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BBQ in Southern NH

Recent visits to The Tap in Haverhill, Pleasantly surprised.

Just when I thought The Tap's food could continue its downward slide, it didn't.

This is one of my Locals as I have been a fixture here every weekend for many years. While I have always been a Fan of their beers with few exceptions I had all but given up on finding the fare that I was so an ardent advocate for only a few years ago.

My usual weekend day here has been starting with one of their damn great Bloody Marys prepared to order and always garnished lavishly. The one below with lots of great bacon, olives, celery and wedge of a bacon grilled cheese. During many a early afternoon this has been breakfast,

On a recent visit with The Kid and a friend we all got burgers. They tasted of quality meat cooked to the exact specified degree of doneness. The Boys got fries that were gone in short order while I opted for the cole slaw which I was assured was made in house, perfect, crunchy with just a hint of vinegar in a sparing creamy sauce. Service during this visit was excellent, prompt, professional and sassy.

A later visit at night brought myself and GF back for a Lobster Roll special. At $18 this was a sizable portion of claw, knuckle and tail meat minimally, but properly dressed. I could of eaten three more.

During this visit we got a whisper that the usual standard Mac and Cheese was being offered as a Special (soon to be a regular offering) with an addition of the same lobster meat so how could we say no? While I am not a Fan of crumb topped Mac and Cheese this ample portion arrived piping hot with a generous portion of lobster. My GF ate as much as she could I tried to finish it off but the remainder ended up coming home. Well Done!

So it appears that the kitchen at the Tap is now under the control of a Proper Chef and I look forward to see what's next.

Seeking BBQ/ Pig Roast Catering for New Hampshire

Here's a great resource-

Raw Bars on the North Shore???

Never been to the one in Salem so I can't say.

Raw Bars on the North Shore???

Surf beats Jay's easily.

Raw Bars on the North Shore???

Yup, Turner's is really good. I especially like watching those little steam kettles.

North Andover Restruants

One town over there's Brassiere 28 and Andolini's.

Beacon Hill Bar Crawl

I think the OP was talking about an array of flavored vodkas.

Trip Report: Central Provisions disappointingly pretentious

Wow. Have been to CP numerous times and never experienced anything like what you describe. Sorry you didn't have a great experience there.

Two dinners in Portsmouth - please help

And if you're looking for raw bar options you cannot beat Surf.

Two dinners in Portsmouth - please help

+1 for Jumpin' Jae's and -1 one for the Black Trumpet.

Bachelor Party in Portsmouth NH...

Surf is the best Raw Bar.

Food Rumors in the Merrimack Valley

Treb, the staff at Borelli's told me a couple of weeks ago that the Tuscan Kitchen thing was a rumor. They're staying.

Lawrence-Andover-North Andover Eats

I went to Borellli's yesterday and asked about these closing/take-over rumors and was assured both are false.

Soul fire in Brighton


Lunch in Portland in late May

There were four feet belonging to two people staying at the Portland Harbor Hotel.
Although judging from the mess we may not have been able to stand upright at the end of the night. I think we hit about 7-8 bars/restos from 2pm to Last Call.

Lunch in Portland in late May

+1 for the Blue Rooster. Last time I was up there we woke up with their Nacho Tots all over the place. It took us a while to figure out what happened then we found the bag and apparently we got their porchetta and steak bomb sammich. From the looks of things in the morning it was Good.

Which pan to use for perfect roasted chicken?

I use a wire rack over a sheet pan.

Mar 26, 2014
ScubaSteve in Cookware

Japanese Single Malts

Of the few I tried I must say that they are finely crafted but at $35-$250 a pour, I'm not a true fan.

Mar 26, 2014
ScubaSteve in Spirits

Will be in So. Beach week of St. Patrick's day....

For right now it's PB Steak on Wednesday and Scarpetta on Thursday.

Will be in So. Beach week of St. Patrick's day....

Any on this list doing the Good Stuffs?

Gingerbread Construction Co.-- anybody been?

Absolutely. Carrot Cake muffins and the seasonal (still banana creme iirc) are Very Good.

Will be in So. Beach week of St. Patrick's day....

Beer and Burger, Meat Market, Joe's Stone Crab, and a couple of other places on Lincoln that didn't Impress. The rest have faded into my memory.

Thanks for the great response though!

Will be in So. Beach week of St. Patrick's day....

Thank you!

We're also considering Mandolin, YardBird, Barceloneta, Macchialina, Bulla and Blue Collar. Any thoughts on those?

We're also looking for one Special Occasion place and think Mandolin might be it.

Will be in So. Beach week of St. Patrick's day....

Hello all!
We'll be in South Beach the week of St. Patrick's Day and we're looking for where the good stuff is lately. Last time we were big fans of Michael's Genuine Food and Dink and Pub Belly's. We hit a lot of other places but these two stood out for us. So, what's currently good in the area along those lines? We'll also be looking for craft cocktail/tiki bars in the vein of the Broken Shaker.
Thank you in advance,

fernet branca - love it or hate it?

The Frenet Buck at Deep Ellum is wicked good.

Do you pack a lunch for work?? Took wrong container??

Put your car keys on/in the proper container/bag in the fridge. You'll never forget again.

Is Kashmir in Salem, N.H., any good?

They're decent but their sister restaurant in Newburyport (Jewel in the Crown) is far better food and service wise.

El Yucateco Green Hot Sauce - Where to Buy?

Knob Creek Smoked Maple Bourbon

Got a bottle a few weeks back. Straight I want it on pancakes, with a few cubes and a little time it's surprisingly not awful.

Jan 14, 2014
ScubaSteve in Spirits