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Late Friday Dinner in Brooklyn

Thanks Peter - really helpful stuff - much appreciated.

Sounds like Buttermilk may be the choice.

Feb 15, 2010
ChipotleLouie in Outer Boroughs

Late Friday Dinner in Brooklyn

Great - this is my first Brooklyn trip so I didn't know how the area was laid out.

I'm going to be in Brooklyn Heights - traveling by subway.

Feb 14, 2010
ChipotleLouie in Outer Boroughs

Late Friday Dinner in Brooklyn

I'm getting into town next Friday around 10 PM. It will be my first meal in what I hope will be a great weekend of eating. I'm looking for a fairly casual but good place to kick off the weekend. Basically the only limitations are good food and open late. I'm looking for quality over any particular type of food.

Places I've considered are:

Buttermilk Channel
Vinegar Hill

Any feedback or suggestions would be appreciated.

Feb 13, 2010
ChipotleLouie in Outer Boroughs

Northwestern Evanston campus visit...feed us!

I lived in Evanston for roughly five years. Maybe it is just a matter of personal taste but I found the food at a number of these places listed to be sub-par or, at best, mediocre.

In particular, I would consider the food to be sub-par at Nevins, Las Palmas, and Carmen's. One of the worst food experiences of my life was at Nevin's. Las Palmas is by a seeming consensus seen as a joke for food but a good place to drink margaritas. Carmen's is almost certainly the least well-regarded pizza place in Evanston.

The rest of the places listed are fine (although i'm not sure I would list a Potbelly's chain as a must visit).

I would second Al's as a top choice. Union Pizzeria is quite good (my favorite current place in town - it has artisinal pizzas, a bunch of great small plate appetizers, and good alternate entrees). Gigio's has the best pizza by the slice in town. I like the food at Bar Louie and Prarie Moon as well for casual dining.

For a really good meal, I have had a number of very good experiences at The Stained Glass.

Aug 03, 2009
ChipotleLouie in Chicago Area

Anyone try Go Philly Cheesteaks?

Intersection of Ross and Lamar. About a block down from The Palm, YO etc.

Nov 26, 2007
ChipotleLouie in Texas

Anyone try Go Philly Cheesteaks?

I've been there a few times for lunch. Lunch special is a hard to beat deal: Decent sized cheesesteak, fries, and soda for 5.99.

I've only had this and the original cheesesteak that comes with it but I've found the whole meal to be quite good. The cheesesteak is finely chopped with a good blend of cheese, mushrooms, peppers all finely integrated. The fries are simple thin and crispy.

There hasn't been a ton of business in there when I've been but I would imagine that's just as much a product of them just opening as anything. I would imagine with the lunch special offer that if they can get some people to try it out the lunch special and quality of the food will keep them coming back.

Nov 22, 2007
ChipotleLouie in Texas

RJ Mexican Cuisine: dont bother

Can't disagree enough. Went for lunch today. The queso was probably the best I've had in Dallas and the simple Beef fajita tacos were served in excellent soft flour tortillas and accompanied by a very flavorful latin slaw and a more than sufficient rice and beans.

It's ironic your post came this recently as I left today thinking of sending off a very friendly review of this place.

Oct 10, 2007
ChipotleLouie in Texas