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Am craving really good ice cream or an ice-cream-based dessert!!

TEO TEO TEO!! Fresh ingredients, creamy, with bright, clean flavors. There's no frozen dessert in Austin that compares. My favorite is the peanut butter nutella, but I try to mix it up. They're happy to offer samples, too. Locally-owned, and you can sometimes spot the employees running across 38th street to bring gelato to patients at Seton. I'll splurge and bring a container to a dinner party sometimes and the hosts are always grateful. I'm getting hungry just thinking about it... gotta go get some!

Oct 08, 2007
nosheraustin in Austin

Pizza in Austin

Besides the white pizza at Asti, the only pizza I crave is at Brick Oven on 35th St. It's very cozy on a chilly evening (remember those?), but great pizza is served there consistently. We love the Vegetarian (though we're not) and the Marg. They'll ask you if you want jalapenos on the Vegetarian, and we order with, then pull the jalapenos off with our fork, so just their roasted, smoky essence remains. I find if I eat the jalapenos that they mask some of the delicious sauce. The crust is my favorite in town: thin and crispy, with a bit of chew to the center. I hear the calzones are great, too, but we're stuck in our rut here and loving it. Also, I find the pizzas at many of these other places way too salty, but the seasoning is mostly right on here.

Sep 09, 2007
nosheraustin in Austin