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Nitrate Free Bacon- what's the difference?

I've read, & relate to, many of the pro's & con's about Nitrates in bacon since health-wise it's not that great for you to begin with. Here's something I've not seen mentioned here yet & I'm coming from the position of a true bacon lover with COPD (Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease), a condition of the lungs that afflict millions of Americans, & many others all over the world. COPD in & of itself is not degenerative. As long as one takes care to not exacerbate it's symptoms it won't worsen over ones lifespan on it's own. COPD is about 95% smoking related & 5% genetic. (Mine happens to be from both, lol :P) The point is this, as much as the 'Nitrates: good or bad for you?' debate continues... it's known to be horrible for the more delicate tissues of the body, namely your lungs. I'm not saying Nitrates promote lung disease/disorders. I'm no Doctor & I'm not in a position to say... but I do know Nitrates (among many other things) in any form help degenerate lung tissue, particularly in those people with COPD, & that has potential to shorten my lifespan drastically. Along with compromising my quality of life long before I do die, from lack of being able to breathe. You're saying, "If this guy is so health conscious why does he even eat bacon to begin with?!?" Well, cause I'm not a heath nut & my girlfriend will vouch I'm not health conscious at all... but I do feel the difference in my ability to breathe well & process oxygen since I've cut Nitrates from my overall diet... & I'll never give up my bacon! ;)

Hope this helps some of the folks out there that wondered about this...

Aug 25, 2011
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