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This is an awesome online company that specializes in French wines from boutique producers. I started ordering from them last year when a guy on the boards recommended a wine (2003 Chateau Le Puy Cuvee Barthelemy). I did a google search and discovered the site. Their prices are reasonable and they have great wines. Here are some favorites:

Domaine Larue - 2006 Puligny-Montrachet Le Trezin
Domaine Bachelet-Ramonet - 2005 Chassagne-Montrachet 1er Cru Les Caillerets
Domaine Ferme Saint Martin - 2005 Beaume de Venise Diapir (organic)
Chateau Tour Grand Faurie - 2000 Saint-Emilion Grand Cru

If you look at their site, they explain why their company is called AOC No affiliated with the restaurant.

Jan 29, 2009
JDRoth in Wine

Any suggestions in Venice?

Must have great food/wine. Less than $100 for 2.

Aug 31, 2008
JDRoth in Los Angeles Area

What are you drinking right now?

Finally I bought some wine off a recommendation from the Board. WOW...I'm speechless. I'm a BIG fan of cult Bordeaux wines. It was a 2003 Chateau Le Puy Cuvee Barthelemy (100% Biodynamic & Organic). This wine is an incredible example of terroir! Soft tannins with a super long finish and a complex nose of currants ripe fruit and hints of coco.

The guy who recommended it said it was hard to find in Los Angeles. I had no problem finding this wine. Actually, I stumbled across a really cool website that specializes in French wines and they delivered it to me next day.

Check out: $100 a bottle.

Feb 28, 2008
JDRoth in Wine

Aix En Provence: A Serious Winery to Visit?

Joe - I must agree with you 100%. Chateau le Puy Barthelemy is insane! Thanks for your recommendation. I bought a case of it (6 pack) and it is worth every dime!

Bought it at for $100.99 bottle (got 10% off first order)

Feb 28, 2008
JDRoth in France

Best Wine List

Would love to hear what everyone thinks about the best wine list in town and their favorite wines.
Cheers, JD

Dec 12, 2007
JDRoth in Los Angeles Area