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Are maple leaves edible?

Hey good question, I was thinking the same thing, I have many small trees with soft green leaves. I am going to try it, nothing makes me sick. write if you are still wondering.

Jun 30, 2014
raine1200 in General Topics

What to do with beet water?!

Hello-I ate to waste so I put my beet water into chili instead of water. Even better cut up some beets and put them right into the cooking chili, almost as good as beef

Jan 01, 2013
raine1200 in Home Cooking

Ground beef grease?

I think it will be good until it smells weird, as long as it is kept clean . Unlike some hunters I know who left a can of bacon grease under the sink uncovered. I was helping them do something, looked inside and there was a dead mouse. He had eaten till he died right in there. God only knows how many dirty things got in there before that. Men clueless :!)

Nov 27, 2012
raine1200 in Home Cooking

Carrot Greens, Hmmm?

Hello : Yes eat the carrot greens, beet greens, and radish greens and remember dandelions are like free spinach/lettuce:) . Even corn on the cob skins can be used as an enchilada wrap and slow cooked till tender. I heard that it was good to eat ALL the greens you find with your store produce. Right now I am eating a lobster salad wrap. Inside I have finely chopped carrots onion celery and all the carrot greens that would fit in the small mixing bowl.
Carrot greens taste a bit like anise as the plants are related. I forgot to add fresh basil. . I eat this all the time. Any types of greens you find too tart can be soaked in cold water over night. That takes the sour or tartness out until you get used to a less domesticated diet. Have fun

Aug 15, 2011
raine1200 in Home Cooking