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Emperor has clothes (they’re just a little snotty)

That's funny, because I asked him the name of the owner to see if that might settle him down a bit and he rattled off two peoples names that I couldn't hear/understand. He did this without identifying himself as one of the names he gave me. Must prefer the third person!

Aug 29, 2011
Food4tht in Greater Boston Area

Emperor has clothes (they’re just a little snotty)

Went to Neptune Oyster in the late afternoon on Friday and sat at the bar.

I had 12 oysters (4 different types) that were very fresh. The cocktail sauce was runny as it usually is at Neptune.

While I was eating I couldn’t help, but notice how poorly the young man behind the bar was treating people as they came in the door. He was a mix of slightly snotty with a medium dose of condescension that was consistent throughout my meal.

Next I had the fried clams that were really good. Perfectly fried fresh clams are pretty hard to beat.

Finally I had the warm lobster roll. The lobster meat was just like it was on my visit in January, ok, but not particularly tasty with a tendency to being a little mushy.

After this last visit I think I’m done with Neptune. It get expensive fast regardless of what one has and the people that work there are not very friendly either.

Neptune Oyster
63 Salem St Ste 1, Boston, MA 02113

Aug 29, 2011
Food4tht in Greater Boston Area