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Moderately priced cocktail lounges in Louisville

Due to having my nose in the books for entirely too long, while finishing a doctorate, I realized that I'm having a hard time coming up with moderately priced lounges/relaxed bars that serve delicious cocktails.

Now that my birthday is coming up in a few days, I'd love to have a gathering of friends, but am coming up short on ideas. Meat, which was an idea, is temporarily closed, so I'm back to the drawing board.

Can someone help? Thank you!

Saving Women from the Shame of Solo Dining

As a woman who has been eating solo since I was 9-years-old (yes, I got started early), it frustrates me to no end how women are supposed to be ashamed for eating alone. Drinking a martini, eating a great dinner, reading a book, & people watching are some of the simple pleasures of life. When women learn to own this right & not duck their heads in shame, we'll all be better off.

May 03, 2012
Cmvramirez in Features

Martinis & lounge atmosphere

I'm fairly new to Louisville & am looking for a great place for drinks (especially great martinis!) & a nice lounge atmosphere where you can dress up & not be out of place. Any advice you might have would be fantastic. Thanks, Chowhounders!

Restaurants in Newton

Unfortunately, no, I don't have a car. So it has to be accessible by train or walking. :)

Restaurants in Newton

Hey everyone, I was hoping that one of you could help me out. I'm staying at Hotel Indigo (really close to the Riverside green line stop) and would like some ideas for great places to eat. I'm in grad school, so it can't be TOO expensive, but I'd love something that isn't a chain. Thanks for your recommendations!


Hugo's Frog Bar Cake?

My husband & I have gotten them a couple times before &, yes, they're freaking huge. In my opinion, we've loved them! The chocolate mousse cake is extremely rich, covered in pieces of white & milk chocolate. He also ate an ice cream cake with peanuts & such (kind of like a Snickers cake) that he adored. So yeah, I'd recommend giving it a whirl! :)

Oct 14, 2008
Cmvramirez in Chicago Area

Best places for drinks in Chicago?

Just wondering about where all the fun places for late 20s-late 30s to go for drinks in Chicago. Bonus points for a great view. Thanks, everyone!

Sep 26, 2008
Cmvramirez in Chicago Area

Where to find sugar free desserts in Chicago

HELP! My friend's birthday is today and they put me in charge of finding a sugar-free (she cannot have any sugar at all) cake or pie for her for tonight (I don't have time to make a Splenda cake today...bleh). Can anyone help me? I'd be eternally grateful because I don't have a clue where to look, as the closest thing I've found is reduced sugar. Thank you!

Jun 16, 2008
Cmvramirez in Chicago Area


Does anyone know where I can buy heavy cream (not heavy whipping cream) in the Rogers Park/Evanston area? I tried Whole Foods, but they do not have it. I know I could buy it at Fox & Obel, but I'd prefer not to trek all the way there for one thing. Thanks!

Jun 09, 2008
Cmvramirez in Chicago Area

Best fried chicken in Chicago

My friend's having a party where everyone is supposed to bring the best fried chicken they can find in the area (fun, right?)! Can anyone tell me their favorites, since I don't know the area very well yet? Thanks!

Jun 08, 2008
Cmvramirez in Chicago Area

Great restaurants in Toledo, OH area

I would like to purchase a gift certificate to a quality restaurant in Toledo for an older couple that is getting married in a couple weeks. However, I'm not having too much luck finding something that's not a chain! Where can I send them for approximately $150? It doesn't have to be in Toledo proper, as they live in Maumee, OH (20 minutes drive from the city), but not too far away. Thanks for your help, I appreciate anything you can give me!

Help! Brunch in/near Rogers Park

My parents are in town for this weekend and, after Mass ends at 1 p.m. today, they want to grab breakfast/brunch somewhere in the area. Can a Chowhound suggest some places that might work for us? Thank you!

May 25, 2008
Cmvramirez in Chicago Area


Wow, Naha sounds incredible! I'm pretty mobile, so if it's in the city & accessible by public transportation, I'm able to go there. I'll travel for good food! I've already done Sweets & Savories, so keep bringing on the suggestions, I appreciate them all (I just moved here 6 months ago & am still learning about all the possibilities).

Mar 19, 2008
Cmvramirez in Chicago Area


I'm celebrating my 28th birthday next month and would like to go somewhere special with my husband (not TOO high in the price range, please, I'm in grad school!). I was considering Sepia, but most of the reviews I've seen on here were lukewarm. Has anyone had any very recent experiences there to contradict this conclusion? Does anyone have any recommendations, other than Sepia, that are great?

Thank you, I appreciate the help!

Mar 18, 2008
Cmvramirez in Chicago Area

The perfect place to celebrate an engagement

Thank you for the recommendations, everyone! We decided on Trattoria No. 10 for dinner, based on other posts about it, and drinks at Coq d'Or afterward to continue the celebration. My friend's girlfriend doesn't have a clue! I feel so sneaky... :)

Dec 28, 2007
Cmvramirez in Chicago Area

The perfect place to celebrate an engagement

My good friend is planning on proposing to his girlfriend while visiting us in Chicago. Since my husband & I are very new to the area, we would love some recommendations as to some consistently excellent, somewhat romantic restaurants in the moderate to high range (not too high, Alinea is definitely out!) to take them out to celebrate afterward. Perhaps French, continental, American, or Italian--I'm not so sure they're exotic-friendly.

Thanks for your help!

Dec 25, 2007
Cmvramirez in Chicago Area