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VERY small induction skillet?

I have a 4.7" (12cm) De Buyer Mineral B Carbon Steel that works well on my smallest induction hob. My range specifies min 5" on that hob, but the small De Buyer works well, probably because it is very thick, thus has a very strong "presence". I use it to make "Egg McMuffin", ans I expect it would work well for a tortilla.

Aug 11, 2013
rewok in Cookware

deBuyer promo - Canadian buyers only

Wow, great sale, thanks! DeBuyer (and my other cookware) regular price is usually much more expensive here than in the US, so to get a better price is amazing. For once I can buy cookware at home, which I never do normally. Was on the fence between the 12.5" & the 14", but the latter is Out of Stock. Now just have to wait for the delivery.

Just a note, the pans are also available on sale at, with different inventory quantity (but no 14" left either).

May 25, 2013
rewok in Cookware

Range Hood vs OTR Microwave

If you can't find matching tile to cover the extra wall space that a hood wouldn't cover, you can use a sheet of stainless steel and cut it to fit the space and make it end up just behind your hood (so there is no join to see). Looks very professional (if you have a stainless hood), and nobody will ever know it. I did it in the past when replacing a hood that wasn't the same footprint. Since the hood was white, I used a piece of white painted steel, but it looked so much part of the hood, even I did not see it after a few months.

For the cabinet, a talented woodworker (aka not any carpenter) should be able to help you find a creative solution. I know my DH did miracles in some friends' kitchens. It's hard to picture it without seeing it thought.

Jan 26, 2013
rewok in Cookware

hmm...first turkey, I guess a roasting pan would be helpful

Yes, the GraniteWare pans will work very well! That's how I roast all my turkeys, in that pan, with the lid on. I only remove the lid for 15-20 minutes at the end to finish browning the skin if it's not "there yet". The dark finish inside will create that wonderful crisp skin without the need for tons of basting, tent foiling, ...

For a 18# bird, the larger oval pan (19", which is outside handle measurement, not interior dimensions) should be OK. Your other option would be the square covered roaster, but it will be much larger to store afterwards. Walmart usually has the oval pans in stock, just check your specific store zip code.

Dec 30, 2012
rewok in Cookware

De Buyer Blue Steel on Burner?

I have the Force Blue Crepe pan, and it is a charm to use on induction! I had never noticed the lack of the induction symbol on de Buyer website...

I only use medium "heat" so warping would not be an issue.

Mar 12, 2012
rewok in Cookware

I thought Le Creuset didn't wear out

Well, you might be right, they do state the following on their website:
"RPA Technologie is the only company in the world to offer recoating of enameled cast iron cookware"

Still surprising anyways, since it's quite common here, I thought for sure it'd be done everywhere!

Here is their link for more info:

Feb 23, 2012
rewok in Cookware

I thought Le Creuset didn't wear out

Mikie & Kaleo,

Well, it might make you happy to learn that here in Montreal we have a place that re-enamels LC. (Actually it's shipped out somewhere else in the province).

The price is per inch, so it varies depending on the size, around 100$ for a 5qt. The product even come with a warranty (10 years). They offer a few colours on the outside, but sadly for purists, the interior is black (like Staub), not glossy white!

There must be other places that offer that elsewhere in North Amarica or Europe, no?

Feb 22, 2012
rewok in Cookware

White induction ranges?

I agree with you, slide-ins do look a bit higher end to me as well! However, slide-in units available in Canada at the time we were shopping (a Kenmore Elite & an Electrolux) were at least 1000$ more than the freestanding. I chose with my head, not my heart...

Jan 12, 2012
rewok in Cookware

White induction ranges?

In Canada, the Kenmore induction range is available in white (not the Kenmore Elite however). It is not a slide-in, the controls are on the back, but unless you're really against the look, it should fit into your current cabinets. Maybe you could import it to the US, depending on how close you are to the border? It's pretty strange actually that it's only available here, you got the Kenmore Elite at least a year before us...

I have that unit in SS, and love it! It was one of the most afffordable option for induction, great control, a few options in the oven, ...

Jan 11, 2012
rewok in Cookware

Do they make Tri-Ply cookware with copper instead of aluminum (SS-Copper-SS)?

Like someone else said, Demeyere straight side disk bottom pot contain copper (a significant amount based on the cutout in the store), but not their cladded pans & sauciers. But if I'm not mistaken, the Culinary Institute of America collection does have cooper in their ply. I stumbled upon that when I was looking for a saucier.

I haven't tried any of their pot/pans, or seen a cutout, but they do list a 7 ply sandwich:
SS-Al-Al-Cu-Al-Al-SS. Not sure how much copper there really is, since prices are similar to All Clad (but they are made in China). Maybe someone has experience with that line? Pieces are listed on Amazon.

