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Tony C's Best Dim Sum in Los Angeles

For me Yum Cha no longer meets the price/quality/convenience ratio it once did. Recently I got a Char Siu Bao from the Chinatown location with only 2 small chunks of meat. I'd rather get bao from Famima but I don't like theirs either.

about 7 hours ago
Mattapoisett in LA in Los Angeles Area

Outing to Sabroso for Bean & Cheese Burritos...

Or he took Metro.

JapaDog May Be Coming to L.A.!

From their Website:
We will be closed from Sep 14 to 21 at all locations. Sorry for the inconvenience.

DTLA hounds - need advice, morning DTLA run

Metrolink≠Metro. They are different organizations. Dommy and I drove to Koreatown for the last time tonight because it took us a 1/2 hour to find parking on a Monday night. We'll get there via Metro since for us it'll be more convenient to get chow. Next trip will be to try Honey Mee.

DTLA hounds - need advice, morning DTLA run

Make sure you have your TAP card and it is loaded with about $7. You'll be able to use it on Metro and DASH. At Pershing square. Head for the 4th st exit then head out the right hand gateway which will bring you out on the same side of the street as GCM. Exit out of the opposite side of GCM (Broadway) down 3rd 1 block to Spring to catch the DASH D heading south to the Jewelry District. 50¢ TAP fare. On the way back to Kazu Nori, go to Main st and catch the Northbound DASH D to 4th and Kazu Nori is just south of you. Then just walk back to 4th and Hill to catch the Red Line

JapaDog May Be Coming to L.A.!

We'll start you with a menu and go from there.

JapaDog May Be Coming to L.A.!

It is still pretty damn good.

Going to make Porchetta. Want to get my pork belly and loin this weekend. Any good spots on the Westside you can recommend?

The twice I have put together the Zuni Cafe Mock Porchetta recipe, I picked up my Pork Butt/Shoulder from Carniceria Sanchez on Inglewood at Culver Bl. It was well priced and really good.

Belcampo hotdog

Then name of the place was Lawton's and there were many issues on both Coasts including I think flooding of their original location in Lawrence.

Belcampo hotdog

Lawrence and they folded within a year

Belcampo hotdog

I've been getting 5# Boxes of Turkey Hotlinks from Mama's Chicken on Slauson and 3rd and I've been liking the Chicken Chorizo found at Exposition Poultry on Western at Expo. I think those are actually made by Pete's on Crenshaw As far as hot dogs go unfortunately my favorite place to pick them up is Jones Market and Deli which is a Russian place in Vegas

Belcampo hotdog

Yes and that's they way I prefer it. I was there for the free dog night and was a bit underwhelmed, because they had been sitting in the steamer for a while. However I've had they at home and they're very good.

Chicken & Rice Truck - anyone been?

They're not all Kewpie Dogs.

Chicken & Rice Truck - anyone been?

During our honeymoon we went to the Original in Vancouver. We've since been twice to the LA version and really like it.

aqui es texoco, who has had the non-lamb dishes as noted in the review below?

I don't know.

Roll 'N Rye 'n Culver City Closing?

Where to get ingredients to make dashi stock?

The Markets in Koreatown also have a large selection of what you need. To start with I would go to either the Galleria Market at Western and Olympic or Assi on 8th St just east of Western.

Moderately priced large b-day cake

That is nowhere near Baldwin Hills. At that point it'd be better to go to Kings Hawaiian.

Hollywood Pies - FINALLY some decent Chicago Pizza in LA

Yes, Hollywood Pies is just past of La Cienega.

Hollywood Pies - FINALLY some decent Chicago Pizza in LA

Bloom is well past Fairfax almost to Hauser

Hollywood Pies - FINALLY some decent Chicago Pizza in LA

I would not call it near Bloom Cafe. It is next to Vien Cafe.

Moderately priced large b-day cake

Angel Maid Bakery
4542 S Centinela Ave
Los Angeles, CA 90066

Plus there a couple of decent bakeries along Western in K-Town.

Hollywood Pies - FINALLY some decent Chicago Pizza in LA

Cheaper than a flight to Chicago

Cornesh Pasty in LA?

King's Head has them, but most of them are in the shop rather than the restaurant. What makes it not worth it is they use the microwave to reheat which does horrid things to it. Get it to go and reheat in your own oven. Also in a similar vein go to Aussie Pies in DTLA as you will find some things there which you'll like.

Little Jewel

Metro and public transit can be a very viable option to Little Jewel which is very near the hub of all LA transit. Even if you are coming from either the 605 or 405 areas

Gold Line to Chinatown then it's a 2-1/2 block walk

Red, Blue and Expo lines to Metro Center then hop the DASH B which will bring you to Little Jewel's front door

All of Metrolink and about 20 buses which traverse the city wind up at Union Station which is about 4 blocks. You can then Hop the DASH B or the Gold line to get you closer or walk the whole way which is not that far.

Good Beer Bottle Shop in LA

Ramirez just opened a fabulous new place on Olympic by the old Sears building . It is porported to have over 1300 different bottles and I'd believe if from our trip. I was looking for some bottles from KC's Boulevard Brewery. They had a selecton of 7 different brews. It is closer to our house than most of our usual places. This makes Dommy very happy

Ramirez Beverage Center
2765 E Olympic bl
Los Angeles, CA

7 Days 9a-Midnight

Who do you follow on the Los Angeles board, and why?

Orleans and York: Now with a second location in Inglewood

Arby's now has at least one thing on their secret menu......

New at Arby's: The $10 “Meat Mountain”. It’s exactly what it sounds like.

I am afraid.

Aug 26, 2014
Mattapoisett in LA in Chains

Oxtail Pho at Phorage

When my wife Dommy and I went and had the Oxtail Pho we had similar reactions to the broth but it was all fixed with a shot or two of Fish Sauce which if it's not on the table is in the lower cabinet of the hutch where you get utensils and water.