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Best Romantic Seafood Restaurant for a first time visit to SF

Hi all!

I'm going up to SF with my boyfriend and we both LOVE seafood (especially crab). I'm looking for the perfect restaurant that will satisfy our desire for great food, a romantic restaurant, and has a great vibe/view. Something that will make it special for our first trip there together. We arent looking to break our wallets. I'd say the $$$ price. We are staying in Union Square. I know one day for lunch we will probably go to the Wharf and eat something quick n easy so maybe a new location? Thanks!!

Need suggestions on fun dinner for 2 people, thank you!

Bar Marmont looks pretty yummy. Dan Tana place had awesome selection but it is a little too pricey i think. Son of a gun looks cool but wasnt sure if it was fancy enough..? Thanks for the replies

Dan Tana's Restaurant
9071 Santa Monica Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90069

Bar Marmont
8171 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA 90046

Need suggestions on fun dinner for 2 people, thank you!

My boyfriend and i are taking a weekend getaway. We are going to the laugh factory at 8001 sunset blvd at 10pm on Friday night. We need a place to get dinner before, somewhere close by that is fun/cool vibe/ambiance (something that makes it stand out, or known for?) and we don't mind splurging if the food is good. I researched a ton of romantic restaurants but they seemed too fussy or the menu was a little too eccentric. We eat anything but I am more of a seafood fan (i love sushi but we do it too much so sushi is out for this trip). He isn't picky at all. Any suggestions would be awesome..thank you!!