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Kosher Catskills

Any recommendations for restaurants in the Catskills.
I have to be there mid week. What would you recommend as far as restaurants (both meat and dairy) near Monticello, Woodbourne etc?



Jul 29, 2012
torchef in Kosher

Best kosher restaurant

Though I am pretty late getting onto this thread, we have sampled the best of the USA, France, Canada, England, Australia, the Far East and Israel and we are pleased to share our nominations for the best restaurants.

For all those who suggested Le Telegraph, we will agree that it was excellent but our latest info indicates that they have closed. If we are wrong, please let us know.

Tierra Del Sur, Todd Aaron's place in California is excellent as was Mosaica when he was running it. We went back after he left and the meal we had was still quite good. Todd's places would be the very best that the USA has to offer.

But our nominations for the best kosher restaurants in the world have to include four very good restaurants in Israel, and being that they are not in Jerusalem, many people have not experienced them. In our humble opinion, they are definitely better than any of the restaurants in Jerusalem.

Makom b'Sejera in Moshav Ilaniya just south of Tzomet Golani on the way to Kfar Tavor; Roberg's Chef Restaurant in Livnim just north of Tiberias; Arnold's in Netiv Hashayara, near Nahariya; and Tokopaya in Nes Tziona are all meat restaurants and are all unique and excellent. They are all affordable and all have excellent food, creative dishes, wonderful atmosphere and terrific service.

And none of them are pretentious which I would use to describe a number of the ones that were nominated by others on this thread.

Just my two cents...try them and let us know if you agree.

Aug 12, 2010
torchef in Kosher

DeKuyper Butterscotch Liqueur

We were recently in Australia and we purchased De Kuyper Butterscotch liqueur. It is listed on a number of kashrus agency websites as kosher and pareve. But since I have returned to Canada, I have been unable to locate it. Does anyone know where it might be available in North America. We travel to a number of locations in the USA and could pick some up if we knew it was available?

Jul 24, 2010
torchef in Kosher

New Kosher in Toronto

Visitors to Toronto should be aware of the opening of two new kosher restaurants in the north end of the city and one that is opening in June.

Delicacies is an excellent, upscale, reasonably priced meat restaurant. It is near the junction of Dufferin and Centre Street. It is equally suitable for a business meeting or a family celebration. The food and service are topnotch and they are getting rave reviews.

King David Kosher Pizza has moved to a new location in the Thornhill City Centre right near the Walmart store at Bathurst and Centre. It is obviously dairy and has much more than just pizza. They also have a nice outdoor seating area for pleasant summer evenings.

Further north, My Zaidy's Pizza and Bakery will be opening at the Longo's Plaza at Bathurst and Rutherford and will be the farthest north restaurant in the city.

All three restaurants are under the hashgacha of Canada's largest hechsher, the COR - Kashruth Council of Canada.

For all those who are planning on visiting Toronto in the summer, check on your restaurant choices by visiting

May 25, 2010
torchef in Kosher

Costco in Toronto

We have been reading the postings of New Yorkers regarding Costco there. The Costco store at Dufferin and Wilson in Toronto has been carrying fresh chickens and meat for some time now. There is always an ample supply and a wide variety of cuts; the meat cuts are some of the best in the city; steaks thicker than most other butchers or supermarkets. In the freezer section they also carry Chai chickens and cornish hens and their prices are usually better than other places in the city. What we would love to see here (that is available in NY) is for their bakery to become kosher. Maybe they will read this posting....

Oct 08, 2009
torchef in Kosher

Visiting New York

We will post our findings after our trip. In the meantime, in response to the postings re Toronto, here is our humble opinion:

Toronto has a number of very good upscale restaurants including Bistro Grande (dairy), Marron (meat including a tasting menu) and 398 West (which is the old Gladstone's restaurant). We have not tried 398 West yet so we cannot comment on the food, service or prices but from the old Gladstone days, it is first class in terms of ambiance. The other two are very reasonably priced in comparison to NYC restaurants and are both excellent restaurants. Marron's chef Eran Maron is extremely creative and has a solid following in the city. It is a very small and intimate restaurant and the food and service are outstanding. In addition to these three there are probably about 30 more places to eat in Toronto. Visit for a guide to Jewish Toronto. COR is the local kashruth symbol, recognized and accepted by all parts of the community. All meat restaurants are glatt; non cholov yisrael dairy restaurants are clearly marked.

Oct 08, 2009
torchef in Kosher

Visiting New York

We have not tried Mike's Bistro...we will add it to the list; we have eaten at Solo already.

Oct 07, 2009
torchef in Kosher

Visiting New York

Visiting from Toronto. We are not on a budget and appreciate good restaurants and fine dining. Things that are too ostentatious or over the top do not impress us...but good food and excellent service does. Example: we love Mosaica; in our books, way better than either Prime Grill or Le Marais. We have not visited in a couple of years, so we are looking for new places to try.

Oct 06, 2009
torchef in Kosher

Visiting New York

We are visiting NYC at the end of October and will be there for 3 nights. Any recommendations for restaurants worth trying for lunch and dinner would be welcomed. Brooklyn and New Jersey are also OK.

Oct 06, 2009
torchef in Kosher

L.A. - Update, Please!

We were just there and we ate at a new place called Mamash on W. Pico right near Pat's and Shilo's (altho' on the other side of the street). It is Meat, Asian Fusion and extremely good. We went for lunch (the first week they opened for lunch) and the prices are much lower than for dinner. Food was great, service was great and ambiance was great.

Ate dinner at Tierra Sur and it was one of the finest restaurants we have eaten at. Long drive but worth it.

We actually likes La Gondola...had great ribs there and we were very impressed with the service on a very busy Sunday night.

We had a lunch at The Fish Grill (one of the three branches) and it was fresh, delicious, fast and cheap. Try the Fish Chowder soup...awesome.

We also went to Catalina Island (where there is no kosher food) and we took Subway sandwiches with...very good.

Have a great time.

Feb 07, 2008
torchef in Kosher

Nicest Kosher Restaurant

Sorry for replying so late...but I am sure there will be further celebratory dinners...I like Tevere 84 but I also like Mosaica in Vauxhall, NJ. This small restaurant was started by Todd Aarons who is now the executive chef at the Herzog Wineries Tierra Sol Restaurant in California. It is not a fancy place and you have to bring your own bottle (mevushal) if you want wine, but if what you are looking for is a great meal ...the food is the best tasting and best presented that I have seen in the New York area. I was there three times before Todd left for California and once since; the service and quality was as tho' he had not left. I have not been there in about 9 months so I would be curious if anyone has more recent updates. This was and hopefully still is one great restaurant.

Jan 23, 2008
torchef in Kosher

Nicest Kosher Restaurant

Tevere 84 is definitely my favourite.

Oct 16, 2007
torchef in Kosher

Travel to Hong Kong and Singapore

I will be travelling to Hong Kong and Singapore for 6 days each. In both places, I will be spending Shabbat. Any suggestions re Kosher food/restaurants/shuls etc would be helpful


Sep 09, 2007
torchef in Kosher