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Humanely raised beef restaurant?

Zaitzeff on Ave. B has organic burgers, I believe, though I don't know if the beef is also humanely raised. I've only had the chicken sandwich there, so can't vouch personally for the burgers, but I've heard good things.

I checked the menu of Cookshop on a hunch. It has grass-fed NY strip, and many places do have grass-fed (and perhaps therefore free-range) beef. Craftsteak, for example, offers both corn- and grass-fed beef. I'd call these places to see how exactly they're raised, besides what they eat.

And please do report back!

Dec 26, 2008
JulesEV in Manhattan

Birthday Help, With Specifics

I think Kyo Ya is at the top of my list for the moment, with 15 East at number two. Thanks for your help -- I'll report back.

Oct 10, 2008
JulesEV in Manhattan

Birthday Help, With Specifics

In past years, my husband and I have taken each other to Bouley, Jewel Bako, Cru, Eleven Madison Park. I'm more of a foodie than he, but he definitely likes to eat and has enjoyed all of these places.

I'm looking for something in the same price range as above or less, south of 34th Street. He doesn't eat pork, so anyplace that's pig-heavy wouldn't work. I would say American & Japanese (though someplace that doesn't have only sushi) are top choices.

I know all the usual places, but nothing is jumping out at me thus far. Maybe if someone's had a recent fantastic meal at a new-ish place (or new-to-me place) that would help me decide.

Thanks for your help!

Oct 07, 2008
JulesEV in Manhattan

Spotted Pig on July 4th -- Insane Wait?

Thanks all -- while my cousin and her friend opted to go over there and wait, my husband and I chose our backup plan, Schiller's (which happened to be between our apartment and the rooftop where we were watching fireworks). My cousin waited less than an hour, and really liked the food. But she missed the fireworks.

Jul 08, 2008
JulesEV in Manhattan

Spotted Pig on July 4th -- Insane Wait?

Hello all,

My cousin is visiting this weekend and has chosen Spotted Pig as our dining destination for Friday night. I've never been. Is she insane to think we could get a table for four at 7pm (and be out in time to get to the east side for fireworks)? I would guess the holiday would decrease the crowds, but again, since I've never been there it's difficult for me to judge.

Jul 02, 2008
JulesEV in Manhattan

Any recent meals at Public?

I made a reservation there for my mother's birthday in a few weeks. Rather than doing one blowout meal (at, say, Eleven Madison Park), we're doing a few meals over a few days. On her birthday itself we're eating at Falai.

So, pros & cons of Public?

If more cons than pros, any other suggestions? We're looking for something Gramercy southwards, roughly same price range as Public or below, and any cuisine except Italian and Indian. My first choice was Allen & Delancey, but it's booked up.


Feb 18, 2008
JulesEV in Manhattan

RW Report: A Voce, Cafe Boulud

I get to work every day at 4am. One of the few and far compensations is being able to go to nice lunches (since I'm finished with work by that time), and I took advantage of restaurant week to try a couple of places long on my list.

A Voce:
I love the high ceilings and the window that runs the height and length of the front of the restaurant. The decor is very Scandinavian, down to the Eames chairs, and quite elegant.

Since my ears were still thawing on this chilly day, I began with the artichoke soup, accented with cubes of what tasted like Jerusalem artichoke; swirls of mint pesto and yogurt; and lamb raviollini. A delicious combination. My main course, sauteed scallops with pumpkin puree, apple froth and sauteed wild mushrooms, was just this side of too sweet. But I liked the unusual mixing of flavors. My dessert, a riff on tiramisu, wasn't as rich as I would have liked.

The service was excellent, and this restaurant gets high marks for not skimping on adventurousness or ingredients on its RW menu. That means I'll be going back to pay full price.

Cafe Boulud:
I expected classic, and classic is what I got, from service to food. The name "cafe" is pretty amusing; there's nothing casual about this place, from its low ceilings and clubby feel to the white tablecloths and changing of silver to reflect one's order.

I started with a green salad with grapefruit and an orange-shallot vinaigrette, which I foolishly expected to be more exciting than it was. My main, skate with pearl onions, carrots and swiss chard, was one of the best pieces of that fish I've had, very tender and rich. (Presumably a heavy hand with the butter, in the classic French style, was partly responsible). I finished with a peanut-butter-caramel-chocolate cake, and tasted my friends' molton chocolate cake and lemon tart. All were decadent.

Funny that I picked these two without remembering the chef at A Voce used to be a Boulud apprentice. You'd never know it from the restaurants.

I've got reservations next week for Park Avenue Winter & Tocqueville, so I'll try to report back on those as well.

Jan 25, 2008
JulesEV in Manhattan

Fresh Baked Baguette in EV

On the LES, Falai Pannetteria has good bread, and Saxelby Cheesemongers in the Essex Market carries Sullivan Street Bakery bread.

