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Lefty needs a knife!

I should have been more clear. I need a chefs knife. I was surprised when looking how many didn't have a straight blade. Also I am looking for under $150 but preferably under $100. I am just a home cook so I don't need something perfect, just a well balanced straight blade knife or knife for a lefty (let's face it husband will not use it!)

Any lefties out there I would love to hear what you use. It is nice to hear what right handed people think, but it is kind of like getting advice on woman's underwear from a man. :)

Jan 04, 2014
chickennosenshi in Cookware

What would you serve at a mustard tasting party?

Vegetarian mustard lover here!

Pretzels and breads like everyone else said.
Potato pancakes, white beans or jumbo Lima beans, blanched cauliflower, vegans sausage (like Oregon field roast)

Also along side some dippers having the ability to make slider type sandwiches with white rolls, different cheeses, lettuce, and tomatoes (okay ham for meat eaters if you've got them.) so after everyone tastes and enjoys the mustard can make a slider or two.

Also avocado works well with mustard.

Jan 04, 2014
chickennosenshi in Home Cooking

Lefty needs a knife!

I have tried many cheaper knives, and some more expensive ones just to find they are balanced for a right hand, and sharpened in just the left side of the blade. I need a chefs knife that works for me as a left! Does anyone have any suggestions? I am sick of looking and don't want to drop a ton of money for a knife made for someone else.

Does anyone add salt to home-canned jam?

I can a lot. For stone fruit I don't add salt but do honey and a pectin called pamona's pectin because I can use honey or less sugar or fruit juice to sweeten. For things like pumpkin butter (not safe for canning but freezes) and apple butter or any thing with added flavor I do add a pinch of salt. It doesn't effect canning safety so play around with it and see what you like. Keep in mind the flavor of your food in jars will change as it sits though. I also agree adding lemon will cut the sweetness and a higher acidity means safer canning. It's recommended to use bottled lemon juice because it has a consistent ph.

Jan 04, 2014
chickennosenshi in Home Cooking

Does anyone actually like Sandra Lee?

She seems like the type of person who lives on cardio, cottage cheese, and vodka. I watch her show and most of the time wonder how drunk is she?

What do so with plum and star anise jam?

I decided to make a recipe for a spiced jam I found online with the beautiful italian plums I picked from a friend's orchard. It had italian plums, honey, a little lemon juice, cloves, star anise and a few other things.... well after cooking and processing the jam the star anise flavor is like a whollop with plum and honey after tastes. The origional plan was to put it into breads with nuts and other things around the holidays, but it's such a strong flavor there is no way that is going to happen. What do I do with it now? I have like 12 jars of this stuff!

I'm thinking pork shoulder to make a kind of chinese flavor? But what else?


Oct 06, 2012
chickennosenshi in Home Cooking

Kid friendly with food that doesn't suck in Portland?

We've recently discovered the laurelwood brew pub in battle ground washington (not sure if the portland location has this or not) that has a play area for the kids, and kid falafel on the menu. It's great for my little girl. She plays, she eats something besides mac and cheese and she really enjoys it. Just thought I would share with all of those area parents out there.

Favorite vegetarian dishes to cook in your dutch ovens?

oh I've forgotten about gumbo! I love gumbo! :)

Jan 08, 2012
chickennosenshi in Home Cooking

Favorite vegetarian dishes to cook in your dutch ovens?

I got a set of new Staub cookware for Christmas due to my husband making my holiday merry and bright. I've been using cast iron for years, but with the beautiful luster of these new pots and pans I've started to grow tired of my same old recipes. Some how these pans are better then my same old same old.

I've tried mixing it up myself and I've made a winter squash au vin and have recently made plans to make Mark Bitman's Tomato Paella one week night next week in the saute pan. But now what?

So I'm reaching out you to- the Chowhound community with your wealth of skill and wonderful creative ideas.

Whatcha got?

Jan 07, 2012
chickennosenshi in Home Cooking

Kid friendly with food that doesn't suck in Portland?

What a great idea! She is still mastering the fork so eating with her hands would be a welcome change for her.

Vegetarian split pea soup?

Smoked paprika is a great idea! I've always used just a very small touch of liquid smoke in my split pea soup to give it that really great "Ham" flavor. I've also smoked potatoes on a meat smoker and then added them to things that need a smokey flavor like split pea and hash.

Jan 07, 2012
chickennosenshi in Home Cooking

Kid friendly with food that doesn't suck in Portland?

Thanks for the tip! We are actually in West Vancouver, but never hit beaches. I guess we will have to give them a second look now that we have her.

Kid friendly with food that doesn't suck in Portland?

Great tips! thank you!

Kid friendly with food that doesn't suck in Portland?

Keep in mind our daughter is adopted- so her pallet isn't as developed as if we had her the while thing, and her habits and behavior are still adjusting to living in her new home. This makes eating out a little bit different then if a child was trained from birth to eat out, and able to sit still.

What's in your child's lunchbox?

I made an olive sandwich for myself and loved it! It is my new favorite. My 4 year old daughter also enjoyed it, although honestly she is just happy with straight green olives and some fruit. She can't get enough green olives.

Sep 12, 2011
chickennosenshi in Home Cooking

Greek Coffee (Ellinikos Kafes)

I believe in boiling three times, stirring once! It makes this amazing caramel flavor that is delightful.

Sep 06, 2011
chickennosenshi in Recipes

Kid friendly with food that doesn't suck in Portland?

We just adopted a sweet little 4 year old, and all of a sudden the places we used to eat arn't going to work so well. Are there any places in Portland/Vancouver area that are decent food, but also work well for children?

I'm trying to avoid the Chuck-E-Cheese and McDonalds play area.

Any ideas would be great.

What's in your child's lunchbox?

What kind of olives go on this sandwich? I'm not a big sandwich eater but this sounds like something I could get into.

Aug 16, 2011
chickennosenshi in Home Cooking

Help me with my pot roast please!

Are you using stock in your pot roast pot (and the salt is sucking the moisture out? Are you cooking it too fast? Too hot?
My pot roast is as follows-
Heat oil in dutch oven until hot.
Sear potroast on all sides to seal in moisture (I use a leaner roast, or cut the fat off)
add potatos, carrots, celery and onion
Add water, a little salt a bay leaf and some pepper
cook low and slow in the oven. 275 seems to work well. Cooking time changes based on pounds of meat.
Well this is how I make my potroast. It's not the way my grandmother makes hers, but it's the way my husband likes it. :)

Aug 15, 2011
chickennosenshi in Home Cooking

Week in Portland - itinerary help

It looks like everything is covered!

I would like to second the lunch truck thing that has been mentioned. It's great with kids because everyone can take their $5 and get whatever they want.
I would also hit the PSU Farmers market if you are looking for something to do/eat
And bring cash for voodo doughnuts. :) They don't take card.