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Is "Greek" yogurt special?

Yes, it is kind of silly that "greek yogurt" is such a fad now, and is so expensive. As Muchlove said, it's quite easy to make one's own yogurt.

Use a gallon of whole (or at least 2%) milk. Skim doesn't set well. Bring it up to scalding temperature (this is traditional, but is probably just a formality with unopened pasteurized milk), cover it in a non-reactive bowl and let it cool in the oven until it's about 100 degrees, then whisk in a cup or so of your favorite plain yogurt. It will set up in a few hours to overnight.

The Lebanese have also been preserving milk this way for centuries, and call it "laban". For "lebne", or strained yogurt, they add a bit of salt and strain through muslin cloth, hanging the curds over a bowl to let the whey drip out. (The whey is quite nutritious, by the way - I'm sure the "greek yogurt" producers don't throw it out!) The process is so easy, it's a shame to buy it in outrageously-priced plastic cups instead of making it yourself.

Aug 18, 2011
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McD's, BK, KFC, and Taco Bell: Worst Fast Food in America

Out in Colorado (and a few other states) we have Good Times. Same idea as In-N-Out on the West Coast - fresh Coleman beef burgers, real potatoes in the fries, real chicken breast in the nuggets, real "frozen custard" desserts, etc. Too much salt and too much fat, plus high prices, but great for the occasional indulgence.

Taco Bell's not too bad if you order from the "Fresca" menu. ("Fresca" is Mexican for "tasteless").

Aug 18, 2011
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Taco Bell Previews the Dark Future of Public Dining

It's not the TVs at Taco Bell I mind. It's the TVs at the gym. Being forced to watch Oprah while adding calories somehow makes sense. Having to do so while trying to get rid of them is society-imposed cruelty, a la "A Clockwork Orange."

Aug 18, 2011
Amahl2442 in Features