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Classic Macaroni and Cheese

Apr 24, 2015
MMM in Recipes

Coming to Portland for two nights from Toronto


I am coming to Portland for two nights (August 11th and 12th) and would love some guidance/suggestions for our two evenings. I am coming with a girlfriend and we are in our mid-thirties and staying downtown. We are in Portland for two nights and then heading to the coast for two nights with a few stops along the way to visit some vineyards :)

I have done some research and have shortlisted the spots I am interested in but I can only hit two and there may be better ones I have missed!! Thoughts? I would love feedback!!!

Le Pidgen
Ava Gene's

It would be great if you could suggest a lunch spot and any great cocktail bars we should hit.

Thanks in advance for your help! We are so excited to visit Portland and I promise to report back!!

May 20, 2014
MMM in Metro Portland

One night in Seattle and one breakfast

Great - thanks for the suggestions! Also should have added a request for any modern Asian spots? I am sure Wild Ginger is not the spot to go any longer but if there is a good one I would love to know :)

The breakfast spots look perfect and Aragona looks delicious - thank you!

May 20, 2014
MMM in Greater Seattle

One night in Seattle and one breakfast

I grew up in Vancouver and went to Seattle many times when I was in my late teens and early twenties. My fave spot was Wild Ginger :)

It has now been many years and I am heading to your great city for one night mid-August with my best friend (we both now live in Toronto) and are in our mid thirties. This will be her first time and her Birthday so I am looking for a fun/buzzy restaurant for the Sunday evening and possibly a suggestion of where to go for some great cocktails.

We are staying downtown (probably at the Fairmont). Budget not necessarily an issue but not wanting fine white table cloth dining - just great creative food and a good buzz.

Also if you have any gems for breakfast the following morning that would be awesome. Willing to drive as we will have a car - will be heading to Portland mid day after a morning walking around Seattle.

Any suggestions and tips would be welcome. Thank you so much!

May 19, 2014
MMM in Greater Seattle

Lunch Near Bergdorfs & One Dinner in May

Thank you all for your feedback and tips - NYC was a true success!

We ended up having a delicious lunch at Nougatine. Food was amazing and very creative/light and the view over the park was perfect. The only down side was that we had a table right next to the front doors and every time they opened the wind was so bad all our napkins flew off our laps - became quite comedic but it was not possible to move so we made the best of it :)

Also hit two great dinner spots - Public which was buzzy and very interesting menu. We tasted almost everything and there was not one miss. Wine was fantastic and overall evening was a hit.

Same went with Estela - nearly flawless and packed on a Sunday night which I loved. We tasted one of everything on the menu as we were a group of five and again everything was delicious as were the cocktails. All in all a huge success.

Also hit Parms for my first time which was such a pleasant surprise (I love calamari). The calamari was just what I expected and the selection of small vegetables were so creative and not what I expected from a diner. A perfect afternoon snack.

Thanks again for all your help!

May 19, 2014
MMM in Manhattan

Lunch Near Bergdorfs & One Dinner in May

Thanks! The lunch is for Friday May 2nd - was keen to do JG proper but it is booked that day until 2pm :( Thanks for the link to the prix fixe lunch list - that is awesome!

I have left a message with Pearl & Ash so will see what they say. We do not need to be in the East Village/LES - more geared towards the type of food and not so much the location. We are open! Thanks for the two suggestions. Unfortunately, my Dad does not eat Mexican (even though it is modern/spin off nor does he wait in lines :) Ha ha! Other than those two parameters, he is pretty open.

Apr 13, 2014
MMM in Manhattan

Lunch Near Bergdorfs & One Dinner in May


Coming to NYC from Toronto over the first weekend in May. Hoping to take my Mom for an early Mother's Day lunch (she is visiting from Vancouver) and wanting suggestions near Bergdorfs. I am mulling over Nougatine at Jean-Georges or Betony. Thoughts? Other suggestions welcome - looking for modern/creative food.

