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CHOW Reviews: The Petite Pizzeria

Unfortunately, brokentelephone does not give enough information to understand the circumstances of the fire, i.e. the cord, accumulated grease, bottom heating coils, top heating coils, etc.

I have never had a situation that was close to starting a fire. After each use, the pizzeria is cleaned and any splattered grease is wiped away, especially in back of the heating coils. During use, I monitor the pizzaria to make sure that the pizza is browning appropriately and if any heat adjustments are necessary but also to make sure the pizzaria is operating properly.

With proper cleaning and usage, I can't see how the pizzaria would be a fire hazard

Sep 01, 2014
bcd2825 in Cookware

CHOW Reviews: The Petite Pizzeria

Jan 21, 2014
bcd2825 in Cookware

CHOW Reviews: The Petite Pizzeria

This is the same model, but in black and is currently available at Kmart:

If you look at the makers website, you will see both the red and the black:

Jan 20, 2014
bcd2825 in Cookware

CHOW Reviews: The Petite Pizzeria

Jan 04, 2014
bcd2825 in Cookware

Shun vs Global

Cook's Illustrated did a review of 8 higher end Japanese knives, one of which is Global.

One of my knives is the Misono model that they tested. I find their comments quite accurrate.

If you don't want to antee up for the subscription, get the 14 day trial membership, read the reviews, then cancel the 2 week trial.

Nov 26, 2012
bcd2825 in Cookware

One lunch in Chinatown

Great choice but be aware that if you do go, they open at 10:00 each day but you will have to wait if you arrive any later than 10:45/11:00. The wait will depend on the day of the week and time. There is a reason that there is a wait and that most of the people waiting are Chinese.

"Nice" Mexican in SF

your best chicken stock recipe

Without changing anyone's ingredients (raw/cooked bones, cracked bones, browned bones, meat, veg, liquids, etc.) from any of the posts, another technique to acheive the same or even enhanced flavor in a shorter amount of time rather than a 4 hour process is to use a pressure cooker.

1) Place the bones and/or meat along with the liquids in a pressure cooker and cook at 15 psi for one hour.

2) Use the quick release method to remove the lid. Put into the pot the vegs and replace the lid.

3) Cook at 15 psi for 20 minutes and use the natural release method. Use immediately or let it sit overnight,

To enhance the flavor even more or just to make a stock if you have no leftover chicken, brown some ground chicken and use in step 1.

Jan 03, 2012
bcd2825 in Home Cooking

Cupola @ The Westfield Shopping Center

As a general rule, I would never patronize a restaurant or hotel within a month or two of its opening. If I did, I would certainly not post a negative "review" on Chowhound. To a great degree, restaurants and hotels are serviced based. They need a little time to mature and come up to their expected standards. The kitchen needs a few hundred repitions to consistently produce the anticipated results.

On Black Friday, I dined next door at Lark Creek Steak. After leaving Lark Creek, I had a chance to view some of the pizzas sitting on the tables adjacent to the mall. Any one of them could have been used for a photo on Cupola's website. Next time I am in the area, my restaurant of choice is Cupola's.

"Spots" in All-clad pan

If all the other suggestions don't work, as a last resort, use oven cleaner but if you do, make sure that you thoroughly rinse the pan several times before cooking with it again. I have used oven cleaner on several of my oldest pans and the interior of the pan looks practically brand new. This idea came from the same type of question asked of Aida Mollenkamp and her response was oven cleaner,

Oct 24, 2011
bcd2825 in Cookware

Cooking Classes in San Francisco/Bay Area

I realize that you did say the San Francisco area but some great classes are available at the Culinary Institute of America in St. Helena. I have taken the 5 day Basic Training Boot Camp as well as a Saturday Soup For All Seasons class. I took both of these classes at their San Antonio campus. The instructor was a Certified Master Chef. The instructor understood that the classes were comprised of enthusiasts and adjusted his presentations (down to our skill levels) to make it fun for all of us. He had a lot of great stories to tell.

The Saturday course was a 5 hour hands on course where each participant made his/her own soup from the CIA's course material on soups. I made a surprisingly clear chicken consumme...something I probably would not have accomplished on my own.

Check out this url for the classes:

Breakfast in the Napa/Sonoma Valley, a cooking class and an afternoon of wine and cheese tasting would be a great way to spend a fall afternoon.