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[MSP] Kim Huoy Chor (at University & Aldine)

When we moved here in July, this former Embers building was some other Chinese restaurant I think. A couple of months ago, Kim Huoy Chor Cambodian and Chinese opened up. As someone who has learned that great restaurants often hide in hideous buildings and strip malls, I decided to try some Cambodian for take-out last night. Now I haven't been to Cheng Heng so I don't have any comps, but I've got to say that the "Cha Saiko Kroeung" lives up to their cheesy slogan "addictingly delicious." Supposedly this is a beef lemongrass dish, but the sauce is like a peanut sauce curry with some kind of crazy delicious other flavors mixed in. The thinly sliced beef is mixed up with green bell peppers and onion. And the large order has fed my husband and I for 2-days (and that is saying a lot!). We also got the stirfry chicken with lemongrass--which was pretty good and the cambodian egg rolls which would have probably been delicious if we ate in (I pretty much believe that any egg roll not eaten right away loses its goodness.) To top it off, the host was an incredibly nice guy. I'll definitely be back to try more stuff on their menu.

I'm curious to hear what others have thought about this place.

Kim Huoy Chor
1664 University Ave W
St. Paul, MN 55104

MSP/STP: Where to Get Your Favorite Latte (or latte-like beverage)

We recently moved to Saint Paul from Washington, DC. For those of you who have been to DC and have had the pleasure of sipping a latte at Tryst in Adam's Morgan, that is my gold standard. I like ample milk, foamed thick and creamy, with a strong, but not bitter espresso. The other day I had a cafe cubano at Swede Hollow Cafe that was really out of this world--so far the best milky-coffee beverage I've had in MN. I'm hoping others will share their favorite latte locales -- particularly in Saint Paul, but Mpls is OK too.

Thanks! MK