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Angela's Coal Fired Pizza opens in Tyngsboro

Terrible customer service and pizza.
Wow, I haven't wasted $30 like that in a long time!
Saw the place on the way to shopping and afterwards, googled it on my blackberry. Saw the 50% off on Wed ad and called them. We were tired so ordered 2 cheese for takeout thinking we'd freeze one.
We get there and get rung up for $30. Then we learn that the fine print I couldn't read on my blackberry was "dine in only". So, we say we'll stay to enjoy our pizza. No deal. Politely ask that they do "something". So sorry, they don't have any coupons or anything, didn't offer us a salad, nothing concrete. They just said "tell us" next time. I should have walked out.
Well, there won't be a next time, the pizza was mediocre at best. I come from southern Ct. and NY and New Haven pizzas are my standard. This pizza was lame, the dough was flavorless and overworked, almost couldn't bite through it. The sauce was overprocessed and didn't taste "fresh", more like cheap spaghetti sauce and the cheese was way too salty and had a funny aftertaste. The fresh basil on top was a nice touch.
I choked down two pieces (usually have 3 or more if it's really good), but am not at all interested in the pie that's frozen, it was really weak.
So, if you want good pizza in the Nashua shopping area, skip this one and go to Lui-Lui or Pizzico for a good Italian pie or Unos for deep dish.
Any of these is better than Angelas. Bertruccis is usually good and even Sals is usually better and a much better value.
Would have sent this privately but there is no place to do so on their site so Chowhound it is.......