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Brown rice in the Instant Pot - how long?

Manual, high pressure, 22 minutes. Let cool, don't quick release.
2c water to I c rice

May 23, 2015
truepeacenik in Home Cooking

Why do no national burger chains have veggie burgers?

Most places have fryers, and many of those are fries and deserts only.
Someone should try falafel. With sauces, they could provide some neat stuff on the fly.

Why do no national burger chains have veggie burgers?

Way late here, but in Highlands Ranch, CO, they cook the veggie burgers well enough, consistently.
I delighted in standing under their "man didn't claw his way to the top of the food chain to eat soy" banner and saying, "I did claw my way up the food chain and I want veggie burger combo, please."

Vegan Cross-Contamination Help

Given that the post is inclusive, I'd say both VV and omnivore host points of view are helpful.
Typically, an omnivore host won't realize that a vegan might find egg smells off putting. Some vegetarians might not,too.
But those of us who cook VV might not take timing of non veg dishes into account, or at least not accurately.

From the point of view of a guest, the aroma of animal fat *in the dish* is off-putting. Not enough to make me personally skip it, but I'd be wondering in the back of my head about splatter.
I try to be laid back about unintentional stuff, like not thinking about how fat behaves in an oven.

From the POV of a cook who has made many a mixed gathering's meals, foil sealing makes the most sense, time wise.

If you are close with the invitee, a quick email is appropriate.
Two veg*ns, three opinions, you know?

5 One-Dish Thanksgivings You Don't Have the Guts to Make

The latkes, without turkey here, would definitely be a hit. I suspect that was developed either for last year and Thanksgivnukkah, or by food writers that didn't get that it was a once in 77k years deal.

Nov 13, 2014
truepeacenik in Features

DIrty Family Secrets

I'll tell on myself.
Tofu salad, made by just seasoning straight from the block tofu and using the tuna/chicken salad flavors du jour.
On stale, really stale but I need to not waste them matzo.

If I make this to share, I at least marinate the tofu. And for mock egg salad, boil in a water and vinegar solution (that I have to look up, every time.)

Did I mention I drink grapefruit juice spritzer with this?
Without being altered?

Aug 23, 2014
truepeacenik in General Topics

Let's get down to brass tacks..What's the average Chowhounds c**k size?

Wonderful use of asterisks.

Isn't 5 the average?:-)

Cheap Party Attendees

One has to admit that wolves don't organize potlucks well. Or set up chairs.

My son uses the excuse "raised by hippies."

I point out that we did fabulous potlucks. They just didn't have candy. Or soda.

Do you cater to a vegetarian for a party?

I wouldn't cater to meat eaters.

Aug 07, 2013
truepeacenik in Home Cooking

Spoonrocket: Designer meals $6 delivered

Thanks for this, Melanie. I signed up, and they took my Oakland address. So, while its free and not $40/yr, one might want to sign up just to have the membership.
I get the feeling it is a likely franchise, at least in concept, too.

Fresh Hatch Green Chiles (2013)

I've had luck at Lucky's (ha. Didn't see the pun.) for fresh.
I like to roast my own, and my partner has been converted over the past couple years.

But I'll definitely be at Nob Hill....because I miss the smell from the farmers market.
You can take the woman out of Colorado, but you can't take the Colorado it of the woman.

Synthetic burger - Kosher? Parve?

Have fun.
I remember a looooong discussion about pig hide used as gelatin, and at what point it could be kosher, if ever.
This link reminded me of that conversation.

Aug 07, 2013
truepeacenik in Kosher

HELP with kosher beef rib jus/sauce

How kosher do you need to be? Kosher certified meat or just not mixing meat and milk?

Any non dairy fat will do. Chicken schmaltz, beef fat, veggie oils and shortenings. Even margarine, like earth balance. Look for a P (parve) on packaged foods.

Aug 07, 2013
truepeacenik in Kosher

Wait, so you're telling me "lab-grown beef" is not GMO?

