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Recommendations for private dining for 80 - 100

Saturday night, and buying the night will therefore be required no doubt. We'd rather not bankrupt ourselves, but price is not the chief concern.

Recommendations for private dining for 80 - 100

I am looking for recommendations for restaurants seating 80 - 100 that one could take out for a private reception. I want an intimate setting (i.e. not Canoe or Centro), and great quality food.

One option we are entertaining is Giancarlo on Clinton, but their maximum guest count is 80 and that requires use of both rooms, so it's not ideal. Scaramouche is another option, and perfect in terms of size, however they will only close the restaurant for private use on a Sunday, so again not ideal.

Any assistance is very much appreciated. Thanks!

2472 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M4P 2F5, CA