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Mother's Dumplings Take Out

I'm going to a "Girl's Night In". Has anyone ever had the frozen Mother's dumplings for take-out?


How do you cook them?


Getting chefs to do romantic dinners at your home.

Years ago, Senses (on bloor) used to have a "do it yourself" Valentine's dinner, where they packaged everything you need and told you how to prepare it/heat it up at home.

Wonder if they still do that?

Sushi Train

It's fun to try once for the kitsch, but I wouldn't return there for the food. Bland, bland, bland.

Leslieville Cheese Market

I ordered a cheese platter for a party before Christmas. I picked it up. They handed me a big brown paper bag with handles. Inside was:
5 cheese, wrapped and labelled
Flags for the cheeses
A note describing the orgin and taste of each cheese
A china bowl with green grapes
Pork and beef cured sausages slices
A big wooden serving board

It was fantastic. I would order from them again in a minute. And the selection in the store is great.

Sigh. I wish they'd give me free stuff for praising them.

entertainment book rec's

We used ours to try the Armenian Kitchen. Nothing fancy, but a tasty tasty Shawarma! I'd go back.

Seeking Best Cold Spring Rolls

Prefer Yonge and Bloor neighbourhood or Danforth.

The Spring Rolls ones have too much lettuce. I love the ones at Family Thai on the Danforth.

Ice Cream

Ed's Real Scoop. Queen East. Their pumpkin flavour is amazing.

John's Italian Food, on Baldwin

Cheap cheap wine and a passable anitpasto platter.

Good for a girl's night out on the cheap -- NOT fine dining.

Eros - Danforth/Monarch Park

I thought the sign said "Erato".

Anyhow, I'd heard it was going to be Italian, but alas, the sign says Greek.

Wasn't open a week and a half ago when I went by. Is it open now?

do these restaurants still exist...

Le Petit Liban - gone.

Looking Glass - gone.

Zelda's I think is still around, but hardly "decent", more roadhousey. Club sandwiches, chicken fingers...

If you're looking for something in The Village, Fire on the East Side (Gloucester St) is nice. I also like Cafe Volo. They aren't super fancy, but pleasant.

Best place to rent space for a b-day party in TO?

We had my husband's 40th at C'est What. We paid $35 an hour for the sound technician (our friends played instruments and sang) and we paid for the food and had a cash bar. We got the space for free because we picked an off night (Monday).

Call Brenda at C'est What and she'll set you up.

Good luck!

Smalltalk Cafe

Are they open for lunch? I can't find a website.

dare me...

Surely you've tried the Quack and Track already at La Palette.

kid friendly italian resto


However, it is his birthday, so maybe you should go to Boston Pizza. Although I will admit to talking my son out of Chuckee Cheese for the past few years, so I'm not one to talk.

Dinner and a dance

LOOOOVE Reservoir Lounge. Great music and definitely dancing.

Your 'regular' middle of the week spot...

Grazie at Yonge and Eglinton for Quattro Stagioni or the tasty potato pizza.

Hiro Sushi - a laughable, embarrassing experience

Sorry to hear about your bad experience. I ate there once years ago, and it was disappointing.

Just wanted to say that wasabi under the fish with sushi is quite common -- in fact I've never seen it any other way.

Wanted: Really Good Pumpkin Pie

Thanks, "just north of the Danforh" was what confused me. I know where that is. I miss the Scottish butcher who was nearby.

Myth on the Danforth (Toronto)

I find their apps better than their mains.

Wanted: Really Good Pumpkin Pie

Just north of the Danforth where? I live between Coxwell and Greenwood and can't picture where it might be.

Where in Ontario can I get Rabbit Legs?

Many places on the Danforth carry rabbit. There are many independant butchers bewteen Donlands and Pape and Sun Valley just west of Pape has rabbits.

Caterer for SMALL dinner party

What about:

Never tried it, and the website is about using their facility, but it's so close I'm guessing they'd be happy to oblige.

comfort food downtown

Soup at Esther's Soup Kitchen in Cumberland Terrace. Good for what ails you.

Foodie moving to Danforth and Greenwood

Ten Feet Tall seems grossly overrated to me (yes, the yam frites were good, though). But I also don't like Bibiche Bistro, so I'm probably due to be lynched by the Chowhounders.

Pan's Sea Bass (if they still have it) is politically incorrect but very good.

Bona Pizza rocks. I order my own: pesto, thin crust, no tomato sauce, zucchini, sundried tomato, mushroom and maybe eggplant or chicken. Fantastic!

Super Healthy Dining/Take Out Options in Toronto? Help!

I was at Saigon Sister the other day (I love their noodle combos, sigh), but being virtuous I ordered the Green Mango Salad. It was mainly bean sprouty type stuff with some chicken and shrimp in a vinegar dressing.

Nothing special, but when you've been dieting for four months like me, very tasty!

Paul's Spaghetti on Cosburn

A thread below mentioned this as a hidden gem. I've passed it many times without a second glance. I suppose I assumed the worst because of its location.

Seriously, is it good? What to order? Tell me more.

Best Grocery Stores In TO . . . . Where do you shop?

Not only is Meat on the Beach open (it moved west on Queen), but it now has veggies and lots of other fantastic things! And you can ALMOST move in there now, as opposed to the last location.

Best Grocery Stores In TO . . . . Where do you shop?

Absolutely, they are very helpful.

Best Grocery Stores In TO . . . . Where do you shop?

Ocean's Treasure is on the Danforth, just west of Pape, just west of Sun Valley. They are closed Sunday and Monday. They don't have a huge selection, but they always have shrimp and salmon. Try their tilapia too, it's great.

And did I mention it's cheap? Comparatively, anyway.

Best Grocery Stores In TO . . . . Where do you shop?

Oh! And Ocean's Treasure on Danforth for the best cheapest shrimp and salmon.