On vegetarians,
Trolls come to my little veg forum and ask about this sort of thing all the time.
General run down of the responses:
Yes. No animal killed
No, I don't like/never liked meat.
Yes, but have concerns about the politics of someone owning the rights of production. (This is an offshoot of the Monsanto suicide seeds controversy. Basically a concern that it would truly be industrial meat/food source, and easily manipulated in price and availability.)
No, (insert some zombie reference)

It's a clone, not salmon genes spliced into a tomato.
It's a manipulated organism, not modified.

No Dancing with the Stars for Paula Deen

While it will take a while before I stop twitching from the grammar of "people go " (humans say, signs and other lettering reads...maybe the cow goes moo), I'll be glad to see her name sink away from celebrity.

But, oh, the humor that could have been!

Lids for frying pans, useful or a waste of money?

To add, that $5 pizza pan can have a hole drilled and heat resistant handle added for another couple bucks.
Great use of the pan displaced by a pizza stone.

Aug 07, 2013
truepeacenik in Cookware

Kitchen towels and pot holders?

Do you think that initial shrink is what the low reviews are about?

I wash in cold and air dry. Granted, I don't have to worry about meat fluids, only dairy.

Aug 07, 2013
truepeacenik in Cookware

CHOW Reviews: The OXO 3-in1 Avocado Slicer and other unitaskers—drawer clutter or keepers?

The questions were these:
Are single-function tools like this something you actually like to have around your kitchen, or do they just clutter up the gadget drawer?

Have you used this gadget, or something like it? Do you eat enough avocados for it to be something you'd consider buying? Would you tell somebody it should be on their must-buy list for outfitting their kitchen?

I'm seeing it as two questions, although the second is a heck of a compounded question.

For the first: single function tools.
I have a peeler. That's single function most of the time, although it gets the tops off strawberries nicely. Maybe it is a 1.2 function tool.
I also have a can opener, a knife sharpener, citrus squeezer, and a bottle opener in the kitchen drawers.
Sure, I could use a paring knife for peeling, and coring strawberries, but I also use the peeler to make "noodles" from vegetables. Consistent noodly slices continue to elude my knife skills.
(But I can open a coconut, slice an avocado, and make short work of fresh pineapple with a knife)

Gadgets I have tried include an apple corer/slicer, which only sliced me; the zester tool that makes strips, a garlic press and a few other chintzy plastic things.
They didn't get to move with me. Not worth shipping them, and honestly, I haven't wanted one in the three years since.

Gadget I would consider: cherry pitter. I'd love to make things with fresh cherries, and pit/freeze them in season. Instead, the prospect of pitting them keeps them confined to fresh eating only.
Darn? :-)

Now second question/series of questions that boils down to have you used Oxo's or a similar gadget? Would you recommend it?

I have used one similar once, on site prepping food for a festival green room. Given the quality of the available knives, it was great!
However, I had my son bring my knives down with him.

I couldn't recommend for someone who enjoys knife work.
I could for kids and other learners.
My son and I processed most of the avocados ourselves, with knives. Volunteers who really didn't want to be in a kitchen anyway used the gadget.
They still said "ow" a lot, but they just wanted a "cooler" assignment. That didn't involve physical labor.

Aug 07, 2013
truepeacenik in Cookware

Another side-car thread re: cookbooks - which ones do you now wish you'd kept?

I had a roomie move out with my Tassajara cookbook.
I was so happy when I found one of the same printing a year later. It's on my shelf now.

I passed along most of my cookbooks, think a full four shelf book case down to one shelf.

I probably should have kept Sundays at Moosewood, because I keep going to the library to look up a recipe that I vaguely remember.

Oh, editing to add, Julie Sahni's Indian cook books. At least my son has it and uses it.

Jul 28, 2013
truepeacenik in Home Cooking

The side-car thread to the absolute worst cookbook you own -- What is your most obscure, weird or oddball cookbook.

