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Newbie to cooking - portable induction cooktop or portable butane cooktop?

Thanks for the replies and the great advice everyone!

Based on the responses and further research, I am leaning heavily towards the induction route.

I just picked up a new Tramontina triply 8pc set for $70 on eBay, so I'm looking forward to breaking it in.

So far, I've ordered "Essentials of Cooking" by James Peterson, "I'm Just Here for the Food" by Alton Brown, and the "Joy of Cooking" to start things off. I'm also debating about ordering "The New Making of a Cook" by Madeleine Kamman to round off the fundamentals.

In the next few months I will pick up "Essentials of Italian Cooking" by Marcella Hazan, and Rick Bayless's Mexican Kitchen. Maybe "Complete Techniques" by Jacques Pepin?

Aug 23, 2011
Roland_A in Cookware

Newbie to cooking - portable induction cooktop or portable butane cooktop?

Greetings everyone! I'm just starting my foray into the culinary world so please be gentle.

I currently live in a rental with a budget electric stovetop and it has been hit and miss so far with cooking (uneven heating pattern-more towards one side, unable to gauge level of heating, etc) compared to when I used a gas stove. I am looking at getting a portable cooktop for better control and to develop my skills.

Currently I am looking at either one of these:
Iwatani 35F

Max Burton 6000

Would I be at a disadvantage busting my chops (pun intended) on an induction unit?


Aug 21, 2011
Roland_A in Cookware