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Looking for Petit Fours in SF

Thanks for the rec on Divine Delights. Our purchasing manager also found it and we will stock it on a par basis.

Ideas for Buckwheat Groats (aka Kasha)?

"boring...dry...tasteless" sounds like a description of my (RIP) grandmother's kasha varniskas. As much as I loved her, I never loved that dish. I'm sure there were plenty of sauteed onions. NOTHING could make me like it. I hope you figure out how to make it more flavorful.

Mar 19, 2015
alwayshungrygal in Home Cooking

Non-traditional gefilte fish recipes

Quite a few years ago, Bon Appetit (I think) posted a recipe by Wolfgang Puck that was a terrine. It might be in their archives, and I might--probably don't--still have it. It looked delish but I never had the chance to make it.

Mar 19, 2015
alwayshungrygal in Home Cooking

Looking for Petit Fours in SF

Thanks for the additional info. The client ended up going with tartlets but we definitely need regular petit fours on occasions.

Dinner menu feedback, please

About 20+ years ago, the catering company I work for had standard menus where the client could choose all the elements of their meals, i.e. salad, entree, starch, vegetable, dessert. I had one client who chose:

Caesar salad (white dressing)
Chicken w/champagne sauce (white sauce)
Au gratin potatoes (white potatoes)
Creamed corn (white sauce)

and the grand finale was
Carrot Cake (need I say more)?

The chef had to put sprigs of parsley on the entree plate to get some color into the meal, which was obviously all white. Lesson learned: visualize the plate and adjust accordingly. We've since changed our menu to fully composed entree plates for banquets, but the client can still choose their starter and dessert.

Mar 18, 2015
alwayshungrygal in Home Cooking

Looking for Petit Fours in SF

I just checked the link...we used to buy from FP (all frozen, great quality) but have strictly bought fresh in the last few years.

Thanks again.

Looking for Petit Fours in SF

Thanks for the suggestions. Our regular purveyors don't do traditional petit fours so we'll check these out.

Looking for Petit Fours in SF

Does anyone know if any bakeries in SF sell traditional petit fours? I need a few dozen for a function this weekend.


Rudest grocery checker remark

"cooked to perfection..." Exactly. As many times as I've cooked hard boiled eggs, some batches aren't perfect.

Thanks for the validation on this.

Mar 05, 2015
alwayshungrygal in Not About Food

Rudest grocery checker remark

I've been called Mrs a few times lately when I had furniture and/or major appliances delivered. I've been divorced for over 25 years so I just say that Mrs Always Hungry Gal doesn't live here. If I'm in a more obnoxious/tired mood than my reply is...different, tho I still try to be polite.

Rudest grocery checker remark

I just recently started buying hard cooked eggs. I was in my local Costco a few days after Xmas stocking up on paper goods for the year and I saw the eggs in a cold case. I thought it was an easy, quick way to add protein to my daily breakfast of toast & yogurt. I've got a crazy work schedule so I don't want to deal with boiling a dozen eggs here and there (and I've tossed more than one carton of really old eggs because I never got around to using them). There are 2 eggs per packet, and I forget how many per case. Sometimes paying for convenience is truly worth it.

I bought 2 cases and am almost out...time to go to Costco again, much sooner than I usually would. Good thing it's less than 1/2 mile from my house.

Rudest grocery checker remark

There's also a chain restaurant called BJ/s Brewhouse & Restaurant. Decent food, nothing groundbreaking.

No way in H-E-double hockey sticks I'm making this at home before I've eaten it somewhere.

My mother (Brooklyn/Jewish)used to make tongue for us every once in while. It wasn't completely revolting IIRC but not my favorite dish either.

She used to make kishke too, which she called "stuffed derma." I never saw gravy served with it until I moved to LA and saw it served in some deli restaurants.

Feb 24, 2015
alwayshungrygal in Home Cooking

does silence on an rsvp mean they aren't coming ?

Thanks for the answer. It's interesting to see what is done in the other segment of catering service.

But now I'm curious as to keeping the leftovers--as that's a whole other can of worms. Whether or not the function is held at home or at an off-premise location, food sanitation comes into mind. If service is a buffet, and if the food has been out for service for more than, say 2 hours or so, I wouldn't keep anything. If hot food was kept at the required temp and cold food stored in a refrigerated unit, then yes I'd keep it. But not if left out for service.

does silence on an rsvp mean they aren't coming ?

