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50th Anniversary: Looking for a special restuarant in cenrtal NJ or NYC [moved from Tristate board]

Hi you fellow Chowhounds,

Does anyone have recommendations on a place to celebrate a 50th wedding anniversary?
We are making a small party for our parents, about 8 to 12 guests. We are looking for a romantic setting with superb food. Ballroom type dancing would be an appreciated bonus. We are open to any suggestions. Perhaps you have a creative idea we haven't thought of?

We are located in the New Brunswick area of NJ and figure we could travel up to 1 and a half hours for the right place.

Thank you for your help,

Liz & Larry

Dec 09, 2007
LizandLar in Mid-Atlantic

Kosher Rose Water for Elizabethian Wedding Soup?

Thanks so much for that thread, I passed it on to my caterer. I'm certain that she guards that recipe. She guessed the ingredients for the soup during a contest in the oldest pub in England (or Ireland?)to win that recipe.

What I can do is give you her name in case you ever want to hire her to make the soup for you: Cuisine by Christine, Chef Christine O'Keeffe
She does a variety of catering , not restrictive to Kosher, but does accommodate Kosher.

Sep 11, 2007
LizandLar in Kosher

Kosher Rose Water for Elizabethian Wedding Soup?

The caterer for our wedding makes a delicious 400 year old recipe of Elizabethian Wedding Soup with a multitude of items from the rose family. We may not be able to have this at our Strict Kosher Dairy wedding because we are having trouble finding kosher rose water. Can any of you help us on this matter?


Sep 10, 2007
LizandLar in Kosher

Need Kosher Dairy Wedding Cake

We are getting married October 14, 2007--less than 5 weeks and need to find a dairy baker who keeps Cholav Yosrael standards. We do not want a parve wedding cake because of the hydrogenated oils usually used (e.g, Crisco, margarine). We want a dairy cake made with real milk and butter, etc. Our Rabbi from Chabad has encouraged us to keep our menu Cholav Yosrael & Haat Yosrael. We are in Northwest NJ and would appreciate any leads you have in the NY/NJ area. Thank you!

Liz & Larry

Sep 09, 2007
LizandLar in Kosher