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Hornblower Cruise - how is food for large group (buy-out)

Thanks to all for feedback! Nice to know the overall consensus isn't that bad... Teatro Zinzanni looks like a fun option to consider as well, thanks for the suggestion!

Hornblower Cruise - how is food for large group (buy-out)

Hi there! I am looking at an Alcatraz Tour and dinner cruise with Hornblower. The sales rep has been great to deal with however a contact of mine advised the food isn't ideal and the onboard service is sub-par. I haven't been able to find many reviews about this company - anyone out there have an expeience they want to share?

BTW - my group is 125 people. If you think Hornblower isn't ideal do you have any recomendations for a restaurant expereince that has a bit of a "wow" facot in terms of ambiance, decor, fun (food, of course). etc

Your feedback is very much appreciated!