"caterers usually pad the final count themselves by about 10%, just to leave room for dropped plates, uninvited guests, etc."

Really, that high of a percentage? That's giving food away IMHO. I can't imagine, with the narrow margins of food service, that any caterer would do this. 3% maybe, but not 10. And how does the caterer collect (or justify) $$ for the extra food? Is it in their contract?

Just curious about this for off-prem catering. The company I work for stipulates 3% over the final guarantee number but for seated meals only. I do count empty seats to see what the actual count is.

does silence on an rsvp mean they aren't coming ?

Exactly. I think she felt she had to get me stuff as I'm on the opposite coast and no family nearby. But most of it came after my son was born.

I also remembered I once had a neighbor who had several miscarriages early in her pregnancies. She was really leery of buying anything in advance. When she finally went close to her 8th month (and looked like she would actually deliver), bought everything needed PDQ.

does silence on an rsvp mean they aren't coming ?

In some religions, throwing a baby shower is a superstition thing--so as not to jinx the outcome of the pregnancy. I remember my mother saying something to that effect but she sent me stuff anyway (we're Jewish).

does silence on an rsvp mean they aren't coming ?

+1 for padding the number. Better to have just a bit more food than deal with running out, for the people who said they wouldn't come but show up anyway, or the really boorish people who bring someone who wasn't invited (for whatever reason).

Do you eat/serve salad on a plate or in a bowl?

For myself, I use the soup bowl that's part of my dinner set and do prefer it that way when it's part of the meal, not my main entree. For guests, I always do buffets but generally don't put out extra plates and now I'm thinking I probably should.

Teavana: Shall we Shatter the widely held but false belief

So the produce, meat, dairy and seafood aisles are frauds? What about the health aisle? Cleaning products aisle? In what specific ways are these areas frauds?

I'm just looking for clarification, if you don't mind.

Jan 29, 2015
alwayshungrygal in Chains

Too much hassle to bother with foods

Freeze separate portions of the bird and you've got easy left-overs for as long as it takes to get thru it. I'm using up leftover turkey from Tgiving on top of green salads as an alternative to cooked chicken.

anonymous food critics

Point taken, but having been to Kokkhari where they have individual rooms (which he pointed out in the review) it would seem that (depending on the time of service) they can't reassign all the tables, could they? I don't remember exactly what he said but he made it seem that tho they recognized him, the adjoining tables weren't affected. Maybe it was just his (mis)perspective. Just giving the restaurant the benefit of the doubt. Maybe unjustified...

anonymous food critics

He wrote an update that's in today's 96 Hour section - it's back to 3 stars and a very positive review. He also said he was recognized (they switched servers, got someone presumably more experienced) but observed that other tables were getting the regular portion sizes etc.

I miss old school Chinese restaurants.

Ah, but they don't have the extensive menu the OP wants, or table service.

Too much Zucchini - help

Slice zucchini in 1/2 lengthwise, then slice across. Saute them in olive oil with some chopped garlic, sliced red bell pepper and red onion til just about tender and browned on both sides. Season with Italian seasoning--oregano, parsley and a bit of salt & pepper. Add some cherry tomatoes and cook til the tomatoes are hot but not yet bursting, then add some feta cheese and cook til the cheese is just about melted. I love the way the cherry tomatoes pop in my mouth when they're hot.

Jan 21, 2015
alwayshungrygal in Home Cooking

Moldy pasta sauce, help

I use ice cube trays to portion out extra sauce. Once solid, I pop them out of the trays and into zip lock bags. Squeeze the air out, back into the freezer they go and then I defrost cubes as needed.

Slanted Door dilemma [San Francisco]

Great advice, thanks for the response.

Slanted Door dilemma [San Francisco]

I wish that were an option (tho I am trying to be on a diet). I'll be very hungry by that time and I'm allergic to alcohol...major bummer. I break out in hives. So, I HAVE to eat.

Thanks anyway!

Slanted Door dilemma [San Francisco]

Thanks, really. I've gotten flamed so many times on these boards when I was being completely honest that it's tricky for me to read between the lines.

Slanted Door dilemma [San Francisco]

Thanks. I really don't want to ask the client to go somewhere else as last time she was here, we went to my suggestion (and had a great meal). I really want this to be about her, and she has her own (very serious) dietary issues.

Thanks for your response.