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Steakout, unusual grass-fed hamburgers, downtown Mountain View

After reading the reviews here and on Yelp I decided to it a try. My last attempt was when it was Bodrum. I say attempt because my GF and I not having a clue as to that kind of food was served noticed a standing board menu on the sidewalk. We pulled into a nearly empty parking lot behind the restaurant and started to walk over to where we could see the menu. Immediately some guys comes running out yelling that we can't park there as it's for patrons only! Well, ef him, we got back in the car never to return.

Today we parked in the rear (still empty lot BTW) and headed in. There were two people at tables with their fountain drinks but no food. Line had about 6 people. Menu consisted of three handwritten signs. But wait! There was Mr. Yelly Guy, standing behind the counter next to the woman at the cash register; glowering. After standing in a non-moving line for about three minutes, I noticed that there might be menus on the counter at the front of the line, I went up there and.....Eureka! Menus! Line still hasn't moved BTW, and given that no one knows what on the menu till they get to the front, it's somewhat understandable. People at tables still foodless. Line still unmoving. Mr. Happy still glowering. Menu was very simple. Prices could be"fair" depending on how the food turned out. Not anything resembling steak on the menu however. Line still not moving have invested about 10 minutes in line and it then moved one person. Not having another 50 minutes to invest in standing in line and what appears to be forever waiting to get served we decided to go to Yakkos.

I see below where Mr. Happy "Grew up in the Hospitality business." I doubt however, that he knows what the means.

Oh yeah. We never saw any food. None.