Dec 21, 2011
rewok in Cookware

Cleaning INSIDE the two panels of glass on Viking oven door

I had DH dismantle my oven door a few times for cleaning. Liquids spilling between panes, self cleaning cycle residues going in there (I'm starting to hate the self-cleaning, it makes a mess to clean out...). Never had any issues putting everything back together, but I must admit DH is pretty handy. It is pretty straightforward, a few screws, just be careful before removing a part to make sure you look where it goes (or better take a few pics) so you can re-assemble together, since It is always the tricky part!

Nov 01, 2011
rewok in Cookware

Cleaning blender blade

That's exactly what I do. I don't remember where I read the idea, but it really does a good job on the blade if done right after use. However sometimes stuff gets under the gasket ring, and cleaning it like that doesn't work. That's why once in a while I disassemble everything for a deeper clean (or because I was too lazy to do the quick clean just after use...)

Oct 30, 2011
rewok in Cookware

Le Creuset starter piece?

I have a 7qt Staub round DO that I love. It's 11" in diameter. I never had issues cleaning it in my sink, however I do have a single sink (not one of these dual small sinks where you can't fit anything). and I do wash it very carefully not bang it around.

This one was my first piece, and a gift, but I do wish my dad gave me a smaller 5.5 instead. I cook 4-6 portions, and that size would be big enough, while weighing a few pounds less.

Oct 16, 2011
rewok in Cookware

Do you use a lid on your stockpot? Stockpot help please

What a good way to use the pasta insert, I never thought about that. But now I need a pasta insert... On to my wishlist!

Sep 17, 2011
rewok in Cookware

In praise of the kitchen scale. Do you find it so useful?

Love mine, much easier to measure by weight than washing dirty measuring spoons & cups! And there's no way I could cook those recipes from French Cookbooks without, as quite often they only have measurement by weight.

I have a digital from Salter.

Sep 15, 2011
rewok in Cookware

Demeyere Bargain at Amazon

Yes, I did receive the correct pot: the saucepan with one long handle. I think the reveiwer had gotten the saucepot with 2 small handles.

Sep 14, 2011
rewok in Cookware

Demeyere Bargain at Amazon

Bought one about a month ago, before they ran out. Surprisingly they got stock back and it sold out again. It is such a nice piece, it totally convinced me to complete my set.

I use this size a lot to cook "potage" (is there a proper english word for that besides just soup?), which is a staple in my house except during summer. 4-6 cups of stock, same for veggies.

Sep 14, 2011
rewok in Cookware

Updating cookware, which piece should I get next?

Love that Falk saucier, gorgeous, and such a good price. I always thought I would get some copper pieces someday, but sadly, not possible anymore with my lovely induction range.

Mauviel M'Cook has a nice saucier, and the 1.7qt is only 100$ on W-S (online only however...) which makes it very interesting to see if I really use such a piece. I've checked the Demeyere in store over the week-end, and liked them. Seemed like the lid did not fit as well as on the regular saucepans, strange. The 3 qt is definitely too big for me at this point!

I'll upgrade my 1.1qt saucepan, since I've always used it quite a bit. I'm still on the fence bout getting a second (bigger) saucepan, or go with the saucier. I've changed my mind at least 10 times in the last 2 days. Money is not the only problem, easy access drawer space is tight so I must get the right stuff.

Sep 12, 2011
rewok in Cookware

KitchenAid Enamel/Cast Iron Dutch Oven

Can only relay my sister's experience with these: Her boyfriend is quite lunatic, and tends to "forget" food cooking while doing something else... Well, something he was cooking in the oven did overheat, and it was a burned-in mess. Nothing could clean it, and she reverted to strong chemicals (I believe VIM). Well, the mess did clear a bit, but the enamel did not resist (cracked, so she threw out the pot).

I have no idea how a more expensive pot (Creuset, Staub, ...) would have behave, so I can't compare. Maybe someone else has a LC incident to share?

I'm lucky, DH doesn't cook, and he doesn't forget anything if I ask him to start/stop something while I'm out...

Sep 09, 2011
rewok in Cookware

Updating cookware, which piece should I get next?

Thanks for your reply. I'll drop by a local store this week-end to actually look at the saucier pan. I didn't check it last time, but read so much on Chowhound about that type of pan to make me consider it.

I think for now I'll get the stock pot even if it is expensive, because I feel this is something I will use a lot. (Pretty shiny $$$ pots are still cheaper than diamonds...) I also think I should get one small saucepan (1.1 or 1.6), and later on add either a saucier, or a larger saucepan. I regularly use all my 3 current saucepans at the same time, hence my current interrogation about which one I actually need! And after a summer of grilling and salads, I can't recall well how much use I have for each piece.

The multi-function pan sure looks cool, very similar in shape to my Staub braiser, which I already love (pretty new purchase). I love to cook with the cast iron, but I do have to handwash which I hate.

Sep 08, 2011
rewok in Cookware

Updating cookware, which piece should I get next?

