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Bowie, MD: Best Pie Company and Pomo Grille

My wife picked up a sweet potato pie from Best Pie Company for Thanksgiving and it was great. Not too sweet, perfect consistency and fresh. Great place.

DC Pizza

I've had two pretty good pies from Moroni & brothers off Georgia ave. I thought the primavera pie was great. No major burn spots, tasty crust and there's a bit more sauce on their pies then some other places - but not too much.

mallow cups in dc

I know this sounds strange, but you may try Bed, Bath and Beyond on 7th street. They sell a bunch of candies that were popular in the 70s & 80s.

Corduroy - way missed the mark

Outraged? Eh, not that important to get all bunched up about an opinion, but that's just my opinion.

I think it started out as a nice joint with understated decor where you could easily get a table and decent food for the price. I've had some service issues a couple of times but the food was pretty good for the most part. My gripe with the place now is with the prices. As a poster noted below, $32 for a few scallops is pretty darned high compared to what they used to charge. Not really the value it once was, but I would still consider stopping by the bar for one of the desserts.

Indian vegetarian buffet in Fairfax or NOVA??????

I'll second Woodlands with one suggestion. The selection is better on the weekend.

The Tender Rib near the Verizon Center

Seems to be on weekends too. 12-7 until the 22nd. Sponsered by WAMU I believe.

The Tender Rib near the Verizon Center

I think so, but I'll try to check it out tomorrow.

The Tender Rib near the Verizon Center

There's a Holiday Party thang going on near the Verizon Center on F street between 7th and 8th and there's a little BBQ stand selling beef brisket, carolina BBQ, chicken, and ribs. The beef, chicken and BBQ sandwiches are $5 and the rib sandwich is $7. Ribs are not really my favorite - I tend to go for baby backs, but the brisket looks great and the chicken I had was pretty good.

I think it's there until the 20th.

Insanely hot, but flavorful

One more dish I've recently had a couple times. The fish cakes at Ruan Thai. Maybe not insanely hot, but they have a kick and they're so good - fried up nice and the sauce that comes with it is great. I think it's #2 on the appetizer menu.

Ben's Chili Bowl vs Amsterdam Falafel for group of 12 guys on Jan 4. Or ...Corduroy? :o)

I would think Ben's is another place that might be tough to get seating for that many people and I'm pretty sure Ben's doesn't sell booze - I say this because many of the places you listed do and that's sometimes a part of guys night out.

How about doing Chinese or Thai? You could hit Full Kee in DC or maybe check the board for Rockville/SS/Wheaton recs. You could get a nice big table, share a bunch of different items and it would probably be moderately priced.

Chinese in Wheaton/Silver Spring other than Hollywood East?

Don't know if you've tried Full Key. Some of my favorites are pan fried cod fish w/ ginger & scallion, baby shrimp w/ egg on rice, chicken pan fried noodle & soy chicken. I haven't had the shrimp dumpling soup there in a while, but it was pretty salty the last few times I had it. The place seems to be under new management so if you haven't been in a while it might be worth trying it again.

Insanely hot, but flavorful

I haven't been in a while and the names of specific dishes escape me, but I would think you could find serious heat and flavor at Mandalay in Silver Spring. I've had chicken and catfish dishes in a tomato kinda sauce that packed pretty good heat.

Downtown DC Lunch - Best Desserts?

I really like Corduroy's desserts. Pistachio bread pudding w/ ice cream and the chocolate tart w/ carmelized banana are two of my favorites.

Woodlands weekday/weekend lunch

I'm a novice with Indian food, but I recently went to both Woodlands locations in MD and VA and it was fantastic, probably the best buffet I've had in a long time. For those who may be down on the lunch buffet and have only tried it during the weekday, go on the weekend. It's a few bucks more, but the spread of food they lay out on the weekend dwarfs the weekday buffet. It's better looking and the variety and quality of the items are outstanding.

Mo's Seafood Factory best crabcake?

I guess to be fair I haven't had the crab imperial there for a long time, so maybe someone else can comment. I just remember the last time I had a meal there my wife and I were sorely disappointed by the quality of the food and the high price, and the crab cake was pretty bad.

Mo's Seafood Factory best crabcake?

It's in Silver Spring, MD.

Mo's Seafood Factory best crabcake?

Crisfield's crab cakes aren't very good. It's an old place and I think the food is overpriced. Reminds me of Kushner's, a seafood restaurant on Piney Branch Road that's no longer with us.


You can try Lefty's in Waldorf, but I would only recommend the baby backs if they want ribs.

Tony's Pizza Fair Lakes - Best I have had in NoVA

Just had one there on Sunday and it was great. The roasted garlic and red pepper is pretty good too.

Lowbar's right about Zpizza. Stopped by there after my first trip to Pie-Tanza since I was in the area, and unless you "need" a slice, I'd take the extra 10 minutes to drive to Pie-Tanza.

Route 11 Chips

Not sure how far away you are, but I'm pretty sure I saw them at Eatzi's in Rockville. I don't they had the greatest variety though, maybe two or three flavors.

Pie Tanza (great one Steve) & pizza observation

Ha, that would be interesting. But would you be willing to give up the 'best'? Could you say goodbye to say Mamas on the Halfshell for a Wooster pizza joint? Might elicit some strong opinions, eh?

Pie Tanza (great one Steve) & pizza observation

My wife and I are big fans of pizza places from the Jersey/NY area, but I convinced her to try this place a couple months ago based on your rec and I must say thanks. We've made the trek from Silver Spring a bunch of times since and every pie we've had has been outstanding. We also love to split the Pie Tanza salad to start things off. We've tried the tomato & oregano, roasted garlic & red pepper and sweet red and yellow tomato which has a really nice tang to it.

So here's the observation. I seem to recall that they have the same guy making the bread at 2 Amy's, similar to the same guy who makes the pies at Delorenzos in Trenton and Difara's in Brooklyn to name two of my northern faves, but there's a bunch of guys making the pies at Pie Tanza and they all seem to come out great. Just extremely good training? And why the heck doesn't Maryland have a nice place like this? OK, that's a complaint due to sheer jealousy, but it would be great to have a place like this on our side of the American Legion Bridge. Maybe a trade? Ruan Thai for Pie Tanza?

Hollywood East - Fried

I'm not sure how this would compare to Joe's Noodle House, but we had dim sum at Hollywood East a couple weeks ago and we ordered the deep fried spicy shrimp, squid and scallops fro the regular menu. I'm not a big fried guy, but I thought this dish was great. Nicely seasoned and not greasy at all. It could use a bit more heat, but it's still quite tasty. The shrimp isn't fried in the shell with the head on, so it's a decent dish to order for folks who might feel a bit squimish about that. You also get a nice mound of the stuff for 11.95 so I think it's a pretty good deal.

Great Sandwiches

I tried the Spanish ham and cheese with tomate fresco at Jaleo the other day, and while it's not a big sandwich, it sure did taste pretty good. The bread looks deceivingly hard and crusty, but it's perfect. The side of Spanish potato salad was incredible. If you can't get past the tapas, maybe order the sandwich along with tapas and split it. The only warning is that there ain't much in the middle, but it's tasty.