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Chinatown Restaurant Recommendations (Toronto)

Great suggestions. Thanks! I'm kind of leaning toward Pearl after looking at the website. Being able to look out at the water would be pretty exciting for her :)

I'll run all the suggestions by her and my husband when they get here. I think I'll keep Benihaha in reserve for another night, just my husband and I. Thanks again!

Chinatown Restaurant Recommendations (Toronto)


My husband and I have our 14 year old niece here from a small town near Ottawa. We want to take her for a special dinner on Sunday night in Chinatown. It would have to be a somewhat 'Canadian' type restaurant, as I'm not sure if her palate could take really authentic ethnic food.

Something kind of touristy would be great - like a bit of a show with the service. Definitely not the type of place we would normally want to go, but we want it to be special for her.

Thank you!