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New Yorker looking for quintessential Seattle cheap eats


Dec 13, 2014
Thor2011 in Greater Seattle

Walking distance from the Fairmont Olympic hotel.....

I would also recommend Aragona and RN74. My office is right next to the Fairmont and I walk to those two frequently.

I think Loulay and Blue Acre are reliably good. But I prefer the above two choices.

Miller's Guild is also in the area, but I've never been. It gets mixed reviews.

Jul 02, 2014
Thor2011 in Greater Seattle


Has anyone ever hosted or attended a New England style clambake in SEA?

Can you recommend locations, caterers, hotels who may be able to do this etc???

Thanks in advance

May 24, 2014
Thor2011 in Greater Seattle

Diabetic Foodie

Thank you!!!!!!!

Apr 05, 2014
Thor2011 in Special Diets

Diabetic Foodie

I am sorry that I misspoke. We do have an RD.

Again, I broke open my seasonings and spices 25 years ago and still use them to this day.

Apr 04, 2014
Thor2011 in Special Diets

Diabetic Foodie

Thank you for your response, however, I think you misunderstood my question.

As a longterm cook, I am already extensively familiar with seasonings and spices.

I have already become educated in "exactly" what I'm trying to accomplish. I'm trying to build upon my building blocks by getting ideas recipes and chefs who are experienced in this space.

Apr 04, 2014
Thor2011 in Special Diets

Diabetic Foodie

Any diabetic foodies out there who can recommend sites/blogs for diabetic recipes?

We are experienced home cooks and like to frequent high end restaurants. My SO was recently diagnosed with diabetes, so we have changed all of our eating habits under the advice of a nutritionist. While we are committed to the changes to improve health, our palates are not satisfied. Surely life is better than sous vide chicken. steamed veggies, and brown rice. This is a long way from our foodie/home cook lifestyle. There must be some diabetic chefs or blogs out there who can point us toward a diabetic-friendly happy medium.....


Apr 03, 2014
Thor2011 in Special Diets

Dress Code Questions

Agree with this. Wear jeans anywhere but Canlis.

Seattle dinners alone next week

Ditto Blueacre Seafood for good Seafood (and a great happy hour)

It's not clear where you're staying, and you don't necessarily need to tell us, but I would feel safe walking around downtown to get to dinner at 7 as it will still be light out. I would probably cab it back to the hotel.

Aragona is another option, but maybe a little more pricey than you want.

I generally don't like to walk around alone in Pioneer Square (if you go to Bar Sajor) or anywhere in the International District, and parts of Belltown/Pike Market after dark. But the downtown corridor near the Convention Center (Loulay, Blueacre, RN74) would be OK for me. The problem in Seattle is a large mentally ill homeless people. They are just unpredictable and sometimes do crazy stuff. I sort of see this as slightly different than the "criminal element" who may just want your wallet. Again, just my opinion.

Kaisho, Bellevue

I've been once about a month ago and was not impressed. It wasn't even good enough for me to say "maybe again". I was also shocked by the review in the Seattle Times and wondered what she was thinking.

I live nearby, so may try it again someday, but I'm still pretty skeptical.

Mar 15, 2014
Thor2011 in Greater Seattle

box lunches in Bellevue?

I know that Monsoon East in Bellevue delivers box lunches. I eat there all the time - but have never tried the box lunch.

Dec 18, 2013
Thor2011 in Greater Seattle

Dinner with non-Foodie elderly parents

Good questions:
Thanks for your questions and suggestions:

THey live in FLA and we live in Seattle. We're staying at the Four Seasons, and are willing to travel.

They will eat seafood and meat/potatoes, but no particular regional cuisine. Even though they are somewhat sheltered, they want to step outside of their comfort zone a little bit, and always enjoy our choices (when we are in Seattle). However, them stepping outside of their comfort zone is like taking baby steps. They also want us to enjoy the meal, because they know we enjoy quality food. Again, if descriptions are too complicated, they will freak out. For example I can I explain that pancetta is "like bacon" but they would view that as exotic. However, I know that if they ate pancetta they would like it. So, we would likely order the pancetta "on the side' so they could cautiously try it.

Any type of simple food elevated, would work. We were going to go to CraftSteak because I think they elevate simple food well, but they are closed when we are going to be there.

Dec 15, 2013
Thor2011 in Las Vegas

Dinner with non-Foodie elderly parents

We are foodies, and are taking out my parents next weekend who are most decidedly non-foodies. Can you make suggestions that will satisfy everyone's palate:

1. Good enough for the foodies to be happy
2. "Simple" appearing menu. The more I have to explain the different foods/preparations to the parents, the more scared they get
3. Price is not a factor
4. They won't eat Asian or Mexican or Sushi. And no buffets.
5. Not really interested in a steak house - but if that's the only option, then I guess that's OK.
6. We don't want to have to wear tie/jacket

I think classic Italian may be OK. But if there's too many dishes with foie gras, truffles, offal etc, then they won't find anything they like. OTOH, I don't want to eat linguine with clam sauce, or overwrought lasagne that I can make better at home.

Thanks in advance:

Dec 15, 2013
Thor2011 in Las Vegas

Question about Shiro's...

I'm fairly certain you can only get the omakase if you sit at the bar. You could call to confirm that, I suppose. Personally, I only ever go to Shiro's to sit at the bar and get the full experience. IMO, sitting in the restaurant is just like going to any other sushi restaurant.

