service was comical--and really they weren't rude, just inexperienced, so I know that's not my boyfriend's reasoning for not going back. We had a nice girl who had clearly never waited tables before. She took one drink order then just left when no one immediately said their preference rather than asking the rest of us what we would like. There was no one there on a Sunday night at 7 and we felt very rushed--entrees came out before our apps were finished. They were quick to get us the check and sign the bill. It was just kind of awkward. I will say that they have done a great job on the interior of that place. It's kind of nautical and clean, a far cry from what the Barnacle used to be. I could see myself grabbing a drink (probably not wine again though...and I'm not a beer drinker either, but it did seem like they had quite a few fun varieties on tap) on the back terrace in the summer, but that's about all. Or maybe a bowl of chowder too.

Harbor steak and seafood in mamaroneck

I got a menu too. I found it odd that it refers to it's salad bar as "famous." How can a new restaurant have something that is famous already? Is this a chain??

Here's the website: http://www.harborsteak.com/ No menu is posted there yet.

Thanksgiving dinner on Oahu

Sounds like I should keep my Roy's Wikiki reservation, but should spend some time having a couple cocktails beforehand at House Without a Key. I feel like this is the makings of a pretty awesome Thanksgiving.

Oct 11, 2012
cbn456 in Hawaii

Thanksgiving dinner on Oahu

So, I think it's between Michel's, Hau Tree, and Roy's Waikiki. Orchid's & La Mer sound a little to pricey/fancy for us (more expensive than Roy's?). We're going to do Duke's Barefoot for lunch. And Azure has no availability/doesn't sound like it's worth it. I think Roy's is the recommended winner, no?

Oct 09, 2012
cbn456 in Hawaii

Maui report!

We're actually attending a wedding with the reception at Nick's (and we're staying at the Fairmont), so I'm very excited about that. Still on the fence about Mama's. Spago is creeping up on my wish list. Maybe surpassing Mama's. We have 4 dinners to plan, but I'm going to have to limit the high-end dinners to 2-3. I was thinking Amasia too, but if we're going to Alan Wong's in Honolulu, maybe I don't need to do Amasia too...decisions decisions.

Oct 09, 2012
cbn456 in Hawaii

Maui report!

This is a great report! Thank you!

I was all set to go to Mama's on our November trip to Maui, but now I'm not sure it's worth it. What do others think?

Oct 07, 2012
cbn456 in Hawaii

First time to Hawaii - need Kauai and Maui picks!

This is a great Maui report as a jumping off point: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/8718...

Oct 07, 2012
cbn456 in Hawaii

Thanksgiving dinner on Oahu

Great. Thanks! One more Q: Roy's (the original one in Hawaii Kai) is closed on Thanksgiving. Is the Waikiki one also good? Or should I wait for the original one?

Oct 03, 2012
cbn456 in Hawaii

Thanksgiving dinner on Oahu

Thanks for the great recs. One Q: Is "Michele's" Michel's at the Colony Surf or some other restaurant that I can't find? Thanks again!

Oct 03, 2012
cbn456 in Hawaii

Best Hudson Valley Farms for Apple or Pumpkin Picking

Here's an updated link to the Hudson Valley guide from Sept 2012:


New in Mamaroneck

It's on Halstead in Mamaroneck right on the corner of Melbourne. My googling indicates that a restaurant called Mi Cabanita used to be there. I drive by it everyday and just thought I hadn't noticed it before rather than thinking it was new. For what it's worth, I just read a glowing review on Yelp too, so maybe it's time to stop by.

I live right by the old Barnacle/new Bar Harbor, but have yet to stop by there. I have high hopes for a good neighborhood joint, but I have a feeling I'll be let down.

Any word on the place going into the old Applebee's spot? They have some minuscule signage up, but it looks rather depressing still.

Thanksgiving dinner on Oahu

Hello Hawaiian Chowhounders!
We'll be spending Thanksgiving day in Oahu (Waikiki area with no rental car, but not afraid of a good walk). We need a suggestion for Thanksgiving dinner. It doesn't have to be traditional turkey and gravy, but we'd like something a little more special that the rest of our stay. I tried Alan Wong's, but they are closed for the holiday...bummer. So we'll be eating there Friday night. Still need something for Thursday. Thanks!!

Sep 11, 2012
cbn456 in Hawaii

Destination Brunch Spot in Westchester...drive from Manhattan

I'd look into North or Modern Barn in Armonk. I haven't been to either for brunch, but they are 2 of the best dinners I've had in Westchester. Oh, or The Barn at Bedford Post, that was also a delicious dinner.

Olive Oil and Balsamic Tasting Room?

There's one in the Chelsea market: http://www.thefillingstationnyc.com/. We had fun tasting the various salts there too!

Where should I go for dinner in Westchester tonight?

We love Zitoune in Mamaroneck (http://www.zitounerestaurant.com/home...). The TANGIA MARRAKCHIA (Cumin infused Beef Short Ribs slow cooked with Lemons and served with steamed Couscous in a traditional terracotta Tangia pot) is amazing. I feel like every time we're there they have some kind of happy hour or other special to offset the somewhat high (for Westchester) menu prices. I've never gone on Saturday though, so I don't know if they're offered then. There's also Bartaco in Port Chester or Cienega in New Rochelle.

