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Recs needed for pubby places in Montreal

newtown revamped their menu but the reviews haven't been favourable. Devi is alright. I can't think of another Crescent street restaurant with decent food. The chocolate shop is pretty good and I've heard good things about the sushi place. The pizza by the slice across from Brutopia is surprisingly good. The absolute worst food is definitely at Dundees. Winny's is pretty awful as well although I do like their calamari. Boustan, boustan boustan. It's close to school, it's convenient but it really isn't that good. Their hummus is flavourless and the chicken is usually quite dry. At one point I thought boustan was the greatest thing ever - maybe the quality has dropped over the last couple of years? Anyways, Crescent street blows!!!!!

Laurier Gordon Ramsay

i mentioned the manager because she is loud and in the way. When I said bar, i meant bar area - which was completely empty. At noon today, there were 5 open booths and there was no reason to redirect us to the bar area. The biggest problem with this restaurant is how unremarkable the food is. If Ramsay really did design the menu, then he truly failed to understand the montreal rotisserie chicken. One other thing that I didnt like is the opaque glass surrounding the top part of the booth. I prefer being able to look around at a bustling restaurant

Laurier Gordon Ramsay

I really wanted to like this restaurant. When I first walked in, the busy-body manager was on the phone, blocking the entrance, talking loudly. We were greeted by the hostess who showed my father and I to a table in the empty bar. We asked why we couldn't sit in a dining room booth and she told me that they are for four people, despite the obvious fact that most booths were occupied by parties of 2. With some insistence, we got our booth. The menu is brief with few standouts. I opted for the hot chicken sandwich and my father ordered the quarter breast. The service, while attentive, was overly so - disturbingly so. I was happy with the fresh peas that topped my sandwich, but the rest of the food was simply a disaster. Most egregious is the default sauce that comes with the hot chicken and the rotisserie chicken. It is chicken based, thick, similar to what you would get at KFC. Let's put it this way, at Chalet BBQ, i've been tempted to drink the freaking sauce. This sauce does not complement the chicken, it completely drowns it in dullness and blandness. The chicken itself was nothing special. The bread was 2 slices of regular white sliced bread. The fries are simply offensive. Sure they're handcut (no shit) but they are very very dry (but crispy) and completely covered in bbq seasoning salt. They're absolutely disgusting. I will never go back, and I felt bad for the crowd lined up to be seated. As I left, the same busy body manager was still out front not doing her job and crowding the door. Definitely miss Laurier Gordon Ramsay. If you can, hightail to Chalet BBQ, if you can't, Fusee on Bernard isn't any worse.