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Two Nights in Portland: Help Me Make a Decision...

Awesome i was gonna ask the exact same question, i've heard about le pigeon and the james beard achievments, but how are the prices there? I want a tasting menu and some good foie gras and wine.

Aug 26, 2011
ChefBoyRDruss in Metro Portland

Where to find good "adult-style" mac and cheese?

Im trying to understand why you would grate cheddar on top
Of your mac n cheese gratin?
Well im a chef in the virgin islands and did a fun style
Tasting for a friend where mac n cheese came into play.
So its macaroni wrapped jumbo hot dog, panko breaded
Then deep fried then baked lol then I put heineken
Bbq sauce on the plate and cut it half and put on plate with
Pickled red onions, yes I know it sounds crazy but
Definetely an adult mac n cheese!

Aug 25, 2011
ChefBoyRDruss in Chicago Area