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MSP-Paella rice

We recently purchased a paella pan from Kitchen Window. The sales associate wanted to sell us all the ingredients, too, but we balked at paying $15 for a kilo of rice. We ended up finding the same rice (Matiz) at Clancy's meat market in Linden Hills for $10, but I was wondering if anyone knows of any other source for this type of rice.

Also, does anyone have experience with making paella? Is it critical to have paella rice from Valencia? Some recipes insist that it is, while others say you can use other types of rice.

Kitchen Window
3001 Hennepin Ave, Minneapolis, MN 55408

Latkes (Potato Pancakes)

I watched the video that accompanies this recipe and tried it tonight. After 30 years of making latkes with mixed results, these were probably the best I have ever made. The best part of it was it is so easy -- I usually squeeze out the water, which is time-consuming and messy. The vitamin C tablet worked like a charm -- no discolored potatoes! The finished latkes were crisp and golden brown on the outside, light and creamy on the inside, with just the right amount of onion flavor and no greasiness. I thought the baking powder was unusual, but it seems to make the interior of the latkes light and fluffy. Thank you for the great recipe and the helpful video!

Dec 27, 2008
French Canadian in Recipes

MSP: Heinz beans

My local Cub must be an exception, because I've checked there several times and they have no British foods. I'll have to try another store. Thanks.

MSP: Heinz beans

I'm very fond of British-style beans on toast, which requires Heinz beans in a tomato sauce. However, these are very hard to find in this area. Does anyone know of local stores or supermarkets that carry Heinz beans? I live in the western suburbs.

MSP: Good Day cafe

We went there for breakfast last week, and it was really very good. Not a place for conversation; as others have noted, it is very loud. But the food is great. I had the wild mushroom eggs benedict, and it was delicious. Other members of our group were also pleased with their choices. The hot chocolate was unbelieveable. We took home some of the pecan sticky buns, which are wonderful. If you like breakfast, this is a great choice.

Good doner/gyros in MSP

Thanks for the recommendations. He goes to school at the U and we live in Eden Prairie, so those are both good options. The Istanbul Cafe sounds promising too. I have a friend who likes it there, I just didn't realize they have doner.

Good doner/gyros in MSP

On a trip to Germany, my son got hooked on Turkish doner. Is there anywhere in the MSP area that has good doner (or gyros, the Greek version)? Someone I know recommended Christos; is it worth a try?

MSP: Good Day cafe

My parents really like this place. Has anyone else been here for breakfast? Is it as good as they claim it is?

[MSP] - Deli sandwich

Pastrami Jack's is the best deli around. I work nearby and it's a favorite spot for lunch. Like the earlier poster said, the sandwiches are huge and the corned beef and pastrami are great. At lunchtime there is a small help-yourself area where you can load up on pickles and coleslaw. The staff are always attentive, and even on busy days (and it can be very busy at lunchtime), someone stops by your table to ask if everything was OK.

Crossroads Deli is also good. They have a bigger menu and more relaxed atmosphere.

MSP: Alternatives to Surdyk's

After 20+ years of shopping at Surdyk's, I need to find a new source for wine and cheese. Wine isn't difficult to find, but I'm having a hard time finding a source for cheese that has the wide range that Surdyk's has. Does anyone have suggestions?