I'm currently renewing my cookware collection that came from a cheap set bought for under 100$ when I got my first apartment over 10 years ago (1,2,3qt saucepans & 5qt dutch pot). I've switched to induction last winter, which means I had to get rid of some interesting pieces I'd gotten over the year (a good fry pan, my large stock pot, ...).

As my DH loves me very much, he indulges in my luxury taste, so we've decided to go for the Demeyere Atlantis line as I wanted pretty pots, dishwasher safe, and they are great for induction. I love the handle, the finish, ...

We are a 2 person family still hoping for more members, and I usually cook for 4 because we need leftovers for our lunches. I entertain regularly, but only a few friends at a time, so very rarely do I cook more than 6 portions at a time.

I currently own and intend to keep:

- Staub 2.75 qt round Cocotte (not much use, a gift part of a Costco set)
- Staub 6.5 qt round Cocotte (again a gift, a bit too large for my needs, but it gets lot of use)
- Staub 10" fry pan
- Staub 2.75 qt braiser

- 2 cheap non-stick pans (7" & 11")

- Demeyere 3.2 qt saucepan (got an amazing price at Amazon on that one!)
- Demeyere Proline 11" fry pan

Now I'm pondering what pieces & size I should get next...

Another Demeyere saucepan: 1qt, 1.6 or 2.3? The 2.3 is probably the most versatile, but will I miss a small 1 qt for small tasks, like clarify a stick of butter? Or get the 1qt and add another one in a year or so?

Demeyere Saucier: those look fabulous, but which size? The 2.6 qt is aggressively priced, but the 3.2 might hold more, but then I rarely whisk up large quantities of sauce. If I decide to get the 2.6, maybe I should get one of the smaller saucepan instead of the 2.3qt, and use this as an extra saucepan for veggies.

Demeyere 8.9 qt stock pot: good for small batch of chicken stock, soup with bones, pasta, ... I'd get a cheap 15 or 18 qt restaurant line eventually for large stock batches.

Demeyere 4.2qt sauté pan?? I've never had a sauté pan, do I need one? I've managed without, but for making meatballs sauce in one pot it would be nice.

I know it's very personal, but I'm so indecisive. DH just tells me to get what I want (he doesn't cook), and my friends all think I'm crazy for spending that kind of money of pots & pans. They mostly have a basic set in a box. Spending the money is not a problem, but I don't want to make a mistake.

I will buy those over the next few months, every time I drive over the border to USA, because they are even more expensive here in Canada! Williams Sonoma pricing looks like a good deal compared to our kitchen stores here... I was hoping to get most of this at W-S, but I stopped at one in Boston over the week-end, and was very disappointed to see no Demeyere cookware in store. I'm pretty sure I saw pieces just last winter in the Vermont store, but the saleslady looked at my husband like he had 2 heads! They should list it as online exclusive then. Now I'll have to order all the pieces on Amazon, which is a bit more complicated.

Sep 07, 2011
rewok in Cookware

Seeking a Salad Spinner that Isn't Plastic

If your Ziploc have only contained bread, couldn't you just let them "air out", throw away the little dry crumbs afterwards, and just re-use them to store more bread? I do that often when I store leftover baguettes for French Toast. I don't wash Ziploc either, but I do try to re-use them.

Sep 01, 2011
rewok in Cookware

Seeking a Salad Spinner that Isn't Plastic

You've tried it out quite a bit, and it doesn't seem to work for you! I'll explain how I manage it, in case it helps anyone. When I put those rags away in my laundry "closet", I place them over the side of my dirty stuff basket, so they are like "suspended". Since they dry out quickly, they smell less. Washed with warm/hot water, Oxyclean & laundry soap, they come out fresh smelling and clean (I don't fight stain however). And I run a load of dishtowels, washcloth, dishcloths, ... about every 10 days anyway, so it's not an extra laundry load. I do have a front loading washer, so in term of water savings, it's great!

I see you have a septic, so I understand your concern about limiting the water used is key in your house, but in reality, paper towels cost enormous amount of water to produce, so the total cost of water is probably in favour of the cloth! (But it does help with your septic)

Aug 29, 2011
rewok in Cookware

Seeking a Salad Spinner that Isn't Plastic

I'm not the OP, but I also like to think I'm pretty "green", though I do use plastic, as long as it's for something long lasting (i.e. not a cheap throw item from the dollar store or water bottles).

However, I've never understood why people need paper towels that much. 1 roll will last me over 2 months. I mainly use the paper towels when I cook bacon, to line the plate and absorb the extra fat. Sometimes I'll use a half piece to wipe a very greasy pan before washing it. DH does use them more in his shop, because of motor grease, oil, ..., but for my kitchen, I often think about removing my holder from the countertop! I do have tons of dishcloths on hand to wipe down, wash the dishes.

Aug 28, 2011
rewok in Cookware