I was in Moishe's on 2nd Ave. & 7th St. the other day and was reminded that I like the bread there. No baguettes, but good whole wheat & other breads.

Jan 21, 2008
JulesEV in Manhattan

Experiences with CSA's (Community supported agriculture)?

I belonged to the 6th St. Community Center CSA in 2006, and the Stanton Street CSA in 2007. Both were great experiences; I split the second because they don't do half-shares. And both choices were governed by how close they are to where I live.

I recommend the CSA experience highly. It is a schlep, no question, but it's great to get fresh, local produce so reliably (and in most cases, relatively inexpesively).

Oh, and I did the summer/fall share, not winter, and got a lot of great stuff. Most CSA's do separate fruit & veggie shares.

Jan 17, 2008
JulesEV in Manhattan

please help - 30th b-day party, downtown, restricted budget

This reminds me of Esperanto, Ave. C and 9th St. It's pan-Latin, lots of Brazilian dishes in particular. Festive atmosphere and good drinks. The most expensive main course is $17.50 (for the moqueca, a delicious coconut milk-based stew with seafood). I highly recommend this place. As NY Mag says on its website: "Odds are you're going to walk out of Esperanto drunk and reeking of garlic, if you order right."

Nov 15, 2007
JulesEV in Manhattan

Elyssa Dido review

My husband and I ate at this new (2 month-old) North African restaurant on Orchard St. last night, and were impressed.

It's a sliver of a place with maybe 25 seats, Moroccan lamps and diverse Arabic/North African/world music playing (I recognized Manu Chao). We started with two excellent salads: grilled shrimp with avocado, feta and fried grape tomatoes for me; and mixed greens with orange, cherry tomatoes, raisins, blue cheese and shaved almonds for my husband. The bread that accompanied them was fantastic, a cross between pita and flatbread that came with a harissa-accented olive oil.

For mains, I went the North African route and had couscous with vegetables. The pitcher of broth to pour over the dish was a necessary accompaniment, giving the couscous moisture (obviously) and also flavor and heat. My husband chose from the more Mediterranean/French-accented portion of the menu, with a delicioius salmon atop sauteed swiss chard and portobello mushroom.

Other notes: the place is currently BYOB. Our Tunisian waiter (and co-owner?) told us Elyssa Dido was a queen of Carthage. We live in the 'hood and this place was empty (another party came in as we were leaving), so we hope it'll do well!

Oct 10, 2007
JulesEV in Manhattan

Anyone know really good sush in the E.V?

It's on the LES, not the EV, but I've found Sachiko's to be very good, with a nice atmosphere. Sometimes Sachiko is floating around, a gracious Japanese lady. The sushi is quite good, as are the cooked dishes.

Sep 12, 2007
JulesEV in Manhattan

Moving to Lower East Side (Clinton & Grand St)

Tiengarden has good Asian-style vegan food, not as authentic as Chinatown but good if you're feeling like healthy takeout.

Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop is great, and L.E.S. Sandwicherie also has good sammys.

People mentioned Jin for sushi. I also really like Sachiko's, though I've only eaten in, never delivery.

Aug 21, 2007
JulesEV in Manhattan

Best Falafel in NYC?

I second Alfanoose, great falafel and friendly Lebanese family runs the place. Their salads are also good, ie baba ghanoush. Bonus: they make their own pickles, not only cucumber but also turnip.

Jul 23, 2007
JulesEV in Manhattan

Good Place Outdoors near Rivington Hotel

Loreley is a fun German place with decent food on Rivington in between Chrystie & Bowery. It has a garden at the back.
Grotto is on Forsyth between Broome and Grand, and has good Italian food and a pretty back garden.
Falai has very good Italian food with modern (or post-modern?) twists, is on Clinton just north of Rivington.
You would need reservations for the latter two.

Jul 03, 2007
JulesEV in Manhattan

Ed's Lobster Bar

I've been reading some of the past posts on this place. Just wanted to know: Does _anyone_ out there like it or should it unequivocably be avoided?

Jun 26, 2007
JulesEV in Manhattan

Best Veggie Burger

Tiny's Giant Sandwich Shop has a great veggie take on the Big Mac called the Big Mack Daddy. Can be served with or without cheese (ie vegan option too).

Jun 26, 2007
JulesEV in Manhattan

Good place for drinks before Little Giant?

There is also Lolita, on the northeast corner of Broome & Allen; and Clandestino, south a couple of blocks on Canal near Ludlow (near Good World).