Lunch Places near Mamaroneck Ave in HARRISON

Congrats! I used to work in 500 Mamaroneck (and live in Mamaroneck now). Luckily for me, my office ordered in lunch every day. Our 2 favorites were Ginban (quick and reliable sushi) in Mamaroneck and Iron Tomato (sandwiches, thin-crust pizza, salads) in White Plains. There are a ton of options in "downtown" Mamaroneck, about 5 min drive from there (and you can usually get metered parking behind the CVS). If Ginban doesn't work for you, there are at least 4 other Asian fusion restaurants. We like Red Plum and Little Kitchen for takeout at home. Sal's (classic pizzaria) and Frankie's & Fanucci's (thinner crust) have reliable pizza. I'm excited for the new burger place going in near the Mamaroneck train station, so that may be an option going forward. I'm sure you'll find your favorites quickly!

fresh turmeric, galangal, lemongrass, and curry leaves in Westchester

I've bought lemongrass at Whole Foods in Greenwich and White Plains. Not sure about the other ingredients though.

Monday lunch in Charleston

Sorry for the huge delay in responding! This is going to be quite the recap:

We had our first meal in Charleston at SNOB, where I had the shrimp & grits, as I mentioned. My boyfriend had the lunch special with some kind of lasagna. I was pleasantly surprised by the shrimp & grits as I didn't think I was in the mood for that, and it was truly good.

Then we went to Kiawah for the wedding. The dining options on the island were limited, but we had a decent little breakfast at the Southern Kitchen there and a satisfying BBQ chicken salad (me)/ pulled pork sandwich(him) at the Cherrywood BBQ, where we overlooked alligators on the golf course.

We had dinner at Husk when we arrived in back in Charleston. Fortunately, Husk has it's menus archived on the website, so I was able to pull up the one from the night we went. To start, I had the Chilled Cucumber “Gazpacho”, Pickled McClellanville Shrimp and Fennel, SC Buttermilk Crème Fraiche ($13) and my boyfriend had the Southern Fried Chicken Skins with Hot Honey Garlic Sauce ($9). I loved mine. A perfect hot day soup and the shrimp were delish. The chicken skins were great too, but perhaps a dish better shared with a bigger group. It was a lot for him to eat by himself (and he loves to eat).

Then I had the Sunburst Farms Trout, Sweet Peas and Charred Turnips, Black Cherry Tomatoes with Meyer Lemon and Herb Broth ($26), and he had the Heritage Pork Chop from Adam Musick with Smoky Field Peas and Butterbeans, Heirloom Kale, Anson Mills Farro, Pot Likker ($25). Both were great. I liked mine better than his and he liked his better than mine, so we did a good job of ordering! We shared a side of the Citrus Glazed Squash and Zucchini with Spring Onion and Bok Choy ($7), which I loved, we didn't really need all that food.

The cocktails were also fantastic (pictured). Maybe even more memorable than the food, and I don't mean to say that we didn't enjoy our meal--the drinks were just that good. I had the Carriage Tour Punch (St. Germaine, blood orange liquor, gin, chamomile, honey syrup. This punch is good to the last clippity-clop, drippity-drop), which I need to figure out how to recreate at home, and he had some creamsicle-vodka cocktail that I can't find on the menu, but he loved. The cocktails were so good that after dinner we went to the Husk Bar and had a couple more!

The following day we had lunch at Closed for Business. My boyfriend loved his burger. My salad was good.

We met the newlyweds that evening for a drink at The Gin Joint, which was a fantastic little bar (with VERY slow service)....then we had dinner at FIG, where I had probably the best gnocci of my life (RICOTTA GNOCCHI and BORDER SPRINGS FARM LAMB BOLOGNESE…$13). Honestly, it was so good, I don't remember much of what else was eaten (fortunately, I took a picture of our menu with my phone...pictured).

I had the Suckling Pig Confit with soft polenta, ramps and mushrooms, which was maybe not exactly what I had envisioned and paled in comparison to the gnocci. My boyfriend had the Porchetta Tonnato with celery hearts, capers, olive, and preserved lemons to start. I think that also wasn't exactly what he was expecting--he enjoyed his Pan Roasted Black Bass with asparagus, truffle emulsion, and fresh dug potatoes much more. I know the newlyweds had some oysters to start, but I don't remember what they had as entrees. I do remember that everyone agreed that my gnocci was the best thing we ate.

We also had a couple cocktails there. I had the daily special, which was something with gin and dill. It's hard for me to say no to that combo. The newlyweds loved their negroni selections.

We had a great little trip, and I'm only disappointed I couldn't fit more amazing restaurants in our schedule.

Jun 08, 2012
cbn456 in Southeast

Wild Boar Shanks and Ground Goat in Westchester?

I should update this. I was able to get wild boar from Crisfield's, but the goat was only available if I wanted to order the whole goat for about $200. I passed on that opportunity. Crisfield's was a great find, and I'll definitely be visiting them again. Thanks for that tip!