Your rez won't work for the bar. Just go 30 minutes before they open and stand in line, like everyone else does. If you get there and there are more than 10-12 people in line, then you're out of luck.

Sep 10, 2013
Thor2011 in Greater Seattle

A delicious birthday dinner at Shiro's Sushi Restaurant in Seattle

I have to agree with this. We ate at the sushi bar with Daisuke choosing our meal - and it was the best sushi meal I've ever had. I felt somewhat pathetic lining up outside at 5:15 for dinner, but it was well worth it. Next time I'll just consider it a late lunch.

May 29, 2013
Thor2011 in Greater Seattle

Seattle Din Tai Fung

In Bellevue there is a Boom Noodle half a block away from Din Tai Fung. Boom is doing just fine in Bellevue.

May 06, 2013
Thor2011 in Greater Seattle

Rau ram

Anyone know where I can get this or other Vietnamese herbs on the Eastside

Mar 08, 2013
Thor2011 in Greater Seattle

Havana, Cuba restaurants [moved from Miami and Ft. Lauderdale board]

Hi, I'm heading to Havana in April and am wondering if anyone has any updates.

Specifically paladars in Havana.


Seattle - 5 great dinners and a few good lunches?

Altura. Each time we eat here, I like it more and more.

Oct 11, 2012
Thor2011 in Greater Seattle

Group dinner of 35 - Prefer foodie destination

I'm hosting a dinner event for about 35 people and am looking for suggestions for restaurants. I much much prefer foodie places as opposed to "view" places. I like innovative cuisine and price isn't really an issue.

Cafe Juanita would be perfect but their room only holds 30.

I'm not a fan of the Daniel's Broiler/El Gaucho/Seastar types of places. Although it's good food, it's not quite what I'm looking for. Ditto for Ray's.

I've obviously thought of Canlis as well, but I don't <love> their food. I like Chef Franey's modernization of the menu, and I may end up at Canlis, but am looking for something less cliche.

Thanks for any ideas....

Aug 30, 2012
Thor2011 in Greater Seattle

Hatch green chiles at Shoreline Central Market

Whole foods Bellevue has had them all week. 1.99 fresh and 2.99 roasted

Aug 18, 2012
Thor2011 in Greater Seattle

Anyone cook with squid ink at home?

Yep it's at Uwajimaya

Aug 17, 2012
Thor2011 in Home Cooking

Anyone cook with squid ink at home?

I live in Seattle and our local Japanese store has it. They sell it in little packets (similar to the packets of soy sauce that you get when you buy sushi at the grocery store). The dilemma for me is how many packets to buy.

I'll get a few and try it I suppose.

The massively egg yolked pasta is decadent but I usually use 2-3 :-)

Aug 17, 2012
Thor2011 in Home Cooking

Anyone cook with squid ink at home?

I'm thinking about making a squid ink paella, but have no idea how much squid ink to add. I'm a home cook who likes to experiment with new stuff. I generally don't follow recipes and do my own thing - but I don't have a clue how much of what proportion to add. I want to get the flavor, but not make it too inky.

In a related question, I also like to make my own pasta and have toyed with the idea of a squid ink dough. Again, how much to add?


Aug 17, 2012
Thor2011 in Home Cooking

Box lunch delivery in Seattle

Anyone know of any restaurants that deliver GOOD box lunches in Seattle?

I've come up with Blueacre Seafood and Monsoon. I'm not interested in pizza or greasy take out food.


Jul 14, 2012
Thor2011 in Greater Seattle

Weekend Dining in Bellevue

I live in downtown Bellevue so have tried most places within walking distance. I agree that there other more "foodie" options in Seattle, but if you want to stay within walking distance...

I highly recommend Monsoon East for brunch, happy hour, or dinner. I have never been disappointed going there.

Din Tai Fung is also exceptional. However, don't go at peak hours as there is always a wait. When I have friends in from out of town, we go at 3-4 for a "snack" and share a steamer of soup dumplings. It's enough to get a taste of it and will hold you over for a late dinner.

Lot No3 is also a good brunch or happy hour destination. They have twists on modern classics. Again, it's not adventurous eating, but it has nice options for food and cocktails.

Facing East is also good and unique. However, the grease factor can aggravate a sensitive GI tract. I have immensely enjoyed the food every time I've eaten it, and then the next day I vow to never eat there again :-)

Lunchbox Laboratory is a different burger joint with some fun cocktails. I wouldn't consider it a foodie destination, but it may placate the burgers/fries crowd.

I also highly recommend Cafe Juanita, but it is on the rather pricey side. My only dig is that the last time I ate there, they did not have in stock our first 3 choices of wine. WTF?

Last Ruth's Chris Steakhouse has an awesome happy hour. The have $5 burgers and fries and other assorted options. THey are usually packed between 4-6. But they also have happy hour from 9-11 where it's easy to get a late/cheap dinner.

Jun 05, 2012
Thor2011 in Greater Seattle

Just Moved to Redmond from Boston -- Food Shopping Help Please!

No one has mentioned any bakeries - my favorite is Fuji Bakery in Bellevue. I don't go there often because my waistline won't permit, but it is yummy.

Apr 18, 2012
Thor2011 in Greater Seattle