Jun 08, 2007
JulesEV in Manhattan


We went a few weeks ago and really liked it. It's in our neighborhood, and I'm not sure how we overlooked it for so long. We also ate inside, and it's an attractive, long, narrow room with a sort of vaguely nautical feel -- porthole-like mirrors. The food was quite good, and the Swiss female manager who was working behind the bar made great drinks. I had the gnocchi with pistachio pesto as a starter, and it was very good. Can't totally remember my main -- a halibut crusted with some sort of nuts? It was also tasty.

Jun 01, 2007
JulesEV in Manhattan

Boozy midtown weekday brunch?

Thank you! We were also considering going a bit more far afield to Rue 57. I'll look at the other menus.

May 11, 2007
JulesEV in Manhattan

Boozy midtown weekday brunch?

Please help, fellow chowhounds!

I'm working a criminally early shift these days, and my colleagues and I are planning to go to brunch one day next week, 11ish. We work close to Bloomingdales on Lex. Open to high- or low-end ideas, but eggs & booze at that hour are essential. thanks!

May 10, 2007
JulesEV in Manhattan

Tigerland (Brief review)

I've only been to Tigerland once but am also a fan. I was impressed not only by the quality of the food, but also the fact that they use some organic/natural ingredients.

Apr 10, 2007
JulesEV in Manhattan

Maoz Vegetarian

For those of you who like your falafel with a "fixin's bar," there's also a place on Houston in that little strip of restaurants on the same block as Katz's. I can't remember the name, and I've only been once, but liked the falafel itself and the fixin's as well.

Apr 06, 2007
JulesEV in Manhattan

Whole Foods Bowery

I went to the for-charity pre-opening party on Tuesday night and was similarly impressed. For the party, there were also vendors from local restaurants (Kuma Inn, Frankie's on Clinton, etc.) making samples of their wares. Thought this was a nice sign of the store trying to reach out to the neighborhood. Candle Cafe/79 (from the UES) was also present with some of its vegan desserts, which will be sold in the store.

I'm hoping that with the enormous size -- including aisles that actually allow for more than one cart at one time (unlike Union Square) -- this WF might actually be able to accomodate crowds.

Mar 30, 2007
JulesEV in Manhattan

curry laksa noodle soup?

Fatty Crab has a great laksa soup, very rich and delicious. Yes, you have to plan to avoid the crowds, but I found it worth it. We went on a Saturday night early-ish and waited 45 minutes or so.

Mar 21, 2007
JulesEV in Manhattan

Manhattan vegetarian restaurants

People have already posted the highlights, but in case you need some consensus:

Pure Food & Wine is a great, upscale raw food restaurant with nice ambiance.

Counter serves tasty vegan food, also relatively upscale. Both of these restaurants have a pretty large organic wine selection.

I think Angelica Kitchen is one of the grandaddies (or grandmommies, as it were) of the city's vegetarian eating scene. It serves very good, simple vegan fare in what I think is a relaxing setting.

Gobo is good, more Asian-themed and good for sharing.

Mar 14, 2007
JulesEV in Manhattan

Downtown Chocolate Tour

I'm planning a little chocolate outing for this Sunday. We'll hit Jacques Torres, Kee's, Lilac, maybe Chocolate Bar. Is there anything I'm missing?

Jan 26, 2007
JulesEV in Manhattan

Any Good Korean Places south of 14th?

Isn't there a Korean place called SuRa in the East Village? I've never been, but I know it's been mentioned on the board.

Jan 05, 2007
JulesEV in Manhattan

Happy Shabu Shabu or Quickly Shabu Shabu?

No, $15 (according to menupages; I don't recall offhand) for a pot of broth with vegetables. Considering that feeds 2-3 people, I think it's not bad, but again, my shabu shabu experience is pretty nonexistent. It does sound to me like these other places don't have much in the way of atmosphere, while Outlet is a nice place to linger.

Jan 02, 2007
JulesEV in Manhattan

Bar Americain - better than expected

I didn't have high New Year's Eve hopes for Bar Americain, since it's gotten mixed reviews on the board, and I know it's a popular tourist spot. I was pleasantly surprised: the service was great, the food tasty, and a weird but notable feature -- its acoustics/sound level were great, an increasingly uncommon quality in NYC restaurants of this size.

My fiance and I shared an excellent crab-crawfish cake starter, and I enjoyed my "Florida-style" red snapper with mango-avocado salsa and black bean-chipotle sauce. My fiance's cioppino was fantastic. Our friends seemed pleased with their choices as well; the only minor glitch was our friend's veal chop special that was promptly replaced when he said it was overcooked.

I'd definitely recommend it as a good choice in that area -- not necessarily something to go out of your way for, but well worth visiting if you're around the Theater District, Rockefeller Center, etc. We were heading to a NYE concert at Radio City, so it was just about perfect.

Jan 01, 2007
JulesEV in Manhattan