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El Paso - hidden gems? hole in the walls? must haves? anything healthy?

Next time your back go to Cattlemans(best steak in the west for the price), Chopes(best chile rellenos in the world), Cafe Italia((suprisingly authentic Napolitano pizza(order uncut)), as for BBQ...Rudys may be a chain but Texas brisket is the best and they do it well(Dont waste your time anywhere else or ordering anything but the moist end), Delicias has really good menudo, Carnitas does a good red pork posole, Chubbys has the best NY style sandwiches in town((i like cold sandwiches so i recommend the Don Corleone((capicola and roasted red pepper), Pho Tes Bien has great Banh Mis, Since youre into H and H you absolutely have to go to the original lucys and order the machaca, Im pro Chicos for life, Papa burger is everything you want in a classic cheeseburger, Toro burger can stand toe to toe with any upscale casual burger, that restaurant inside la quinta on Montana is a gem for hungover EP eastsiders(kudos to lambowner for reminding me), Ripe,Crave, The Garden, G2, and Tom's are doing the upscale casual thing in EP but honestly nothing you cant get better in countless other cities, The Tap as best best chile verde burrito in the world as well as some amazing nachos, Cristosomos has good burritos too. this is going to sound CRAZY to most natives but one of my favorite things to eat here are chile relleno burritos from Taco Cabana(they are only good in EP i swear) with a concoction of half queso half salsa fuego as a dip. If you do anything on this list do that(trust me I'm a chef)haha. cheers!

Jun 25, 2013
Rompin7 in Texas

Quenelle Spoons [moved from Cookware]

world market was a decent one for 3 bucks its just not as heavy or deep as i'd like but it works, also the flute collection have heavy deep bowled spoons at
also check j.b prince

May 31, 2012
Rompin7 in Cookware

Anyone finding HOT Hatch chiles around town?

I found some at the HEB on Parmer. On a side note, this town does'nt do rellenos like El Paso/NM...just saying

Aug 28, 2011
Rompin7 in Austin

Best Pizza in Austin?

My kitchen...haha. This was my first pizza ever (Turned out decent. It was my attempt of recreating a classic romanesque margherita). In my humble opinion, pizza is all about the bread and minimal fresh ingredients. Any authentic Italian pizza joints in Austin?

Aug 28, 2011
Rompin7 in Austin