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Best Cleveland Italian?

IMO, good luck finding great pizza in CLE, with that being said I second Vincenzo's and Mama Santa's in Little italy. On the west side try Sweet Basil's. Bruno's is good for Italian American.

Mar 18, 2012
dinicoj in Great Lakes

Ft. Myers for foodies - help please

We're going down for a week to visit my parents, they usually have good picks but tend to stick with places they know and like. I'd love to get some recs on a decent place for brunch, sushi, wine bar/tapas, thin crust neopolitan pizza, and dessert. Any help on good places is greatly appreciated.


Mar 18, 2012
dinicoj in Florida

Coming to Cleveland in May

Stick to the neighborhoods

NearWest: Ohio City/tremont

Jonny Mango - great sangria, smoothies, they call themselves a juice bar and world cafe - great pad thai and brunch

Bar Cento - wines and really decent piza (which you will not find in cleveland)

Flying Fig - sit at the bar, go for cocktails and apps - but enjoy the homemade chips with wasabi dip - sooo good

Lelolai - just get the Cubano

Great Lakes Brewery - if you enjoy beer, go check it out

Lolita - get the salumi

Treehouse if its warm, sit outside - and if you're under 30 drink a stoli doli and order takeout from Edison's down the street

East Side/Little Italy
Mama Santa's - pizza

Presti's - coffee and cannoli

Jerome's - Polish Boy - the only place left (I think) that makes it

Sweet 16 Trip w/Mom & Dad

Thanks - I think its going to be Gibson's. I'll check out the menu at the Gage Any suggestions fro dinner nearby Second City?

Apr 06, 2009
dinicoj in Chicago Area

Sweet 16 Trip w/Mom & Dad

For our daughter's 16th b-day we're taking her to Chicago. We're staying near Mag Mile - rented a condo on E, Huron. Here's what our schedule looks like so, I;d appreciate rec's around places we'll be plus she is a huge carnivore so a steakhouse is a must one night.

Arrive Sunday around 3:00
Dinner - Deep Dish - I know this is touchy, everyone has there favorites. I can say this no Gino's East. We liked Lou Malnati's, but is there a better one?

Lunch - Possiby Chicago Food Planet Walking Tour - Bucktown/Wicker Park

Dinner - open,
Plan to go to Second City

Tuesday - She LOVES Ferris Bueller's Day off - so we thought it might be fun to make a day out of paying homage to her favorite flick. Places i think we'll visit Sears Tower, Chicago Stock Exchange, and plan to do the Architecture Boat Tour so need lunch rec somewhere near the vicinity.
Lunch - need suggestions
Dinner - Steakhouse - which would you pick: Rosebud or Gibson's? Open to other suggestions as well.

Wednesday - morning visit to Northwestern (working in a colleg visit)
lunch - need rec.

Apr 05, 2009
dinicoj in Chicago Area

Going to a Wedding in Westlake, OH

I am going to stick strictly to Westlake, here are my rec's:

Viva Barcelona - excellent, don't let the location fool you. It looks like it's in an office building, it's in Detroit Rd.
Saucy Bistro - very good, nice wine selections. they did have a wonderful lobster ravioli, this is right across from Viva Barcelon on Detroit Rd. near Columbia.
Cabin Club - excellent for steak, the atmosphere is a little campy for my taste - but the food is great. On Detroit rd.near Bradley rd.
Hyde Park - while this is a chain, it is a local one. Consistently good steaks and seafood. This is in the Crocker Park Lifestyle Center.

If it were though I'd venture into the city snd head to Ohio City or Tremont and go to Flying Fig, Parallax, Farenheit, Fat Cats, Light Bistro, or Lolita. You will have an excellent meal at any of these, all of the chefs are very skilled and are big supporters of sustainability - many of their purveyors are local.

But by far the best meal you will ever have in Cleveland is at Johnny's on Fulton - near west side about a 15 minute drive from Westalke right off 90E, exit at W. 44th go right down about 1.5 miles on right side. Don't let the neighborhood scare you, it is so worth the trip.