Alice Brock, the Alice's Restaurant Cookbook.
And her companion, My Life as a Restaurant.

Yep! THAT Alice.

Need I say I'm an Arlo Guthrie fan?

Jul 28, 2013
truepeacenik in Home Cooking

PBS FREAK OUT - Joanne Weir. Come on, PBS- you can do better.

I always got "visitation week" vibes with the Bayless pair.
I still enjoy them, because it shows that teens can cook things that don't need a microwave.

New Mexican Sweet Potato Latkes with Lime–Sour Cream Sauce

Ran a test, as I'm thinking of using this with Thanksgiving, because of the overlap that we basically will never see again.
Subbed matzo meal for flour, grated sweet potatoes very fine and had to add starch. Left out baking powder as I didn't have any. Allergic to eggs, which is why I use starch to bind.

Result was crisp, but looking for a somewhat more tender center.
All in all a great dish, that held up to substitutions very well.

Can't say the "humor" of the 2009 post held up at all.
You have to fry the pudding and iced tea, duh.

Jul 28, 2013
truepeacenik in Recipes

Anyone ever heard of Foodism?

Chowhounds, you are awesome.
You have verified my hunch, and I thank you.

Anyone ever heard of Foodism?

Well, he was drunk during the exchange. :)

Anyone ever heard of Foodism?

I spoke to someone who said he was with a magazine, print and online, called Foodism.
I've never heard of it, or seen one aside from the one in his hand.
Claimed it was the go-to foodie magazine in the Bay Area.

Have you read it, is it in your favorite restaurant or upscale grocers?

Why do no national burger chains have veggie burgers?

Since 1980 for me, age 13.
If we think of fast food as lowest common denominator, it makes sense that few chains have persevered with veg*n options.

We have to get main line sit down restaurants with consistently decent veg patties.
Problem is, there are only so many suppliers, and a lot of them are lackluster, so I have a problem paying $10 for Boca in a restaurant. Especially if the critter is $8.
But I don't have a problem paying $10 for great steamed or roasted vegetables in an interesting and tasty sauce.

But to the original question, Fatburger, which has banners reading"I didn't claw my way to the top of the food chain to eat soy" has veggie burgers.
They are nice enough to allay the burger and fries craving.

kosher today article

I don't care which came first, organic or kosher certification.
The fact that I can get both without everything being homemade makes me happy.

But, I still remember the first kosher-certified Oreo.

Oct 30, 2012
truepeacenik in Kosher

New Yorker blogger "critiques" Anthony Bourdain

Calf, on a quick read, it looks like Adler is from a different approach to food (Chez Panise) and a very different book.
Maybe this is East Coast versus Northern Cal/ Berkeley?

I loved the example of head chef being humble. I suspect that is what she wants people to take away. Bring gentility, humility, manners, awareness of others into the cycle now of a "busy situation."

Sure Bourdain has a macho approach to food. He admits he is a spoiled middle class boy who spent the odd summer in France with the relatives. That sets you apart from other grub slingers.
And, well, he has chased a macho image.

But, speaking from my temple priestess position as a former newspaper journalist, I can say editors can't write as well as the underlings.
My own writing tumbles if I'm also editing. Different parts of the brain dancing to different songs.

Hatch and other New Mexican chiles 2012

I returned last week from a trip home to Colorado. The larger chile roasters were set up.
So, soon we should get some high desert yumminess.

Last year, I found my case at Lucky's on MacArthur in Oakland.
It isn't Lucky branding anymore, and the produce is far less than stellar.

So here we go for 2012.

As you sight the lovely green morsels, please post.

I am seeing anaheims almost everywhere, if you want theCalifornia taste.
(Which is great, and I use them fresh. But my high desert soul needs its native food)

How do you define trashy?

i last read the ingredients in 2007.
to me, all pork is bad. i keep kosher at home.
all the chef spokesmodels in the world will not convince me to touch the stuff.

Jan 06, 2012
truepeacenik in General Topics