Additionally, we have two dinners planned. The first at Estela and the second is booked for Pearl & Ash. Unfortunately, our party has increased by two and I do not think they will accept a larger booking. Any suggestions for replacements along the same lines? We tried to book Alder but were too late and it is fully booked.

Thanks in advance for your help and I promise to report back!!

Apr 13, 2014
MMM in Manhattan

Three Nights in the East Village

This is a long overdue report but just wanted to thank everyone so much for all the great suggestions. We had a fabulous visit and made it to a handful of great spots.

We loved our meal at Degustation. It was all that I had hoped it to be in terms of a cozy but buzzy atmosphere. Everyone was super friendly and low key which was just what we were after. We did the tasting menu and it was delicious and perfectly balanced and we left wanting to go back again the next night! Each course was very inventive (6 in total) but also really showcased the ingredients (including a fabulous roast carrot course) and all in all it was a great success and very well priced.

We had a quick lunch in Soho at the Mercer Kitchen which was perfect in terms of what we needed at that moment - comfort food and a relaxed atmosphere. Special note on the yummy mac and cheese and calamari. Hit the spot!

Brunch at NoMad was a highlight. Great room and our server was very friendly and really went above and beyond. I had the chicken sandwich which lived up to all the hype. The Bloody Mary was fabulous. The only down side was that when we arrived the dining room was empty but they still made us wait 20 mins!!!

Although we have a Momofuku Noodle Bar in Toronto I have yet to go so was excited to try the original. It was a highlight! Far more low key than the one in Toronto. The food was just as I had hoped/expected. We had two steamed buns (the mushroom and shrimp), shared a ramen and the chicken wing special. The atmosphere was buzzy and our server was just as excited as we were which was an added bonus considering I am sure he gets eager patrons every single day!

We hit Russ & Daughters which was so unique and original and I love hidden gems like these. Had a bagel and creme cheese and coffee to get our morning started. It was perfect.

Our other two dinners were organized by others - Le Charlot - great room and buzzy with solid French food. Cafe D'Alsace was the second - was not as good as Le Charlot and although I had been before I felt it had gone done hill.

In terms of cocktails...it was a bit tricker. We tried PDT and got there as soon as it opened. It was a zoo already and resembled a frat house so we moved on to Pouring Ribbons which was perfect. Great atmosphere and very friendly bartenders - we sampled two cocktails each and could not have been happier. We also tried to make it to Attaboy but after leaving our number and hearing nothing after two hours we gave up :) Next time!

That pretty much sums up our three days in NYC. Such a fabulous city and already looking forward to my next visit (in May - which I am about to post again on with two quick questions).

Thanks again!

Apr 13, 2014
MMM in Manhattan

ISO S'Well Bottles ...

Valhalla carries them on Queen West

Feb 17, 2014
MMM in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Three Nights in the East Village

Thank you so much for all your advice! I promise to report back!

Jan 11, 2014
MMM in Manhattan

Three Nights in the East Village

Coming to NYC for three nights at the end of January (from Toronto). Staying at the Standard East Village.

Looking for recommendations for dinner - obviously food is key but also hoping to find small neighbourhood spots with warm and buzzy atmosphere.

Love small plates and open to any cuisines but would especially love suggestions for Asian, Mexican, Italian and any nice cocktail spots.

Thoughts on Degustation?

Thanks in advance for your help!

Jan 09, 2014
MMM in Manhattan

Cheese tasting classes

I think there is a plan to hold another wine and cheese night in October but Nancy also offers Tuesday night Cheese and Chats which are posted on her website. I have been to both and they are fantastic!!

Oct 01, 2009
MMM in Ontario (inc. Toronto)

Fav restaurants in Nottinghill area? [London]

There is a great spot called Uli on All Saints Road which serves a great selection of dishes from all over Asia. It is very affordable by London standards and has a very charming patio out back. Michael the host is worth a visit alone and is great at recommending dishes or an entire meal!

Jul 13, 2009
MMM in U.K./Ireland

Cute cafe for reading?

Ezra's Pound on Dupont is very charming!


Mar 08, 2009
MMM in Ontario (inc. Toronto)