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Review - Falasca S.P.Q.R.

This place looks great, though the halogen light bulbs add so much heat that it is difficult to stay comfortable if seated directly beneath one.

I didn't taste anything extraordinary here, except for the house salad. It was an incredible disappointment.

Who would expect, in a new Italian restaurant, to be served a house salad where the greens came from a bag? This at the height of the growing/harvest season in Southern Ontario. Surely they could gather enough fresh greens just from the backyard gardens in the neighborhood.

I don't know what they are trying to prove charging $9.00 for such an abomination, but that's what they're doing. I left most of it uneaten because when I go to a restaurant, I want to be thrilled not disgusted. And lettuce from a bag, in the middle of summer, is disgusting.

Aug 25, 2011
vmcla in Ontario (inc. Toronto)