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Cobble Hill and environs - So many restaurants, no good Mexican

Anyone around here as frustrated as me? Ate at the "New" Mexicali the other night 'cause I'd heard some good things. Nothing good about stale chips and sauces that taste like they come from jars. Buddy's: disgusting - don't know how they stay in business. Alma - too expensive, totally hit or miss with the food (though good chips/salsa/guac, and good chicken enchiladas), but again - expensive. Mezcal chain - so over priced, so terrible. Pacifico - fine as long as you don't order a main course. Lobo - ugh! Frankly, Chipoltle on Montague street is probably the best Mexican in the Brooklyn Heights, Cobble Hill, or Carroll Gardens. Anyone out there know the answer? Taqueria in Park Slope is too much of a hike but it's the closest good place. HELP!

Sep 09, 2007
jagoy in Outer Boroughs