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The best Afghani Kebabs I ever had.....

@duckdown tried Mr. Kabob. It is right next to Kabul Farm. I didn't like it at all. Only upside are the late hours.

Where's the best Indian/Pakistani food in Toronto?

Pak Centre is in Scarborough. Lahore Tikka House is on Gerrard street in Indian Bazzaar. Silver Spoon has a location in Scarborough and Mississauga but more take-out. Try Kabob Express they are in Vaughan. It is Afghani food but a have to be if you are in town

Silver Spoon
816 Britannia Rd W, Mississauga, ON L5V0A6, CA

The best Afghani Kebabs I ever had.....

I dine out a lot and has afghani kabobs in LA, NYC, Seattle, Baltimore and of course in Toronto and was surprised of this joint right across from Vaughan Mills Mall couple of minutes south of Wonderland. You walk in and it looks like Bamiyan. I would say it is like Bamiyan Kabob but better. I tried their Sultani Kabob and my wife had the Boneless Tandoori Dinner with a skewer of Chapli. Meat is tender and soft and the rice which had a scent of cinnamon was out of this world. The naan is wholte wheat and better than Pamier kabob and Bamiyan. The staff is friendly and courteous. Prices are reasonable. The only thing I did not like was that they don't have waiters. I think that is reflected in the price, because where else can you get lambchops for around 10 dollars. Something else that surprised me were their Strawberry Sundaes which taste better than Mc Donalds. Unfortunately, I live in Mississauga otherwise I would frequent this place regularly. 5 stars.

Kabob Express
Concord, Vaughan, ON L4K 5Y5, CA