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And more that 3x as good as Costco. Hopefully they will move into the newly expanded space next door soon.

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L.A. Dish of the Month, January 2015 -- Voting

I come from the south shore of Mass and while I agree with you about the temp here, my wife, who is an native Angelina, thinks it's freezing. There are all types here.

ISO Friday Night Fish Fry

I'd agree with staring at Mel's. Alex Fish Market is closed for the time being, there was a fire. It's expected to open at some point. Near by is a place Dommy really likes which is Kings Louisiana Seafood at Denker and MLK across from the police station.

L.A. Dish of the Month, January 2015 -- Voting


L.A. Dish of the Month, January 2015 -- Nominations


Red Boat sightings?

According to the Red Boat Website Whole foods does carry it but it doesn't list the one in Pasadena (or El Segundo) for some reason. The closest place they have to you is in Los Feliz.

Broome Street General Store
2912 Rowena Avenue
Los Angeles, CA 90039
(323) 570-0405

L.A. Dish of the Month, December 2014 -- TAMALES

So this is a tamale is from a Belizean place called Tracey's on Western near Exposition Boulevard. There are a bunch of Belizean restaurants in the area. A good way of describing this tamale for tasting & texture is it's sort of like a shepherd's pie with masa instead of mashed potatoes and chicken instead of beef. The masa is tremendously soft and fluffy and they put a whole chicken leg in the tamale including its bones. My one nit pick with this tamale is is that it should be wrapped in banana leaf but Tracey's wrap it in aluminum foil. It makes it kind of hard to eat since it is so soft and the aluminum foil gets all wrinkled.

Tracey's Belizean Restaurant
3810 S Western Ave,
Los Angeles, CA 90062

D.C. Hound in Culver City: Best eats for two days?

Since you are at the Double tree, you're in the vast wasteland part of Culver City. The only way to get out is Bus or Taxi/Uber/Lyft Etc.

For the Bus options, Culver City # 6 is the best option. It runs north and south from Westwood to LAX via Sepulveda. South of you is not worth mentioning North has a few interesting spots. At Culver And Washington since last time I checked the Ramen craze hasn't come there yet Try Yamada-ya. It is not my favorite but it is pretty darn good and worth the bus from the Doubletree.

If you want to get to Downtown Culver via Bus, take the #6 North to Washington and change to the #1 east

if you continue a few miles more north on the # 6 to Olympic. Get off there, head 2 blocks west to Sawtelle. You'll find yourself in the neighborhood of Little Osaka. There are many interesting places to eat here like Tsujita (all three Variants), Seoul Sausage, Plan Check. and many many others

You could continue all that way to Westwood Village on the # 6 where there are quite a few interesting places, but I don't think it would be worth it on the bus.

If you want a blow out meal, Take the #3 from Mesmer ave (a block from the double tree and take it all the way to the end in Century City where you will find Craft. It is run as a part of Tom Colicchio's Empire and is really good.

Remember if you are taking the bus, the last runs are like 10pm for the Culver city bus so double check and plan accordingly.

If you want to Taxi etc to somewhere close by, there are a few options. for lunch only, Big Mango is in the Playa Vista complex in the building behind the LA Clippers building. Its Walkable, but a bit far from the DoubleTree.

For Lunch and dinner Del Ray Kitchen just of of Culver @ the 90 fwy Japanese Fusion Very good.

or you could head to Tripel a true Gastropub put together by Brooke Williamson of Top Chef Fame.

Let us know how it goes.

L.A. Dish of the Month, December 2014 -- TAMALES

So Dommy! and I were at Pacific Bakery a Salvadoran bakery on Washington at Crenshaw, to pick up Bolios for a party today. Outside of the bakery are usually a couple of tamale vendors today I got two tamales offered by the ladies both pork. The masa was strained and soft but not as soft as you would find in a Yucatecan tamale. The feeling was all meet. The one I had cartilage and bone in it as well. Both were incredibly flavorful and a little bit greasy. Nothing like most tamales you might've ever had. It's worth it to check them out.

Is there a single good Thai place in Santa Monica or Venice?

Siam Chan's Mar Vista location is located near the corner of Venice and Centinela.

Is there a single good Thai place in Santa Monica or Venice?

I would note that Natalie's Venice location is on Venice but not In Venice it's next to the Smart and Final, east of Motor.

Is there a single good Thai place in Santa Monica or Venice?

I'd start with Ekkamai Thai Restaurant then I would check out A La Carte Thai Bistro

L.A. Dish of the Month, December 2014 -- Nominations

That's not a dish of the month. That is a cuisine of the month and that's a different thread.

L.A. Dish of the Month, December 2014 -- Voting


L.A. Dish of the Month, December 2014 -- Nominations


Tacos Baja Ensenada, Lawndale, South Bay

Pescado, camarones y chile blanco.

Live Lobster Prices - Old topic, but a new year.

Is the New H-Mart Open? I went by 3 weeks ago and it was nowhere near done.

Thanksgiving smoked turkeys


A Brief Pictorial Review: Portsmouth


where can i find puerto nuevo style lobster?

Just note: Portsmouth's Puerto Nuevo Lobster is for Sunday Brunch only. Sometimes they will have it available that evening but they frequently sell out earlier so call.

Little Jewel

ChowBob didn't but I did warn up thread about the staining power of that sandwich.

December's Ciclavia: Leimert Park, Expo Park and South LA. Any Recs?

Thank You. I knew of the one in West Adams but I didn't know about this one.

December's Ciclavia: Leimert Park, Expo Park and South LA. Any Recs?

I forgot to add the route map:

December's Ciclavia: Leimert Park, Expo Park and South LA. Any Recs?

Unfortunately not.

December's Ciclavia: Leimert Park, Expo Park and South LA. Any Recs?

On Sunday December 7th Ciclavia will close down MLK from Leimert Park to Central and Central from Washington to Vernon. We know of the Mercado near there and Roy Choi's 3 Worlds Cafe is on Central plus there is a good you buy we fry place at Denker and MLK called King's Lousiana Seafood.

Is there anything else of note on the route?

Maruya Little Tokyo also making ramen noodles in-house.

Mayura is an Indian Restaurant in Palms could you have meant Maruya? Though I don't see that photo in its yelp profile.

Bigmista's no longer slated for DTLA, will open in Long Beach

Bigmista's Barbecue & Sammich Shop will take over an Italian Bakery in a residential neighborhood in Long Beach. Soft opening in a couple of weeks. The DTLA Deal is dead.

Grand Central Market Bang Bang

So you'll spend $50 on fuel to save $1.50 on the burger??????????????????????????????????????????

Lindy and Grundy Closed!

Venture Capital: Someone or a Group who has Gobs of Money and will invest it into project which they think will make them even Bigger Gobs of money

Westwood Village update